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Xue Zi Xuan – Character List

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Zhou Yun Sheng 周允晟 (MC)

Huang Yi 黄怡 (MC’s character)

Xue Zi Xuan 薛子轩 (ML)

Xue Jing Yi 薛静依 (FL)

Xue Rui 薛瑞 (father)

Xue Li Dan Ni 薛李丹妮 (mother)

Fu Bo 福伯 (butler)

Xiao Deng 小邓 (nurse)

Xiao Wang 小王 (driver)

Xiao Zhou 小周 (assistant)

Olsen Jerome 奥尔森.杰罗姆 (XZX’s piano mentor)

Sears 西尔斯 (piano emperor of the previous century)

Hu Dong 胡东 (president of the Dongrun Group)

Zhao Yin 赵寅 (chauffeur)

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