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Tightrope 5

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Chapter 5 – The Boundary Line

They were taking a well-needed break. With Ranmaru’s weak health, it wasn’t a surprise that they would need to stop often. Even taking turns carrying the small child could still be taxing for their underdeveloped bodies; hence they were taking a break.
Story by Vanilla Muse
Kimimaro was keeping a look out while Ranmaru took a light nap. Sasuke was molding chakra and Karin was watching Sasuke mold chakra. It was so tantalizing to feel the chakra moving actively through Sasuke’s body. Sasuke frowned in concentration. The chakra was moving sluggishly through his body.

“What are you doing Sasuke-kun?” Karin asked.

“I’m trying to perform the Clone Technique, but I can’t seem to get my chakra to cooperate. I’ve read the theory on it,” Sasuke said.

“Your chakra is stuck, and you’re pulling too much yin energy and not enough yang energy,” Karin supplied.


“Can’t you feel it?” Than Karin shook her head, remembering that sensing chakra did not come as easily to others as it did to her.

She walked up to Sasuke and mapped out the flow of chakra in his body with her finger. “Can you feel it? Your energy is running smoothly from here to here,” she ran her finger along his body, “but it gets caught up here,” she pressed lightly at the spot. “What you need to do is…” And Karin explained to Sasuke how to direct the flow of chakra. She can sense a lot more yin energy in Sasuke than yang energy, no doubt he’s a scholar, but his yang energy is nothing to be scoffed at either. His reserves were quite large for a boy his age. There was a reason she found his chakra dazzling after all.

With Karin’s guidance, Sasuke coaxed his chakra to do his bidding. His first couple of attempts was laughable. They came out colorless and flopped to the ground like rice paper. It was even worse than Naruto’s blotched attempts. Sasuke blushed and kept trying. Internally, Karin was cooing at how cute a determined Sasuke looked.

Behind Sasuke’s back Kimimaro was giving her the stink eye. He did not miss the fact that Karin took advantage of the guise of helping Sasuke to touch him all over with her finger. Sasuke didn’t even seem to realize he was molested. He was so unguarded that it made Karin purr with devious ideas.

By the time the group made it to Kiri’s border, Sasuke had perfected both the Cloning Technique and the Transformation Technique. The Substitution Technique was still proving to be tricky, but Sasuke was determined to master it and Karin knew that he would.

Using the Henge, the group, sans Ranmaru, transformed and posed as a family trying to escape from the war ravaged land. Sasuke and Karin were the parents, Kimimaro was their mute son, and Ranmaru was their sickly baby boy. Karin spun a sob story so well that the fishermen agreed to ferry them to the Land of Fire for only a small fee.

Once they landed and were out of earshot of the fishermen, they dropped their Henge and Sasuke praised Karin for her ingenuity. She blushed and clung to his arm. Sasuke tried to unravel her arms from around him, but she clung on like a limpet until Kimimaro forcibly pulled her away. Sasuke sighed and then he stilled when he noticed the color of Ranmaru’s eyes. They were glowing bright red.

“What do you see?” Sasuke asked.

“In a cave, nature calls. The beast awaits a firm lock and cage. Two clicks northwest.” Ranmaru pointed. The glow faded from his eyes and he dropped his arm.

“Well, it’s along the way. Can’t hurt to take a look.” Sasuke thought out loud.

“What was that?” Karin demanded.

Sasuke placed his hands on Ranmaru’s shoulders in a supportive and protective gesture. “Ranmaru has a special gift. It’s hard to explain. Even Ranmaru himself doesn’t seem to know the full extent of his abilities. But he’s been very helpful in our journey, helping us find useful things and avoiding unnecessary conflict.”

Ranmaru blushed under Sasuke’s praise.

“Oh,” Karin shrugged.

“I’ve told Kimimaro this, but I’ll ask this of you, too, please keep Ranmaru’s abilities a secret. I don’t want people trying to hunt him down to dissect his eyes.” Here Sasuke touched the corner of his eye subconsciously. “Even within Konoha proper, you must keep quiet about this. Unlike us, Ranmaru doesn’t yet know how to defend himself.”

“I won’t crack even under extreme torture,” Karin promised, thumping a fist to her chest.

Sasuke didn’t know how to respond to such a statement with words so he just smiled, which was more than enough for Karin.


By the time they reached the cave that Ranmaru saw, it was already getting dark, so they set up camp. Tomorrow, they would search for the beast. They each split up to do their part. Ranmaru picked up firewood, Kimimaro foraged for edible fruit, Sasuke went fishing, and Karin tracked a rabbit.

Sasuke used his Great Fireball Technique to light the campfire. He’s been practicing it with Karin’s help. It helped that the body seemed to remember the technique, but what he was able to produce wasn’t all that ‘great’ yet, although in this case it was perfect for a campfire. After dinner, they set up a watch schedule and fell asleep.

Karin was on watch when she heard a groaning coming from Sasuke. He was shifting in his sleep and making tortured sounds. She’s been noticing it for a while now; it’s hard not to after traveling together for two weeks.

At first she would shake him awake and demand to know what’s wrong so that she could make it go away, but he would never give her a straight answer. She suspected that the missing-nin they talked about was his first kill. It was normal to have nightmares for a length of time after the first kill. Karin would know. She couldn’t have escaped from Uzushiogakure and made it all the way deep into the Land of Mist by keeping her hands clean. Come to think of it, maybe that was another reason why the villagers segregated her. They were all simple farmers; none of them have killed anything bigger than a pig. But she digressed.

Sasuke’s problem seemed to stem deeper than that. At the very least, the first kill was only one of his many problems. And while she could talk him through how to work pass that first kill, she couldn’t do much more than be there for him and allow him to sort out the rest himself since he didn’t want to tell. Kimimaro was no help in this area. He was bred to kill and have been desensitized to it for so long. Ranmaru was out of the question. Even though Ranmaru already knew, Sasuke still refrained from talking about killing in front of him. It was sweet how Sasuke tried to protect the boy’s innocence. It wouldn’t last forever, but they’ll take what they could get.

Sasuke lashed out sharply with his leg in his sleep. The motion jolted him awake. At the same time Karin felt the beast move. It was running away. Sasuke was about to roll over and attempt to sleep again.

“Sasuke-kun,” she whispered sharply. He sat up, alert. “The beast is on the move, about a half kilometer that way.” She pointed.

He nodded. “Guard Ranmaru. I’ll be back.” He tapped Kimimaro on the shoulder. “Come with me.”

“Wait, Sasuke-kun!” She hissed, but he was gone, flitting off into the night like a shadow. Karin was still amazed by his speed. In an area with trees and a bit of ninja wire, it would be difficult to outrun Sasuke.

Kimimaro spared Karin a brief look before chasing after Sasuke. If he didn’t have such a straight face on, Karin would swear that he was sneering down at her, as if to say “Ha! He asked me to go, not you.” Karin stomped her foot and fumed.


Juugo was alerted to the group’s presence as soon as they arrived. The animals informed him. At first he thought they were just travelers and would move on soon, but then they decided to camp at the base of his mountain. A little more spy work, credit to his animal friends, and he deduced that they were here for him. Which was absurd, because he hadn’t left his cave in ages and no one should be aware of his existence. Still, just to play it safe, he decided to relocate when the group fell asleep. He couldn’t chance the group stumbling upon him by accident. He was simply too volatile to be around humans.

He didn’t expect that he would walk right into one of them. It was a young boy, three years his junior, with hair so dark that it melted into the night and made his face stand out in stark contrast. A thin cut ran down the right side of his face.

“S- Stay away from me. It’s not safe.” Juugo warned.

The boy advanced forward.

“I’m warning you!”

“I’m perfectly safe,” the boy said.

“I said stay back!” Juugo took a swipe at the boy to scare him off. Already a bit of black was bleeding onto his skin from anxiety.

Suddenly a length of diamond hard bones was wrapped around his body, preventing him from moving. His fist stopped just short of hitting the dark-haired boy’s face. Another boy stepped out from the shadows. The moonlight reflected off the newcomer’s pale skin and white hair. The red markings on his face seemed to be giving off an eerie glow. This boy was older, probably only a year his junior.

Juugo was so surprised that someone could restrain him that he was speechless.

“See,” the younger boy said, “Perfectly safe.” He hadn’t batted an eyelid when Juugo charged at him. Just who was this kid?

“Kimimaro, you may release him now,” the boy said.

“But, Sasuke-sama…”

“It’s fine. You’re here.”

So the boy’s name was Sasuke. Kimimaro released Juugo, and Juugo retracted his fist. The black receded a bit, but it lingered at the corner of his eye, just waiting to spread and take over his body.

“What do you want?” Juugo asked. Kimimaro was the one with the power to stop him, yet for some reason he deferred to this boy called Sasuke.

Sasuke took another step forward. That was another step too close to danger. “Well, for starters, Ranmaru seems to want you.”

“Ran- what?”

“So I’m here to talk to you.”

Juugo deduced that this kid was bonkers. He seemed to be aware of Juugo’s berserker tendencies yet had the gall to approach him for a talk?

“I heard of a beast hiding out in the caves. A gentle beast with a bit of a… rage problem,” Sasuke said, confirming Juugo’s suspicions, but Juugo still had no idea how the boy knew. Perhaps there was a survivor from his village who told the boy about him.


“Do not interrupt me,” Sasuke said with such command in his voice that it gave Juugo pause. “Now, as I was saying,” Sasuke continued amiably, “You seem to be having a bit of problem controlling your temper, so I’m here to offer you an exchange.” Juugo waited for him to continue. Sasuke’s lip quirked into a half smile. “You’re learning already.” Despite the baiting tone, Juugo felt no rage at the tease. “Come with me, turn your rage into my shield, and I will be your lock and cage.”

“I don’t understand.” Juugo whispered, hardly believing this. Could this boy really give him a lock for his rage? It was impossible. That’s why the people of his village died. No one could control his rage, not even himself.

Sasuke stepped into his personal space. Juugo twitched and so did Kimimaro, but Sasuke remained firm and unyielding. He pressed two fingers against Juugo’s forehead.

“Focus on my touch. Your rage is receding, see?”

Remarkably, the black ink on his skin dissolved at Sasuke’s proclamation.

“This is the lock. Now remember this point well. Rage simmers in you always, but the secret is to temper that rage under your control and wield it as a shield, not a sword. You will learn this lesson well.”

Sasuke dropped his hand from Juugo’s forehead to his shoulder. “My name is Uchiha Sasuke. What is your name?”


Sasuke nodded, “From henceforth I take you into my heart and home. Welcome to the family, Juugo. You will never be alone now.”

Juugo’s eyes widened.

“Now come, Ranmaru is eager to meet you.” Sasuke showed Juugo his back and began walking. Kimimaro trailed after him.

Juugo could still feel the lingering warmth of Sasuke’s hand on him. “You mentioned a cage. Where is that?” Juugo asked. He’s not sure what power Sasuke wielded over him to dampen his rage, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a back up plan, a place to lock Juugo in just in case he went berserk.

Sasuke turned around and smile guilelessly. The moon shone on his face, highlighting that scar. Sasuke touched his fist to his heart. “Your cage is right here.”

Juugo was not sure he understood, but those words must have touched his heart somehow, because his feet instinctively began to follow Sasuke.

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Tightrope 4

Author’s Note: I followed the Naruto anime, not the manga. That’s why you have an anime only character like Ranmaru pop up. (Please note that I did not find the explanation of Ranmaru’s powers very clear, and it’s been a very long while since I last saw that episode, so if anything seems weird, let’s just say canon was vague and roll with it please.)

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Chapter 4 – Lines of Red

Karin was trudging away from her little village. Early that morning she had woke with a start when she felt huge groups of people amassing on the village. She tried to warn the family that took her in, but they told her to “stop lying,” “stop trying to seek attention,” and to “get back to work.”

So with the excuse of going to fetch water from the river, Karin had packed what little she had, took the money from under the floorboards – hey, dead people don’t need money – and left. She felt no remorse for leaving the villagers to their doom. Sure, they took pity on the little orphan girl and took her into the village, but no one really cared about her.

Her adopted family only took her in to show the villagers how nice they were, but the couple had three children of their own and absolutely no time for her. The children in the village were terrible too. They picked on her, the outsider, and laughed at her bright hair color, calling it an eyesore. Red hair was common where she came from, but none of these stupid outsiders knew how to appreciate the beauty of her people.

Karin felt three people coming her way. They probably wouldn’t bother her if she kept her head down but just to be on the safe side, Karin made her way to the wooden bridge standing over a brook and hid under it. She’ll just wait for them to pass and then continue on her way.

As they drew near she heard one of them said, “The village should be close. He said it wouldn’t be too far once we reach the brook.”

They lapsed into silence and Karin held her breath as they crossed the bridge. Suddenly she felt something sharp pressing against her neck.

“Don’t make any sudden movements,” a low voice intoned into her ear. The voice was pitched low, but she could tell it belonged to a child. That was hardly any comfort though, considering many children became ninjas when they were young. “Put your hands above your head and come out of hiding.”

Karin wondered if she was going to be robbed. She followed the instructions and soon found herself standing on one end of the bridge instead of under it. She studied the three people before her. The one threatening her with a sharp white stick of some sort had white hair, green eyes, and red markings on his face. He had a rather severe look on his face for a child. She was surprised to see a young child with purple hair and rust colored eyes present. He looked thin and frail, hardly intimidating at all.

The final person in the group was a boy with a face thinned from hunger and travel, but still looked pleasing to the eye. She would’ve called him cute, but the mark of hunger and travel left him with a hauntingly beautiful look instead. There was a cut on the right side of his face that looked to be in the process of healing. He was dressed in once white clothes. And his chakra. Oh god, his chakra! It was dazzling and beautiful, just like the boy himself. There was an undercurrent of something sad and lonely in his chakra, and Karin found herself wanting to remove that burden from him, to witness the full brunt of his dazzling chakra.

“Now what is a pretty young lady like you doing, spying on our group?” Dazzling Chakra asked her.

“You think I’m pretty?”

“Answer the question,” Somber Face said.

“I wasn’t! I wasn’t spying on you. I was just hiding until you guys passed by.”

“She’s telling the truth,” Frail Boy said.

Dazzling Chakra nodded to Somber Face and Somber Face removed his weapon slowly from her neck.

“I heard you were heading to the village near here,” Karin said.


“Don’t go. It’s already been burned down by now.” Dazzling Chakra gave her a look that said, “go on,” and so she explained, “I came from that village. I fled because I felt a bunch of people coming. It’s the war. My village will just become another casualty of war.”


“Yes. There’s something big going on in Kirigakure, a revolt I think, and it’s affecting the small villages in the area.”

“Kirigakure,” Dazzling Chakra murmured. “I see. Thank you for telling us.” Then he smiled. Karin blushed as red as her hair.

“Um,” she fidgeted with her shirt, “What’s your name?”


“Sasuke…” she repeated. Her heart thumped.

“These are my companions, Ranmaru and Kimimaro.”

Karin barely noticed Kimimaro giving her a dead fish stare and Ranmaru bowing politely.

“My name’s Karin.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Karin-san.” Another smile. Oh, she could die happy right now. “We must be on our way now. We still have need of a map, and it looks like this village is a miss.”

“Oh, I have a map,” Karin offered. She quickly pulled it out from her pack. “We’re right here,” she pointed.

Sasuke seemed shocked by her forthrightness, but nonetheless leaned forward to study the map. She took a long deep whiff of his smell. Ahh, he smelled so nice. Kimimaro noticed and glared at her. She turned her nose up at him.

“Would it be all right if I buy this map from you?” Sasuke asked. “I don’t have much money but-”

“Oh, just take it.”

“Ahh… Thank you.” A hesitant smile. Karin sighed blissfully.

“Can I come with you? I wandered around Kiri a bit before settling down at my old village, so I know some parts of the land. And now that my village is burned down I have nowhere else to go,” Karin said in earnest.

“Back off,” Kimimaro stuck an arm between Karin and Sasuke. She had not noticed that she was leaning forward so much. Sasuke was starting to look uncomfortable. She pouted but backed off. Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief.

He studied her and seemed to be thinking about her request. She clasped her hands together and tried to look as earnest and helpful as she could. Finally he settled on a decision. “All right,” he said haltingly. “I’m not sure where you want to go from here, but we’re heading to Konoha. We can travel together if it’s along the way for you.”

“Oh, it’s totally along the way,” Karin assured him.

“Well then… it seems we have a new companion,” he said to his friends. “Welcome to the group,” he told her.

She sighed again, an amorous smile on her face.


They were taking a lunch break by a river when Sasuke commented, “Were you originally from Uzushiogakure?”

“How did you guess? I am part of the Uzumaki clan,” Karin said.

“Ah, I thought so. Your red hair, it’s a common trait of the Uzumaki, or so I’ve heard.”

Karin grew self-conscious as she fiddled with the ends of her hair. “Is it weird?”


“My red hair. I mean, it’s so bright and red and stuff. It’s an eyesore, don’t you think so?”

Sasuke tilted his head in confusion, “I think it’s a lovely color. It’s uncommon in Konoha.”

Karin flushed to the tips of her ears. “Y- You really think so?”

“There is someone with the name of Uzumaki in Konoha.” Sasuke said, completely bulldozing over her question, but she didn’t care. He called her lovely. Well, her hair, but… same difference. “It would be nice if the two of you could meet and become friends.”

“There is an Uzumaki in Konoha? I always knew we couldn’t all be dead, I mean, I’m still here. But when Uzushiogakure was attacked only a few of us survived and we all scattered. I didn’t think I would ever find another one of my clan.”

The smile on Sasuke’s face was wistful and faraway. “I think he would be happy to meet you, too.”

“Hey, Sasuke-kun. How did you get this wound?” Karin reached out a hand to brush against the thin vertical cut that ran from mid-cheek to jaw line on the right side of Sasuke’s face.

Sasuke caught her hand gently before she could touch his scar, and she blushed at their joined hands.

“It’s my fault,” both Kimimaro and Ranmaru said at once.

“Onii-sama was trying to protect me from that missing-nin and got hurt,” Ranmaru sniffed.

“It was my fault. I couldn’t protect Sasuke-sama in time,” Kimimaro said, contrite.

“If anything, it was my fault for not training hard enough. Don’t blame yourselves. And Kimimaro you took care of the missing-nin, so now we don’t have to worry about her following our trail.”



Sasuke sweatdropped. “And I told you two to drop the honorifics. Just Sasuke is fine.”

Karin swooned. Sasuke was so noble and magnanimous. Not to mention he was still holding her hand. Oh, never mind, he just dropped it. “Can I drop the honorifics, too?” Karin ventured. Kimimaro glared at her. Sasuke opened his mouth, but Karin held up a hand to stop him from answering. “Kyaa! What am I saying? I was being too forward.” Karin buried her face in her hands. Even her neck was blushing this time.

Personally, Sasuke didn’t care if everyone forgo honorifics, it would make everything so much easier, but he had a feeling dropping the honorifics this early in the stage with Karin would be a Bad Idea. He took the out that Karin gave him and shut his mouth.

Karin rolled up her sleeve and offered Sasuke her arm. “I can heal the cut for you. It looks like a relatively new wound so this should work. If you bite down on me I can transfer my chakra to you and heal all your injuries.”

Sasuke’s brow rose, “That sounds like an advanced technique. What are the drawbacks?”

“Drawbacks?” Ranmaru piped up.

Sasuke nodded, “A technique that can heal all wounds at once must have some side effect for the user.”

“You don’t have to worry about me,” Karin said.

Sasuke shook his head. “Thank you for offering, but I’m afraid I will have to decline. I am not grievously injured. As a ninja a little scarring is nothing. I won’t have you suffer for a vanity project.”

Karin couldn’t hold it back anymore. She launched herself at Sasuke and glomped him to her chest. “Oh, how can you be so wonderful?” She squealed.

“Karin-san, unhand Sasuke-sama this moment!” Kimimaro prided her off.

Sasuke was beet red. He looked so cute that Karin just wanted to grab him again.

The scar wasn’t that bad. In fact, it made Sasuke look a little dangerous, which in turn translated to cool. Yeah, Karin could learn to like that scar. Not to mention every time she sees it now she will remember this moment.

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Author’s Note: Since I stopped watching Naruto after the part where Chiyo revives Gaara, the characterization of characters that shows up after that point (i.e. Karin) is from reading Naruto Wiki, so excuse the inconsistencies if the character seems out of character, because I wrote them based on my impression from reading a text description of their personality. You could also say that the difference between the character’s canon age and their age in this fan fiction contributes to differences in their personality.

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Tightrope 3

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Chapter 3 – Breaking Down the Lines

Kimimaro sat in his little man-made burrow and looked up at the world through the bone white bars he constructed. His entire clan was dead and he did not know what to do. When his clan was alive, he was always kept inside a cage – much like this one – until they had need of his powers in battle. Only then would he be let out of the cage. Kimimaro hated fighting, but he hated the cage even more. So he would fight. He would fight and kill and bleed for his clan if it meant proving his worth and leaving that cage.
Story by Vanilla Muse
But now his entire clan was dead, and he didn’t know what to do.

He had made this cage and holed himself up in it because it was familiar. If he wasn’t fighting then he belonged in a cage. That was what his clan had always said. But now they were dead and there was no one to tell him such things, or give him orders.

He didn’t know what to do.

He knew he would have to leave eventually. If he stayed in the cage without food he would die, but for now he tried to find comfort in the familiar. Sometimes he wondered if he waited long enough, thought hard enough, or searched far enough, maybe he would find out what his new purpose should be.

Light footsteps approached. By the time he registered the sound a shadow had fallen over his form. He looked up, and passed the bone bars there knelt a boy all dressed in white. He looked ragged and worn and his clothes were stained with blood and dirt, but he was smiling gently down at Kimimaro and the sunlight outlined him from behind like an ethereal glow.

“I found you,” the boy said, his voice gentle and lilting.

Kimimaro’s breath caught.

The boy was beautiful.

“Why are you in this… place?” the boy asked.

“My clan is dead. I have nowhere to go,” Kimimaro found himself admitting.

The boy frowned. Kimimaro hated to see the smile go. No one had ever smiled so benignly at him before. All the smiles he saw before were full of teeth and bloodlust.

“I see…” the boy murmured to himself. “I think I understand now.” Then to Kimimaro he said, “If you have no clan and nowhere to go then join me. Become my brother and I will bestow my clan’s name unto you.” He held out a hand to Kimimaro, extending it through the bars. “Are you willing to be my brethren?”

Kimimaro’s eyes widened in disbelief. The sunlight seemed to shine even brighter around the boy with those words. Could this be god’s answer to his prayer? Was this his new purpose now?

He reached out to take the outstretched hand, and as he did so the bone bars became brittle and he easily broke free of the cage. The hand in his was warm and calloused, and so small but firm.

“My name is Uchiha Sasuke. What is your name?”

“…Kimimaro. U- Uchiha Kimimaro.”

Sasuke looked surprised at first and Kimimaro wondered if he was too audacious in assuming the boy’s name, but before Kimimaro could apologize for his transgression Sasuke smiled at him, gentle and warm, and Kimimaro wished he would just keep on smiling at him like that all the time.

“Welcome to the family, Kimimaro.”

Kimimaro’s face felt warm and strange. Later he would learn that he was blushing and that his lips were smiling without his knowledge.

Kimimaro followed Sasuke into a thicket of trees. Nestled in the hollow of an old tree was a little boy, no more than four years of age. The boy had purple hair cut into a blunt bob and rust colored eyes.

“Ranmaru, I found him,” Sasuke announced. Ranmaru, the purple-haired boy smiled. He looked frail and weak. Sasuke then introduced the two of them.

“Is he part of… o- our clan, too?” Kimimaro wondered.

“Ah… it’s not quite like that,” Sasuke replied. “I found Ranmaru when his village was in the midst of kicking him out and decided to bring him back to Konoha with me. As we were traveling Ranmaru suddenly… well, he sensed something and he told me-”

“You will find what you need in a burrow one click east of here,” Ranmaru recited.

“Ranmaru has a unique ability,” Sasuke explained.

“Find what you need…” Kimimaro repeated. He turned to Sasuke with hopeful eyes, “You need me?”

“Well, ah, yes. It would be helpful to have another fighter in the group. I’m being chased by missing-nin and Ranmaru can’t defend himself.”

“I understand, Sasuke-sama. I, Uchiha Kimimaro, will be your sword and your shield, from henceforth until the day I die.”

Sasuke looked truly flustered. “That’s not what I meant.” At Kimimaro’s straightforward stare, Sasuke blinked and then adopted a somber expression. “As clansmen we guard each other’s back. I will protect you, as you will protect me.”

Kimimaro bowed. “I am honored, Sasuke-sama.”

The flustered tone was back. “Ah, please, just Sasuke is fine.”

“As you wish, Sasuke-sama.”

Sasuke blinked at Kimimaro, at a lost for words.

“I didn’t know Kimimaro was your clansmen,” Ranmaru spoke up. “What a co-in-ci-dence.” He pronounced the word carefully as children were wont to do when they learned new words.

Sasuke smiled. “Actually, we became family just now.”


Kimimaro marveled at the word.

“Huh? I don’t understand. How did you become family if you weren’t born in the same family?” Ranmaru asked.

Sasuke knelt down and petted Ranmaru’s hair. “Family comes in many forms, Ranmaru. You have your biological family, um, that’s your blood related family, and then you have the family that you make as you create ties with people.”

“Oh. I see.” Ranmaru got silent as he went deep in thought.

“Anyways,” Sasuke addressed both of them, “we shouldn’t stay in one place for too long. I… I killed one of the missing-nin, but there’s still one more after me and she might recruit more people to hunt me down.”

“You killed one of them,” Kimimaro looked Sasuke up and down, he did not seem to be carrying any weapon, “with what may I ask?”

Sasuke pulled out a spool of ninja wire from his pocket. “I strangled him.” He smiled sardonically.

Kimimaro didn’t much like the smile on Sasuke’s face at the moment. It looked like he was hurting somehow. “Were you injured?”

Sasuke looked shocked and vaguely sick by the question but before he could answer Ranmaru tugged on his hand.

“Hey, hey. Can I join your family, too?”


“Well, Kimimaro-san did it, and you’ve known him for a shorter time than me right? So shouldn’t I be able to join your family, too? I’ve known you for longer,” Ranmaru reasoned. Such was the logic of a child. Sasuke wanted to say that quality time was more important than quantity time when it came to establishing bonds, but at the stubborn set of Ranmaru’s mouth Sasuke gave up that battle for a lost cause before even beginning it.

He ruffled Ranmaru’s hair. “Sure, Ranmaru. You can join the family, too.”

The purple-haired child grinned. “So now I’m Uchiha Ranmaru, right? Right?”

Sasuke chuckled, “If you insist. Welcome to the family, Ranmaru.”

Ranmaru beamed at him.

Sasuke stood up. “Let’s be on our way. We have a long way to go and frankly I have no idea how to get back to Konoha. We will need to procure a map first.”

“That means we need to find a town or a village,” Kimimaro inputted.


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Tightrope 2

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Chapter 2 – The Line Between Living and Dead

Uzumaki Naruto was walking through the marketplace with his head bowed, as if doing so could shield him from all the harsh whispers and glares. He wouldn’t even have come to the marketplace if he didn’t need to buy groceries for the week. As he trudged through the main street with a frown on his face, he passed by a stand with a rack of porcelain masks on display.
Story by Vanilla Muse
Naruto was instantly drawn to a mask that was created in the image of a fox. He thought it reminded him of the masks that the nice ninja who protected him from the shadows wore. His feet stalled as he stopped to admire the mask, and without conscious thought he reached out a hand to touch the fox mask on the snout.

Immediately the shop owner was bearing down on him with a broom. “Don’t touch my merchandise with your filthy hands, you little monster!” He swatted at Naruto’s hand with the broom. Naruto flinched. His hand brushed the mask causing it to drop from the display. The man took another swipe at Naruto with his broom, and Naruto hightailed away.

He wiped at his eyes angrily as he ran. He would not cry. He didn’t do anything wrong. Naruto ran until he was far from the marketplace. He took a breather at a desolated park. There was a dried up fountain in the middle of the park. He climbed into the white stone structure and curled his small body up against the side of the fountain. Unless someone got close enough, they wouldn’t be able to see him sitting inside the fountain.

Inside the fountain, surrounded by a stone barrier, Naruto focused the force of his glare at the cracked stone statue situated in the middle of the fountain. The statue used to spout water, but not anymore. Like the rest of the park, it was dried up and lifeless.

Naruto kicked at the fountain’s base and cursed at his life. He didn’t understand it. Why was he born to live such a horrible life? What had he done to make the villagers hate him so much?

“Why are you sitting inside the fountain by yourself?” A soft, melodic voice questioned him. The voice came from directly behind him.

Naruto let out a shrill yelp. He simultaneously turned around to face the speaker and shuffled backwards away from the person. He stopped scuttling backwards on his bum when his brain registered the speaker. It was a young child about his age. Just one child, Naruto thought, if things got nasty he was strong enough to defend himself from one brat.

The child had an inquisitive and half-amused look on their cherubic face. Soft black hair framed the genderless face in long strands and a short tail of hair was tied at the nape of the neck. The child wore a simple white high-collared t-shirt and white shorts. Bandages were wrapped around the child’s small hands.

“Wha- what? Who?”

The child smiled, clearly amused, “I asked what were you doing in the fountain by yourself.”

“None of your business!” Naruto declared, defensively. He didn’t like the smile on the kid’s face. When people were amused, it was usually at his expense.

“Oh,” the smile dropped and the child looked thoughtful for a brief moment. “I suppose you’re right. Pardon me for asking.”

Par- what? Naruto had no idea what that word meant. Was the kid mocking him? Before Naruto could give the brat a piece of his mind, the kid pulled out something from behind and presented it to Naruto.

“Here. You dropped this.”

It was the porcelain fox mask.

“Huh? It’s not mine.”

“Well, the shopkeeper wouldn’t take it back, so I assume it must not be his anymore. And if it’s not his, then it must belong to you now.” With that leap of logic, the child nodded as if to end the discussion, and then the child placed the mask in the fountain like an offering, handling it with both hands.

The child stood up and picked up a giant brown bag full of groceries. “I must be going. I only came to return the mask to you. You take care now.” When the child turned to go Naruto could clearly see the red and white fan embroidered on the back of the shirt.

“Oh.” The child paused and rummaged in the brown bag a bit. “Here!” The child tossed him a small wax lined baggie. Naruto caught the little white bag. It was warm. “Steamed pork bun from the Fukui Teahouse. It’s good.” Then the child smiled. The sunlight hit the child just so and reflected off of the white clothing, making the child appear to glow. It was like rainbows, sparkles, and blooming flowers. Naruto thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his short miserable life.

Naruto sat there in the cold stone fountain with a warm bun in his hands completely flabbergasted. When his brain regained coherency that beautiful child was long gone.

The bread had gone cold by the time Naruto decided to try it. He knew better than to accept food from strangers, but he couldn’t bring himself to just throw away what looked to be perfectly good food and he didn’t smell anything wrong with the bun either. Eventually he gave into temptation and took a hesitant bite of the bun. A lump formed in his throat. It wasn’t due to the pork bun; even cold the pork bun was still good. He realized that he hadn’t asked the name of the child and wondered if he would ever meet that kind person again.

The latter half of the pork bun was flavored with salty tears, but Naruto had never tasted such a delicious bun. And when he didn’t get sick from the bread later that day, Naruto felt a flutter of hope in his chest; hope that the kindness freely given was real.


The red and white uchiwa fan was the emblem of the Uchiha clan. They served as Konoha’s police force and lived in a special compound just like all the other clans in Konoha. They used to prowl the streets of Konoha, keeping the peace, but as of late, not a single Uchiha has been seen in the village’s main proper. Naruto fumed at that. He had planned to find an Uchiha and tail them home to their compound. From there it would only be a matter of time before he tracked down that child with the pork bun.

It took some snooping and dreaded researching, but eventually Naruto found the location of the Uchiha Compound. It was situated on the outskirts of the village, far from the Hokage Tower. When he arrived at the Uchiha gates he expected to be cursed at and chased away, instead he found opened gates and not a soul in sight.

Naruto tiptoed through the Compound with his shoulders hunched up, as if doing so could protect him from the eerie quietness of the place. Did the glowing white child with the pork bun really live in this desolate place? There were absolutely no signs of life.

“What are you doing here?”

“AHHHH!” Naruto screamed. He backpedaled away from the ANBU that suddenly appeared before him. “What are you doing here?” He demanded instead. The ANBU did not answer. Naruto squinted at the falcon mask but could not read the face under the porcelain mask at all. He huffed. “I’m looking for… a Uchiha,” Naruto finished lamely. He kicked himself mentally for not asking the child’s name.

“There is no Uchiha in this compound now. All that’s left are ghosts.”


“Leave,” the ANBU commanded and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Choosing not to heed the ANBU’s words, Naruto returned to the Compound consecutively for a week. He scoured the Compound from front to end, but it was as the ANBU had said. There were no signs of life.

Naruto shuddered and frowned.

Was Pork Bun really a ghost?

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Author’s Note: For now, this story is being told from POVs outside of Sasuke, so the reader will have to extrapolate from the context how much Sasuke actually knows about the Naruto-verse and what are his plans for his new life there or if he even has any. Of course, things often happen outside of his expectations (like kidnapping) so his plans will have to constantly change to adapt. Likely, by the end of it all, Sasuke’s plans will look nothing like his original intentions. Because messing with him is so fun. I also won’t divulge his past life in full detail, because a lot of people seem to find that stuff boring, but there will be hints of it based on his actions and reactions.


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Tightrope 1

General Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto Masashi.

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Chapter 1 – Falling in Line

When the nurse came into the room, Uchiha Sasuke was already awake. The boy lied in bed; eyes open, but gaze blank, as he stared up at the white ceiling. Mina was the boy’s designated nurse. At first it was considered an honor of sorts that the upper echelon entrusted her with the daily care of the Last Uchiha, but as she watched over the boy during his comatose state, Mina came to realize exactly what that title meant for the too young boy.

She shook her head and tried for a smile to make her voice chipper as she entered the private room and closed the door behind her. “Oh good, you’re awake! How are you feeling?” She approached to check his vitals.

Sasuke blinked his eyes slowly and tilted his head just slightly to be able to look at her. He seemed to look through her, his mind not all there. He turned to the ceiling, looked back at her, and then away again. Mina didn’t let it get to her. Disorientation was to be expected from this patient, especially after what the boy’s brother had done to him. She finished checking his vitals. Everything looked okay.

“Head… hurts…” The boy croaked out. “Con… cussion?”

“No, Uchiha-kun. You don’t have a concussion. It’s likely a lingering effect from the genjutsu,” she explained gently.

The boy’s eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. Then his eyes widened and his pupils dilated as realization struck him. He shot up in bed. “Where is he? That bastard! Was he caught? What am I… what am I doing here? I thought I… I thought he-” the boy touched one hand to his neck delicately in a protective gesture, the other arm wrapped around the front of his body like a shield, “I thought I died…”

Mina raised her hands in a placating gesture. “You’re fine Sasuke-kun,” she said, switching to his given name instead of his surname. Maybe the reminder of his family name was causing him distress. “You’re not dead. You have no physical damage. But I regret to inform you that Itachi was not caught.”

“What? What are you talking about? He… he choked me to death! I… I… I should be dead! Why am I- what am I doing here?”

She pressed the button to call for help incase the boy became violent. “That was just an illusion in the genjutsu,” she tried to reason with him. The boy did not have any signs of strangulation marks on his neck or any other physical marks when they found him. “Please, Sasuke-kun, calm down! Don’t agitate yourself too much.”

The boy looked at her with confusion, as if unable to comprehend the words coming from her mouth, but he seemed to be thinking at least and no longer in hysterics. Good, Mina thought. At that moment the door swung open. A veteran medic-nin and his apprentice entered the room. “What’s the situation?” The medic-nin demanded as he approached Sasuke’s bedside. His apprentice trotted behind with a clipboard in his hand.

Mina tried to explain that the patient was in hysterics, but is better now when all of a sudden Sasuke started screaming and shuffling backwards in the bed. “Get away! Get away from me!” He threw the pillow at the medic-nin and the apprentice and started reaching for other things to throw.

They were all startled at first, but soon the three move in unison to subdue the patient. When the medic-nin and his apprentice got close, Sasuke’s hysteria rose. They soon got the young boy subdued, however, and into an enforced sleep.

“It seems the patient’s mental state is much worse than we first anticipated,” the medic-nin noted. “Keep monitoring him for changes.”


“What a horrible thing to do to your own little brother,” the apprentice remarked. Mina could not help agreeing and pitying the poor boy. And to think the one time she met Itachi, he was such a polite young man.


The second time the boy woke up he was much calmer. When Mina entered the room it was to find Sasuke sitting up, propped by his pillow and staring out into the village. When she approached him, he requested a mirror. Perplexed by the strange request, she nonetheless brought him the requested item.

Sasuke took the mirror with trembling hands, as if frightened to look at his own reflection. Mina wondered why that might be. The boy looked at his reflection. His eyes widened at the sight, but then became half-lidded and dull as if in resignation. He stared at his reflection until she finally took the mirror away and proceeded to check his blood pressure and other vitals. All clear.

“How are you today, Sasuke-kun?” She asked gently. The boy gave her a half-dead look that startled her, but she tried to keep her smile firm and her eyes gentle. Eventually he opened his mouth, but then the medic-nin came in to check on the patient.

“How is he today?” He asked.

Sasuke gave a visible start and backed away from the approaching doctor with frightened eyes, his legs coming up like a shield. The medic-nin noticed this and paused in his step. Man and boy stared at each other until the medic-nin took a step back and the patient slowly loosened up from his defensive curl.

“Sorry,” the boy murmured. “I- I don’t know why- I couldn’t help- I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He sobbed.

“Shh. It’s okay, Sasuke-kun,” Mina said. She glanced at the medic-nin and he took the message to step out for now. He closed the door behind him with a soft clack. She approached the patient who was crying now. Giant tears rolled down his chubby cheeks and too small face. She held him as he cried- broken and breathless sobs- and her heart went out to him. “You’re safe now, Sasuke-kun. He’s gone. He won’t hurt you anymore. You’re safe.”

They kept him in the hospital longer than necessary to monitor his mental state. It seemed that Sasuke became agitated at the presence of grown men when he wasn’t prepared for it, but he was fine in the presence of female personnel. Upon noticing this, the staff switched around their shifts so that only women would be tending to Sasuke at the beginning, but eventually they had to expose him to some male personnel to evaluate his reaction to them, to see if he was fit to be reintroduced to the village. To their relief, there was marked improvement in Sasuke’s reaction to men.

As days passed and he became more orientated, Sasuke’s mental health improved. His crying sessions with his designated nurse, Mina, seemed to contribute greatly to his improvement. In the first few days after he first awoke, Sasuke would often times stare off into space lost in thought, and then all of a sudden the waterworks would come on. At those moments, Mina would hold him as he cried and murmur gentle reassurances into his ear. “It’s okay now.” “You’re safe.” “He’s gone.” “It’s not your fault.” “It’s all his fault. He was in the wrong.” “He won’t hurt you anymore.” “You’ll get through this.” “You’re a strong boy.”

Eventually Uchiha Sasuke was discharged from the hospital, and he was escorted back to the Uchiha Compound by ANBU.

Upon arriving at the main house, Sasuke stood at the entrance as if lost and uncertain.

“Do I…” Sasuke licked his dry lips, “Do I have to live here?” He asked his ANBU escort.

ANBU Wolf knelt to the boy’s level and informed him as gently as an on-duty ANBU could be, “The Hokage is willing to get you settled in an apartment outside of the Compound if you wish.”

Sasuke bit his lip in hesitation. “No. No, I think I want to stay here… in the Uchiha Compound. Is there- is there an uninhabited house I may stay in?”

ANBU Wolf nodded and showed Sasuke the properties that were uninhabited before the massacre. Sasuke chose a moderate two-story house with a training field and an empty pond in the back. The ANBU helped Sasuke moved things in as directed, stocked the pantry and refrigerator, and generally did their best to help the boy get settled in.

“Is there anything else you require Sasuke-san?”

Sasuke shook his head. “Thank you,” he murmured. If the boy’s voice sounded a little shaky and uncertain, ANBU Wolf did not comment on it, instead he nodded and Body Flickered to a nearby tree to begin sitting watch over the Last Uchiha.


The ANBU kept a twenty-four hour watch over Sasuke in shifts. The ANBU watch was necessary to ensure that the Uchiha traitor did not come back to finish off the Last Loyal Uchiha, and to monitor the boy’s mental state. Mostly they kept out of sight and relied on the telltale sign of a sudden spike in chakra to tell if the boy was distressed or relapsing. This served to provide the boy with some measure of privacy, but even when not directly observing, the ANBU was well aware of Uchiha Sasuke’s activities.

For the first day, Sasuke did nothing but putter around his new home in a mindless sort of trance. He sorted through the objects in the house, skimmed through a few books and scrolls without focus, and made simple meals. Mostly, he just stared off into space in silent contemplation.

The second day was much of the same, except Sasuke went behind the house to putter in the training field instead of inside the house. When that got boring, he sat by the side of the empty pond and skipped stones half-heartedly. Eventually, he fell asleep while cloud gazing. After the sun had set, ANBU Wolf carried him back inside.

The third day marked the beginning of change. Sasuke went far out to the edge of the training field. There, he dug a shallow hole and pulled out a stack of paper dolls from his pocket. There were scribbles written on each doll, but the scribbles were indecipherable without further analysis. Sasuke murmured under his breath as he burned the dolls one by one and sprinkled the ashes into the hole. He buried the ashes and piled stones on top of the freshly turned earth. Then he poured water from the pond over the stones, like he was cleaning them. Finally he gathered a bouquet of wildflowers and laid them before the stones.

Then… he cried.

On the fourth day, Sasuke began his day with a complicated set of stretches that required a great deal of flexibility. They weren’t the standard Academy stretches or katas, so it was hard to imagine that his parents or maybe his brother might have taught it to him. Sasuke repeated the set of stretches three times and became a little more fluid each time. Then he cooked a decent sized breakfast.

He spent the rest of the morning scribbling in code in a diary. After lunch, he went out into the field. He tumbled around in the grass by himself, performing back flips and cartwheels. He climbed trees and leaped from them nimbly like a cat. He skipped around the field, did flips and spins in the air, and in general, looked like he was playing by himself. At the end of the serious of exercises, he was sweating and only just slightly short on breath, which was to be expected of a serious clan child like Uchiha Sasuke, who trained constantly. After dinner, he perused the books in his new study room, and fell asleep with a scroll in his hands.

Two days later, as Sasuke begins to show progressive signs of recovery, ANBU Wolf approached him at the behest of the Council.

“Sasuke-san, the Elders would like to know if you feel ready to return to the Academy at this time,” the ANBU intoned.

The light that was beginning to return to the boy’s face over the past few days dimmed and his eyes glazed over. Sasuke sniffed. “Will they force me to go if I say no?”

ANBU Wolf did not reply right away. When he did, it was in an unhesitant and monotonous voice, “I will rely whatever answer you wish to give to Hokage-sama himself. The final decision will be up to the Elders.”

“I see…”

In a voice that was just slightly less emotionless than before, ANBU Wolf said, “Give your most honest answer, Sasuke-san. I’m sure Hokage-sama will be understanding of your circumstances.”

Sasuke managed a partial smile. “Thank you, Wolf-san.” The ANBU gave no reaction to the name. Sasuke took in a deep breath to fortify himself, “Please tell the Hokage I do not want to return to the Academy.”

There was a note of finality in the boy’s voice, but ANBU Wolf did not comment on it. There was no way that the Last Uchiha would be allowed to quit the Academy completely. But time, the time to heal, at least, could be afforded to the boy.

“As you wish, Sasuke-san.”

Sasuke sighed like he dodged a kunai, but the relief was short lived. It was evident by the resigned look in his eyes that Sasuke knew he couldn’t avoid the Academy forever.


A month later, Sasuke was as well adjusted as a boy who had witnessed the murder of his entire clan at the hands of his beloved elder brother could be. He woke up screaming and thrashing from nightmares every morning and he didn’t speak much but it was more of a personal choice rather than a side effect of trauma.

Everyday Sasuke would set aside a chunk of time to jog and to perform his little self-play of tumbles and cartwheels in the training field. Asides from that, the rest of the day followed no particular pattern, Sasuke seemed to do whatever struck his fancy at the time. He’d read through the scrolls and books in his study with the fervid interest of a scientist whom had discovered a scintillating new species. He experimented with new recipes in the kitchen. He walked through the Compound, studying every house and alleyway, and salvaging seemingly random objects. When he felt like it- and when he needed groceries- he would stroll through the village and marketplace with no particular destination in mind.

Sasuke went around to all the training fields in Konoha, and was immediately taken by a field crowded with tall ancient trees. The training area, which was in effect a forest, was located close to the village’s boundaries, which wasn’t too far from the Uchiha Compound, and far away from the noise pollution of the main streets. Sasuke started to take his daily routine into that training field. This time he incorporated ninja wire.

He’d wind the ninja wire around the thick branches to form makeshift swings and then he’d flittered around the trees like a monkey. Sometimes he performed complicated aerial maneuvers that would give any mother a heart attack. When he had familiarized himself with the lay of the forest area, he would even go about his routine with his eyes closed. It was all very fascinating and confusing to witness.

Ninja wire came in many forms and had various uses. There were the thin, razor sharp ones that could behead a person, and then there were the thick, sturdy ones that didn’t cut but were used for other purposes, such as setting traps. Sasuke used the latter type in his daily exercise, but ninja wire was still a weapon, an unforgiving tool. At the end of the day Sasuke would go home with calloused and bleeding hands, but he just bandaged them gingerly and continued on nonetheless.

It was during one of these romps in the forested training area that the incident happened.

Sasuke was swinging through the trees with his ninja wire. His hands were calloused enough that it didn’t hurt quite so much anymore and his body was becoming more fluid with moving in a three dimensional space. Flitting through the treetops, Sasuke chanced upon three missing-nin huddled on the forest floor. Judging from their slashed forehead protectors they were once ninja of Kirigakure.

Sasuke was so shocked that he didn’t react quickly enough. In retrospect, this training area was close to the village borders, so missing-nin trying to slip into the village through this area was not an improbability, though difficult and rare. He had the presence of mind to retrace his steps for help or to hide in the canopy and perhaps eavesdrop, but the missing-nin spotted him before he could commit to either action and he was brought down. He tried to resist, but the three grown ninja had him pinned and tied in a flash.

As they towered over him, fear entered Sasuke’s eyes and he began to shake. His pupils dilated and he fought to remain coherent even as his mind threatened to retreat into murky memories.

“Hey, look at the emblem on his back. Isn’t he the one we came for?”

“Uchiha,” another one sneered.

“Say, have you activated your Sharingan yet boy?”

Foreign hands grabbed him by the face and tried to prod at his eyes. He thrashed as his eyes slipped in and out of focus, caught in a time between present and past. His screams for help were muffled behind a gag.

A string of silver glittered in the dappled sunlight. Ninja wire wrapped around a missing-nin’s neck and pulled taut. The flesh constricted, pressure built until the skin caved in and blood spurted out. Warm red liquid splattered over Sasuke’s face and chest.

Everything went still and then battle erupted in the next second. The body of a fourth missing-nin dropped to the forest ground. Dead. Two Leaf ANBU leaped in to engage the missing-nin. Their masks proclaimed them as Wolf and Boar.

The fight that ensued was bloody and quick. Sasuke couldn’t follow the action, and even if he could, he didn’t want to. He paid enough attention to know when to roll out of the way, but for the most part, he tried to block out the violence, the blood, and the death.

There was a fifth missing-nin that managed to get the drop on the ANBU, leading to Wolf getting a nasty slash diagonally across the collarbone, and Boar receiving a kunai to the calf. While the ANBU was distracted, one of the missing-nin threw Sasuke over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Her companion threw down a smoke bomb and the two missing-nin escaped from Konoha with the Last Uchiha.

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This story will contain LGBTQ+ themes and scenarios, but family and friendship is still the main focus, so any romance will be a slow burn subplot.

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Tightrope – Contents

Naruto Fanfiction

Summary: Life as Uchiha Sasuke is like walking on a tightrope, exhilarating, death-defying, nerve-wrecking, and one wrong step means a plummet into darkness. As far as a second chance at life goes, it’s not the most conducive to longevity. But life goes on. OC reincarnated as Sasuke. OC!Sasuke. Not SI. Contains LGBTQ themes.
Genre: Family, Friendship
Rating: T

Table of Contents
001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009 | 010
 | 012 | 013 | 014 | 015 | 016 | 017 | 018 | 019 | 020