Updating Schedule

✰ Barring any unexpected events that might pop up in real life, I’m hoping to update four times a week. The stories that get updated will be dependent upon translator mood and reader/patron votes. All of my ongoing stories will get at least one update every month.

✰ There is a “Status Update” section in the side bar. (Look to the right hand side on a computer screen. Scroll down on a phone.) Should anything unexpected happen, this place is where I will be able to give you a quick update on the situation (as long as I’m not so occupied IRL that I can’t even log online that is).

✰ Sometimes I have trouble with the backend of my website. In that case, check my patreon page for any status updates.


September Reader Vote
(open to all readers)

Reader Vote 1 – chapter will be up on 9/22
Voting Period: 8/25 – 8/31
⭐ Top Choice: MLHE

Reader Vote 2 – chapter will be up on 9/26
Voting Period: 9/8 – 9/14
⭐ Top Choice: MLHE

September Patreon Vote
(exclusive to patrons)

Patreon Vote 1 – chapter will be up on 9/23
Voting Period: 9/1 – 9/7
⭐ Top Choice: MLHE

Patreon Vote 2 – chapter will be up on 9/27
Voting Period: 9/15 – 9/21
⭐ Top Choice: ?

September VIP Choice
(raffle draw for Level A to Level C patrons)

VIP Choice 1 (will be up on 9/29): ARTOW

VIP Choice 2 (will be up on 9/30): TAPAE

[The poll page will go up when the voting period begins.]