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When the Villainess Loves Ch 1-10

Chapters 1-10 Recap

MC transmigrates into Princess Libertia after reading a book and dying. Apparently Libertia herself is the one who summoned her because she was afflicted with an illness of the soul, so switching out the soul will cure the illness in her body eventually. MC has to remember 100 memories in one year, and she’ll cough up blood every time it happens. After that, she’ll be better. Libertia tells her to live freely as she wants and then disappears.

Recap by Vanilla Muse. Please read this on vmnovels (dot) com

MC plans to help some of her favorite characters in the book not die – because Lavrov is a yandere that kills everyone who gets close to Ariel – and then leave. She goes to get examined and Rox finds out about her illness. She requests to leave the palace, but the emperor tells her to stay for another year, because now he feels bad about her illness and wants to give her some good memories before she leaves. But the story proper starts in 3 months and her illness will be cured in a year, so she didn’t want to stay for that long, but she’s afraid of going against the emperor’s orders, so she decides to befriend Daniel as a failsafe against Lavrov. But she doesn’t even know what he looks like.

She decides to start with helping Sir Volton, who has one of the longest relationships with Ariel in the book. He came to the palace to look for a strong opponent (read: Duke Eirik). He’s prejudiced against Libertia due to the nasty rumors about her that Lisian Vance had spread.

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