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Transmigrated into a School Idol – Characters

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Yu Bai Zhou 俞柏舟 (MC)
Fu Xia 傅夏 (MC’s dad, well-known architectural designer)
Yu Chen 俞辰 (MC’s dad, CEO of a famous listed company in City A)

He Yan 贺衍 (ML)
Pan Yi 潘亦 (ML’s friend and business partner)

Tu Gao Ming 屠高明 (MC’s Little Brother No. 1)
Che Cong 车聪 (MC’s Little Brother No. 2)

Cheng Jia Hui 成佳惠 (female teacher that dislikes MC, nicknamed “Poison Tongue Cheng”)
Sun Tian Shuo 孙天硕 (low-level school bully)

Li Bei 黎北 (head of the “sports faction” in school)
Xu Zhi Hu 徐志虎 (second-in-command of the “sports faction”)


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