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When the Villainess Loves


I’ve transmigrated into the body of a princess, living on borrowed time. It’s okay, though, we can cure this illness! My goal is to lead a life where I can do whatever I want! First, I decided to rave over all of my favorite characters in the novel! But, because I am a villainess, people around me tend to be wary… “You will die soon, and yet… how can you laugh like that?” Well, it’s ‘cus I’m super hot.

Native Title: 악녀가 사랑할 때
Author: HJ,붉구
Artist: 대치동건물주
Genres: Isekai, Romance

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Chapter Recaps

Chapters 1-10

Chapters 11-20

Chapters 21-30

2 thoughts on “When the Villainess Loves

  1. I have read a few chapter of this but dropped it I don’t know why ‘cause I restarted at later chapters (meaning I just skipped a chunk and didn’t mind about it)
    It is essentially cute and silly with a lot of beauty and beauties (miam ?) but, like written in the summary they think she will die for a while, and a good while I think (?) (seems like it is part of the plot, like the whole plot is based on that misunderstanding And~ here is why I dropped this (then and after resuming reading it, yeah I dropped it twice, this is proof of how good it is: it made me come back and forget for a few chapter why I dropped it, MARVELOUS), now I remember, I don’t like misunderstandings and love stories where the solve it in less than 3 chapters ( like “husband, I am going on a strike!”)
    But the characters are all so lovely (carful with the “all” but it is brought nicely… I guess)
    Is it a spoiler if I say that where i stoped she is literally like in the cover? Like, YAY ?, I guess (?)
    Well yeah, it is pretty satisfying in some ways (BESIDES THIS DUMB MISUNDERSTANDING AAAAAAHHH)
    Anyway this is a cute and silly love story with a very relatable mc so enjoy ?

    1. Aww, thank you. I’ll admit I got hooked by the cover art. I just cross my fingers and hope that the story is as good as the art. ?

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