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Didn’t Love You Enough 8

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Chapter 8 – Entering the Palace

After nearly a month, Yuan Fu was certain that His Royal Highness must have taken a liking to one of the palace attendants in Xi Li Palace Hall.

His Royal Highness went to Xi Li Palace Hall almost every day. He would sneak into the courtyard, and peek inside from the window. Every time Yuan Fu followed along, he would be very scared and on edge.

His Royal Highness would even climb a tree in the Xi Li Palace Hall courtyard to watch the palace attendants inside the courtyard.

Aiyo! Your Royal Highness, what on earth are you doing! If the guards patrolling the palace saw this, it would not be a good thing at all! This was too shameful! Yuan Fu was going crazy.

He has been with the crown prince for a long time, but he never thought that His Royal Highness would have such a hobby. He liked gers and ones that were so young too, ah!

Yuan Fu was really curious, what kind of ger was he that he would cause His Royal Highness to be so hooked?

In the inner study that day, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng called Yuan Fu to his side and dismissed all his other servants. “I think you have also guessed, your future master is in Xi Li Palace Hall. I will assign a task to you right now. You must manage it well. How is your relationship with the Royal Snack Kitchen’s Lin momo from my imperial mother’s palace?”

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng thought about it a lot and still decided to place Jia Bao in his imperial mother’s palace. His palace was still not cleaned out yet. He wouldn’t be at ease.

The Royal Snack Kitchen* was a small kitchen in his imperial mother’s palace that specialized in making refreshments and snacks. Usually, there wasn’t much work to do, and the work was not very hard. There also weren’t many people in the Royal Snack Kitchen, so there were very little disputes.

[*T/N: It’s called 御点房 yu dian fang in Chinese, which doesn’t translate into anything coherent, so I straight up called it the Snack Kitchen, based on its function. Then I felt that it didn’t sound elegant enough, so I tacked on a Royal at the front. XD If you have a better name idea, I’m open to suggestions.]

He knew that Lin momo was part of his imperial mother’s dowry, and was in-laws with his imperial mother’s trusted aide, Zhou momo. Lin momo’s craftsmanship was exceptional, and she had some face* in front of his imperial mother.

[*T/N: face = respect / regard / good reputation]

Moreover, Lin momo had a good temper, and will not easily scold or hit the servants under her. Place his treasure there first, and then he could be a little more at ease.

“This… our relationship is not bad.” Yuan Fu considered carefully. His popularity in the palace was quite good.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng nodded. “Have Lin momo select him to go work with her in the Royal Snack Kitchen, and look after him. His name is Lin Jia Bao. In the palace he is called An Zhu. Twelve years old. From Pei County. He has big eyes, and two small dimples on his face. Go take a trip to the small warehouse*, and get this done. If you don’t handle this well, then you don’t have to follow me anymore.”

[*T/N: This isn’t explained very well in the raws, but it seems like XYHC is telling YF to go to the small warehouse to pick up a bribe to help grease the wheels.]

“Yes. This slave* will definitely get it done.” Yuan Fu saw that His Royal Highness’s expression was serious and replied promptly.

[*T/N: 奴才 nu cai translates to “slave or flunkey.” I know it sounds horrible in English, but that’s how all the servants in the palace address themselves. I considered using the term “servant,” but that seems to lack the same nuance. Servants in the palace got a salary, but they lacked human rights and weren’t really in control of their lives. Any of the masters within the palace could kill a servant for wrongdoing with no repercussion.]

Yuan Fu received the crown prince’s order, and went to the empress’s Yong Shou Palace.

When Yuan Fu arrived at the Royal Snack Kitchen, Lin momo was making refreshments with several palace maids. Seeing Yuan Fu coming over, she set down the work in her hands and went to greet him. “Yuan Fu gong gong, what are you doing here at this time? Does His Royal Highness have some command?”

“For what reason? Last time, when His Royal Highness was here with the Queen Mother, he ate the kidney bean cakes made by your Royal Snack Kitchen, and he was extremely fond of it. Returned to the East Palace and got the chef to make it*, but His Royal Highness said that the taste is not the same. So that’s why I came here.”

[*T/N: No pronouns specified in the raws, so he could be saying that the ML ordered the chef to make it, or that he, Yuan Fu, wants the desserts to make ML happy. Either way, it’s just an excuse.]

“Then I will go make it now. Please wait a moment, Yuan Fu gong gong.” Lin momo heard that His Royal Highness liked the dessert that she made and was very happy.

Momo, don’t rush yet. Let your subordinates do it, ba. I’m not in a hurry… hehe…” Yuan Fu quickly grabbed Lin momo.

Lin momo looked at Yuan Fu’s expression and knew that he had something to say. She ordered the maids in the kitchen to make pastries, and then she pulled Yuan Fu out of the kitchen and came to the servant residences in the back.

Lin momo took Yuan Fu into her own room. As the head momo of the Royal Snack Kitchen, Lin momo’s place of residence was a bit bigger, with a front room and a back room.

Lin momo took him into the front room and had him sit down. “What’s the matter, Yuan Fu gong gong?”

“Lin momo, we can be considered old friends. To be honest, I really do have a favor to ask you this time,” Yuan Fu said to Lin momo. “Today, new people came into the palace, and tomorrow, they will receive their assignments. I have a distant relative among them. I think Lin momo is kind and friendly, and your craftsmanship is so good. If he could work under you then that would be good.”

“Just this, ah? It’s not difficult at all.” Lin momo had thought that it was something bad. There weren’t many people working under her in the first place, and it wasn’t a problem to have one more person.

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Didn’t Love You Enough 7

Vanilla Muse: I waffled back and forth and in the end decided to stick with the familiar term: ger. Thanks to everyone who chimed in with their opinions, and for all the sweet comments you left. (^ω^)

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Chapter 7 – Entering the Palace

Yuan Fu finds that His Royal Highness has been really strange these days, especially today.
Translations are by www [dot] vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
After morning court, His Royal Highness did not deal with government affairs, but instead sat in the inner study room lost in thought for half a day*. His expression looked so… joyful. So… excited.

[*T/N: Not literally half a day. It’s an expression that means for “a long time,” although that could potentially be half a day… lol.]

His Royal Highness was even stranger in the afternoon. He did not go to the northern barracks. Instead, he took Yuan Fu around with him and went all over the Palace.

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And the more they went around the palace, the more remote the trails became.

The sky gradually got dark. “Your Royal Highness, where is it that you want to go?” If they kept going like this, they would end up all the way at Wai Wu Gong*.

[*T/N: Based on the names I think Wai Wu Suo 外五所 might be a department within Wai Wu Gong 外五宫, and Wai Wu Suo is the place where the newcomers got screened when they first entered the palace.]

At this time, a group of people wearing blue robes was walking towards their direction. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng saw the color of the robes and happiness sparked in his heart.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng stepped forward quickly, and Yuan Fu hastened to follow.

Xi momo was leading a group of palace attendants and walking along the road to the palace. From a distance, she saw two people coming towards them.

The one in the lead was wearing a purple robe with gold stitched plackets*. There was a eunuch following behind. On a closer look, wasn’t that the crown prince’s eunuch, Yuan Fu, from the East Palace?

[*T/N: The official description of his clothes is 襟口缀着金边的绛紫色常服 but I couldn’t be 100% certain of anything except for the color portion ORZ ]

Then the person in the lead must be… “Greetings to His Royal Highness!” Xi momo stepped forward and knelt down in salute.

As Xi momo knelt down, Lin Jia Bao and the others behind him also hurried to kneel.

“You are…? Where are you getting ready to go to?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng asked Xi momo, but his eyes were searching for something behind her.

Very soon Xuan Yuan Han Cheng found the person that he was yearning for day and night. Lin Jia Bao was wearing a blue palace attendant uniform, just kneeling over there. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng clenched his fists and restrained himself from stepping forward.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Lin Jia Bao was only twelve years old, and his face was still childish. Wearing the large palace attendant uniform, he looked extraordinarily petite. His treasure’s complexion was not good, and he had his head lowered. From his angle, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng could vaguely make out two very small dimples on Lin Jia Bao’s face. Truly adorable!

[T/N: XYHC often refers to LJB as 宝贝 bao bei, which can be translated as “baby” or “treasure.” Both translation works, so I will be using them interchangeably.]

“Replying to His Royal Highness, this old slave is Xi momo from Wai Wu Gong. Today is the day that new palace servants enter the palace. The people behind me are the palace attendants that entered the palace this time. The number of people entering the palace this time is comparatively large. They don’t fit in Wai Wu Gong. This old slave is preparing to bring them to Xi Li Palace Hall to get them settled.”

“All rise, ba*.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s eyes were fixed on Lin Jia Bao. “Quickly take them to go get settled, ba.”

[*T/N: 吧 ba – it looks silly in English, but it holds nuance in Chinese that is hard to translate. It’s placed at the end of a sentence to indicate suggestion or surmise, which softens the overall sentence. So a sentence that looks like an order or a command at first actually has a slight undertone of suggestion to it. It can roughly be translated as “…right? / …okay? / …I presume.” I try to use the English variations whenever possible, but sometimes it just doesn’t fit, so I leave it as “ba.”]


Xuan Yuan Han Cheng took another glance, reluctant to part, and then left quickly. If he didn’t leave right away, he was afraid that he would really hug Lin Jia Bao excitedly. He didn’t want to scare him.

“Xi Li Palace Hall, ah…” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng whispered happily.

Yuan Fu was really puzzled by His Royal Highness’s expression. Just now, His Royal Highness’s eyes were fixedly staring at that group of palace attendants. Could it be that he took a liking to someone?

Yuan Fu thought about it and then shook his head. He didn’t see anyone that was particularly beautiful just now, and these palace attendants were very young and haven’t grown up yet. He must be thinking too much.

Lin Jia Bao and the other palace attendants followed Xi momo and memorized the rules of the palace every morning. In the afternoon, they learned behaviors and manners.

Almost all the people who came to the palace were illiterate. They could only depend on their memory to note down the rules of the palace. And they also had to remember the paths within the palace, such as how to get to the Clothing Bureau, how to get to the Imperial Kitchen, and other such places. These were all things that they must remember. In addition to that, they also needed to know which places prohibited entry, and other such taboos within the palace.

This was not difficult for Lin Jia Bao. His big brother taught him some words. As long as he was diligent, he could learn these things by heart. When reciting the rules, he was a bit faster than the others.

Etiquette and behavior were more difficult for them. They had to walk with bowed heads, tucked in chests, and lowered eyes, and be silent. They also had to pay attention to making salutes and kowtows.

When speaking, they had to speak clearly and concisely. The volume could not be too high or too low. The speed of speech should be steady, not fast or slow.

They also had to learn how to make tea, practicing how to brew tea and how to deliver water. Their movements must be swift and efficient, but they must also be light. When putting the cup on the plate, they must not make a sound, and the tea could not be spilled.

Lin Jia Bao learned all this very conscientiously, and practiced hundreds of times a day.

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Didn’t Love You Enough – Locations

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Locations Within the Palace

Yong Shou Palace 永寿宫 (the Empress’s Residential Palace)
—Royal Snack Kitchen 御点房 (Lin Jia Bao works here)

East Palace 东宫 (the area where Xuan Yuan Han Cheng lives as Crown Prince)
—Chang Le Palace 长乐宫 (the place where XYHC lives as Crown Prince)

Locations Outside the Palace

Pei County 沛县
—Lin Jia Village 林家村 (right on the outskirts of Pei County, Lin Jia Bao’s family lives here)

Li City 历城 (vassal state where li wang lives)

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Didn’t Love You Enough 6

Vanilla Muse: The excitement of starting a new project powered me through another chapter. Enjoy! Also, please read the T/N at the end!

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Chapter 6 – Entering the Palace

Lin Jia Bao ate the vegetable and minced pork congee. It was very delicious, and unconsciously he sped up his speed of swallowing.

“It’s steamed buns made from white flour, so delicious! I have never eaten such a delicious steamed bun,” one of the children in Lin Jia Bao’s group said as he took big bites out of the steamed bun.

“Yeah, it’s delicious, it’s delicious.” A few of the other children also echoed this sentiment.

“Tut! It’s just a few white buns,” a delicate-looking child said scornfully.

Lin Jia Bao looked at the white steamed bun in his hand. His family very rarely ate white steamed buns. Because there were so many people in the family, they usually ate corn noodles together.

Lin Jia Bao took a bite of the steamed bun and chewed slowly. There was a slight sweetness to the bread, which was really tasty.

Everyone ate a lot for lunch today. Lin Jia Bao ate two steamed buns and a bowl of congee. Lin Jia Bao felt his own belly. It was the most filling meal he’s had in the past two weeks.

In the afternoon, the managing eunuch in charge came to lead them to a large bathhouse, and had them wash themselves clean.

Then they had to go into a room one by one, and let two old momos* inspect them while naked.

[*T/N: momo 嬷嬷 translates to elderly lady or wet nurse (or even Catholic nun), but in this setting it means an older female servant in the palace]

Lin Jia Bao stood stiffly and turned around in accordance to the old momo’s instructions. Then he went to lie on a small couch and let the old momo inspect the lower part of his body.

One of momos saw that his appearance was good and touched him all over. “Such smooth skin.”

Lin Jia Bao’s little face turned red from shame, and he did not dare to move or speak.

After the inspection, the old momo had him get up. One of them dipped a brush into a porcelain bowl of shou gong zhu sha* on the table, and then painted a dot on the inside of Lin Jia Bao’s arm*.

[*T/N: shou gong zhu sha 守宫朱砂 – some of you may be familiar with this trope. A red dot on the inside of a (usually female) person’s arm signifies that they are a virgin. When they lose their virginity that mark is supposed to disappear. The application method of the mark and the ingredient(s) used vary from story to story.]

After that, they did not make things difficult for Lin Jia Bao, and they had him get dressed and exit the room.

Lin Jia Bao left the room and came to a large courtyard. The people who have been inspected were already waiting on one side of the yard. Lin Jia Bao walked over and stood with them.

Lin Jia Bao was fascinated by the bright red dot on his arm. This was the symbol of chastity, the shou gong zhu sha mark.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the other side of the courtyard. From another room, a girl was being dragged out. “Momo spare me, momo spare me, ah! Spare my life!” The girl cried and screamed.

Several strong eunuchs held the girl on the ground and hit the girl with a long and thick wooden stick.

“What kind of place do you think the palace is? You think the dirty and the filthy can come in here? You dare to come here to commit adultery? One word: death.” An old momo said loudly to the courtyard of people.

The girl’s cries rose and fell. Eventually she stopped screaming, leaving only the sound of a stick hitting flesh.

Blood splattered along the stick, and the girl’s lower body was already badly mangled and mutilated.

The people all around were scared to death, and they did not dare to speak. A few of the more faint-hearted ones almost fainted.

Lin Jia Bao did not dare to look at the scene again. His face was sheet white.

After a while, it was confirmed that the girl was no longer breathing, and was towed away, leaving a large pool of blood on the ground.

This was the first time that Lin Jia Bao has seen a dead person, and it was the first time that he understood the cruelty of the palace. He secretly told himself not to make any mistakes. Everyone in the family was waiting for him. He had to safely make it out of the palace.

When their group of ger children was all inspected, it was time for dinner again.

They all went to go eat dinner. The evening meal was the same as the noon meal: minced meat congee and steamed buns.

After going through the trying afternoon, everyone’s complexion was bad.

When Lin Jia Bao thought of the scene he saw in the afternoon, he was nauseated. He barely drank down a bowl of congee and ate a steamed bun.

At this time, the gong gong in charge came in with a momo dressed in a gray palace uniform. When the children saw them, they all put down their bowls and stood up.

“This is Xi momo. In the following month, all of you have to study well under Xi momo and learn the rules of the palace,” said the gong gong.

“I am Xi momo. The thirty of you ger children palace attendants will be under my management for the next month. From tomorrow on, you will all learn the rules and etiquette in the palace with me. Right now, I will first pass out your palace attendant uniforms. After entering the palace, you cannot wear your own clothes. Go change first, then take your things, and gather here. I will take you to where you’ll be living.”


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T/N: Help! I made a mistake in the last chapter! The term 双儿 shuang er showed up and I translated it as “twin,” but this is actually the “male omega” or “ger” of this world, meaning they are men who can get pregnant, if you know this trope.

Now I have a conundrum. I was under the impression that the Chinese term for “ger” was 哥儿 ge er, based on another story that I read with gers in it. Please correct me if I’m wrong! I don’t know if that’s the actual Chinese term or not, it was just an assumption based on the translator’s explanation. If anyone knows, can you please tell me where the term “ger” came from? And what’s the Chinese for it?

Right now, I’m inclined to translate 双儿 as “double-sex child,” because that makes the most sense to me. 双 is double and 儿 is child. I just can’t reconcile it as ger, because it looks nothing alike, and autocorrect keeps changing it to “her.” (>_<) I’ve temporarily translated it as ger, because it seems to be the term that I see the most for these types of Chinese mpreg worlds. I also don’t want to use the word “omega,” because this is clearly not an ABO world.

Waiting online, please send help. (ó﹏ò。)

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Didn’t Love You Enough – Character List

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Lin Jia Bao’s Family

Lin Da Zhuang 林大壮 (father, 40 y.o.)
Zhang Hui 张惠 (mother)
Lin Jin Er 林锦儿 (eldest daughter, married to a family in the capital)
—Qin Zi Cong 秦子聪 “Cong Ge Er” 聪哥儿 (her 3 y.o. son)
—Qin Kai Xing 秦恺行 (her husband)
Lin Jia Wen 林家文 (oldest son)
—Wu Qiao Lan 吴巧兰 (his wife)
Lin Li Er 林莉儿 (third daughter, 13 y.o., “second sister”)
Lin Jia Bao 林家宝 (uke, second son, 12 y.o.) Lin An Zhu 林安竹 gui ren 贵人 (palace name)
Lin Xiu Er 林秀儿 (youngest daughter, 8 y.o.)
Lin Jia Cai 林家才 (youngest son, twins with Lin Xiu Er, 8 y.o.)

Lin Jia Bao’s Relatives

Lin Da Li 林大力 (Lin Da Zhuang’s younger brother, 35 y.o.)
Ke Mei Li 柯美丽 (his wife)
Lin Chun Er 林春儿 (eldest daughter, 14 y.o.)
—Official Registrar Wang 王主簿 (Lin Chun Er’s father-in-law)
??? (second daughter, 10 y.o.)
??? (youngest son)

Lin Jia Village

Zhou Hai 周海 Da Hai ge ge 大海哥哥 (childhood sweethearts with Lin Li Er)
Li Zhen 里正 (county seat?)
Lin Jiao Jiao 林娇娇 (a girl sent to the palace at the same time as Lin Jia Bao)

Imperial Family

??? 先皇 (previous emperor)
Empress Wang 王皇后 (previous emperor’s 1st empress, died during labor)
—Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen 轩辕昭深 (XYHC’s imperial father, 3rd prince of previous emperor, 1st born of Empress Wang)
      —Xuan Yuan Han Cheng 轩辕瀚承 (emperor, seme protagonist, now 18 y.o.)
      —Xuan Yuan Han Qi 轩辕瀚启 (2nd prince, XYHC’s blood related younger brother)
Xue shi 薛氏 (step-empress, previous emperor’s 2nd empress)
—Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong 轩辕昭洪 li wang 历王 (10th prince of previous emperor, Xue shi’s son, XYHC’s imperial uncle)

XYHC’s People/Subordinates (Loyal to XYHC)

Yuan Fu 元福 (Internal Head Eunuch 内侍总领太监)
Ling Zheng Feng 凌正峰 (Imperial Guard Commander)
Zheng Rong 郑融 (XYHC’s shadow guard)
Qian Chun Rong 钱春荣 (son of Head Physician)

Imperial Palace People (Neutral)

Physician Cui 崔太医 (from Imperial Physician Institute, specializes in childcare)
Zhao gong gong 赵公公 (eunuch in charge of uke’s carriage on the way to capital)
Xi mo mo 席嬷嬷 (teaches palace etiquette and rules to newcomers)
Lin mo mo 林嬷嬷 (works in the Royal Snack Kitchen)
—Yu Shuang 玉霜 (oldest subordinate under Lin mo mo)
—Yu Long 玉泷 (maid in the Royal Snack Kitchen, somewhat older than Yu Ling)
—Yu Ling 玉灵 (youngest and liveliest maid in the Royal Snack Kitchen)
Zhou mo mo 周嬷嬷 (the empress’s trusted aide, in-laws with Lin mo mo)


General Li 李将军
Zheng Yuan Hou 征远侯 (Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s maternal uncle)

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s Harem

Xue Cai Yu 薛采裕 (crown princess, Crown Prince Consort)
Xu Xue Ying 徐雪盈 Xu shi 徐氏 (Xu Concubine, gifted by his Imperial Mother after XYHC’s coronation as Crown Prince)
—Wang mo mo 王嬷嬷 (her servant)
Yu Qin 俞芹 Yu shi 俞氏 (Concubine Yu, gifted by his Imperial Mother after XYHC’s coronation as Crown Prince)
—Princess Kang Le 康乐公主 (Yu shi’s daughter, second princess)
Song Yi Yun 宋依云 Song shi 宋氏 (Concubine Song)
—Princess Kang Ping 康平公主 “Kang Er” 康儿 (Song shi’s daughter, eldest princess)
Zhang shi 张氏 (died during labor, baby son also died a few days later)


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Didn’t Love You Enough 5

T/N 1: Hello, this is Vanilla Muse, here with another new project. I’ve bookmarked this story for a long time now, hoping that someone would pick it up eventually, but since no one has, I decided to try my hand at it, but I’m a bit apprehensive. The setting is similar to my other project The Big Landlord, but while that one is focused on business, which is more straightforward imo, this one seems to be more heavily invested in palace intrigue, which is something I find convoluted and confusing. Palace intrigue is hard for me to follow even in English, so I hope I don’t get utterly lost in Chinese. Fingers crossed. >_<

T/N 2: There won’t be a set updating schedule for this yet, not until I get a feel for the story. And to make sure I get all the details accurate, I will have to translate this story slower than my other projects, and go through the raws with a fine-tooth comb. So please be patient with me.

T/N 3: Chapters are split into parts.

Standard Info: Abbreviation for “Didn’t Love You Enough” is DLYE. Go to the translations page for the updating schedule (which might be subject to change). Go to the title page for info on the story along with a Character List, the Table of Contents, and a list of Notable Locations.

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Chapter 5 – Entering the Palace

Leaving Pei County and watching their hometown gradually getting further and further away, suppressed sobs sounded in the carriage.

After more than a day of traveling, the group arrived at the relay station in the provincial capital of Xu Zhou. Here, people from several countries were gathered together one after another.

They waited for a day before the entire assembly was finally completed. With government workmen clearing the way, a total of ten horse-drawn carriages headed for the capital.

The carriage, which was still somewhat spacious when holding ten people, was now crowded with twenty people.
Translations are by www [dot] vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
Each carriage had a eunuch managing it. The eunuch in charge of Lin Jia Bao’s carriage was surnamed Zhao. He was about thirty-five years old. His expression was very serious and he was very harsh on them. Everyone was afraid of him.

On the journey to the capital, everyone in the carriage slowly became familiar with each other, particularly the people who came from the same place; most of them formed small groups. From Pei County, only Lin Jia Bao was a ger child, so the others faintly excluded him. Lin Jia Bao also did not take the initiative to step forward, and obediently listened to the managing eunuch’s orders. Zhao gong gong* saw him dutifully following orders and his attitude towards Lin Jia Bao was considered amicable.

[*T/N: 公公 gong gong – eunuch]

After traveling on the road for nearly half a month, they finally arrived at the post on the outskirts of the capital.

This station was very large and there were already many carriages in the stable. Here were people from all over the country.

“All of you get out of the carriage. Take your things with you. Don’t talk. Don’t look around. Follow me, all of you,” Zhao gong gong said.

Everyone got off the horse carriage. None of them dared to talk. They all lowered their heads and followed the eunuch’s lead. Zhao gong gong brought them to a large dormitory to settle in. There were a few basins of water in the room for them to clean their faces and wash their hands.

After that he brought them to the dining area for dinner. Everyone was given a bowl of corn porridge and a coarse mianwo*. It was a simple and crude meal, but compared to the dry grain bread that they had on their journey, this was a lot better. After the entire day, they were all hungry and everyone wolfed down their food.

[*T/N: mianwo 面窝 is a deep-fried, donut-shaped snack made from soy milk, rice milk, flour, sesame, and chopped Chinese scallion]

Zhao gong gong had them go to the toilet. Then he took them back to the dorm room and locked the door.

When everyone entered the room, they all rushed to get a good spot. Those in the same village helped each other to occupy a favorable position. Lin Jia Bao’s physique was small and he did not have much strength. In an instant, he was squeezed to be beside the door.
Support the translator. Read this on vmnovels (dot) com
Lin Jia Bao also did not want to scramble for space against them either, so he took his small bag of things and occupied the outermost position on the sleeping plank.

“Hey, scoot over a bit more. Don’t lean against me!” The girl sleeping next to Lin Jao Bao said to him fiercely.

This girl also came from Lin Jia Village, and to Lin Jia Bao she was very malicious and unpleasant. She looked at him as if he were some dirty thing.

Lin Jia Bao did not speak. He only moved his body closer to the door.

After a day of exhaustion, Lin Jia Bao soon went to sleep.

The next day, the sky had yet to brighten when Zhao gong gong came to wake them up. After the morning meal, everyone got on the horse carriage again.

The carriage entered the capital and stopped at the imperial city. Everyone got off the horse carriage and was shocked by the towering city wall.

Lin Jia Bao looked at the vermilion city wall. It was very high and the wall was endless. Under the morning light, the palace with its red walls and yellow tiles looked particularly solemn. Today was the day that they would enter the palace. The great doors were opened.
Translations by Vanilla Muse.
First, they were taken to the Wai Wu Suo* to go through the first round of filtering.

[*T/N: Wai Wu Suo 外五所 – I don’t know the translation for this. My best guess is that it’s a preliminary sorting office, and that it is one of five.]

The first round of screening was very simple. It was mainly to see if their appearance was neat, if they could speak clearly, if there was any disability, odor, and etcetera on the body.

Although the process was simple, there were nearly a thousand people entering the palace this time, so the wait was long.

Lin Jia Bao was assigned to a group where all the children were gers. He passed the first round of screening very smoothly. After the screening of the people in his group, it was already noon.

Then their group was taken away for lunch. It was food in the palace after all, so it was still better than what they’ve eaten before. Every person received a bowl of vegetable congee and white steamed buns to eat their fill. The vegetable congee not only had vegetables, but also a bit of minced pork. During their journey to the capital, all of them only had dried food rations along the way. It has been a long time since they’ve had any meat or fish to eat. Just smelling the fragrance caused them to drool.

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Didn’t Love You Enough

Title: Didn’t Love You Enough
Author: 最爱喵喵 (Zui Ai Miao Miao)
Genre: Historical, Mature, Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Status in COO: 56 Chapters (Completed)
Translation Status: Ongoing
Raws: jjwxc
Novel Updates: Link
Personal Thoughts: Post
Patreon: Early Access T.O.C.

Table of Contents
Character List
Notable Locations


This is the story about the rebirth of a xiao gōng with a sweet steamed bun-like xiao shòu.

In the past life, xiao shòu, in order to help xiao gōng block a poisonous blade, ended up dying due to blood loss.

After the rebirth of xiao gōng, xiao shòu was loved till overflowing.

This is a cliche story which is warm, sweet, no abuse.

T/N: This is an mpreg world.


Translations in Other Languages
Spanish by AkairoAki
Indonesian by KiraKira