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Xue Zi Xuan – Patreon

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Level F ($3)

Chapter 15.12 [The End]

7 thoughts on “Xue Zi Xuan – Patreon

  1. Hi, I have a question, I am a French translate and I want to translate this side story but I can’t find the original link in Chinese. I can find the main story but no the extra. Where did you find them? Sorry to ask you here but I search for so long and had no answers….

  2. aaaahhhhh ❤❤❤???????? I’m so kilig with them. I hope that Xue ZiXuan won’t lose this chance given to him. Anyway, the real Yun Sheng has returned to the real as well as Xue Yan. Aaaahhhh more chapters please.

  3. I would like to ask, do I need to be on Patreon C to read the end of the Novel? Or I can still read it in Level F if I pay monthly?

    Also, if I choose Level C, will I be able to read from chapter 15.2 to end or just 15.11-15.12?

    Because if I will to be a Patreon, I would want it to be 1 time payment. Tax is high from my bank. Thanks in advance if you answer. BTW, thanks for translation.

    1. You can read up to 15.12 right now if you’re Level C. Alternatively, you can stay at Level F, and eventually you’ll be able to read up to the end as I update the story.

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