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When the Villainess Loves – Characters

Princess Libertia (MC) 

Ariel (innocent, cheerful FL) 

Lavrov (obsessive crown prince) 

Daniel (guildmaster of an assassin guild, last prince of a royal family whose country had been conquered and destroyed by the empire, close friends with Herrace, became the final villain after Herrace died from Lavrov’s attack) 

Lisian Vance (Libertia’s mother) 

Sir Eugene De Volton (acknowledged as a “free knight” by Mcnahan family – the strong knight clan in the empire, the strongest knight of them all, silver hair & eyes) 

Duke Cain De Eirik (long black hair & eyes) 

Herrace (guildmaster of the information guild, pervert that likes to see people cry) 

Lady Yviene (FL’s best friend) 

Jane (FL’s maid) 

Emma (head maid) 

Linny/Rini (maid, short hair) 

Irene (maid, hair in a bun) 

Rox (royal physician, old man, glasses, mustache, caring)

Ripley (c9, Rox’s colleague, herb specialist)

Dante Vance (someone from Libertia’s maternal family that she exchanged letters with since she was six)

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  1. Ariel reminded me of that snack recipe for athletics: sliced lemon ? in honey ?
    I didn’t finish the comic so if I ever do I might had things to the recipe

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