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When the Villainess Loves Ch 11-20

Chapters 11-20 Recap

Eugene Volton overhears Rox pleading to Cain Eirik for the Trojan plant to help Libertia and finds out that she is afflicted with Raphaelis. He feels sorry for her and opens up to her much quicker after that. He also pledges to protect her while he is in her service. He works with Cain, Rox, and Ripley to find ways to help Libertia.

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Exaggerated rumors are spreading about the princess’ imminent death, but MC is unaware of them. She’s just happy fangirling over handsome men. Cain starts to open up to MC and indirectly tells her about his childhood and how the prince manipulated him with friendship and tried to take advantage of him. MC advises the child in the story to run away from such a person, because no real friend would ask such a thing. He is moved by her words. He believes she has better traits to become the next ruler of the empire and detests the prince. Everyone thinks she’s brave for treating her illness with nonchalance and they’re also sad about it.

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