Updating Schedule

✰ Due to a spotty internet connection in my area (and also any unexpected real life obligations), I cannot guarantee that updates will be posted exactly according to the schedule, but my goal is to post a total of four updates per week.

✰ All of my ongoing stories will get at least one update every month.

December 2023

12 2023



December Reader Vote
(open to all readers)

Reader Vote – chapter will be up on 12/25
Voting Period: 11/29 – 12/6
⭐ Top Choice(s): ?

December Patreon Vote
(exclusive to patrons)

Patreon Vote – chapter will be up on 12/26
Voting Period: 12/6 – 12/13
⭐ Top Choice(s): ?

December VIP Choice
(raffle draw for Level A to Level C patrons)

VIP Choice 1 (will be up on 12/28): ?

VIP Choice 2 (will be up on 12/29): ?

[The poll page will go up when the voting period begins.]