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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 5

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Chapter 5 – Carpooling with Male Lead 3

After reliving past experiences with the original host’s relatives and friends in the dreams, they imprinted upon his soul. Right now, he was precisely Duan Shu Tong. While enjoying the love and protection of his family and friends, he also had the obligation to protect them in turn.

Of course, the line of career was unwavering.

Duan Sheng Ye had returned home from work and was sitting on the sofa reading the economic news. When he saw Duan Shu Tong walking down the stairs, he hummed a sound but said nothing.

Dong Han Yue grabbed Duan Shu Tong’s arm and looked at him with concern, “Tong Tong, this time you were indeed in the wrong for driving under the influence. Your dad reacted in a fit of anger. He didn’t mean it when he said he was sending you to Shan Quan County.”

Chairman Duan was hurt and his expression twisted. He refused to give in. “He must go! And those credits cards must be confiscated to avoid him spending money recklessly everyday!”

Even if his wife demanded that they sleep in separate rooms because of this, he still had to make this stupid son of his suffer a bit. Shan Quan County was not a high consumption area. Just giving him some living expenses would be enough and still have money to spare.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The drunk driving incident was just a fuse. Duan Sheng Ye had long wanted to temper his son. His Duan family’s foundation was to be handed over to his children in the future. He didn’t want to not be able to die in peace when he got old.

The former Young Master Duan might not understand his old man’s meaning, but the current Duan Shu Tong understood it very well.

Holding a tea cup in his hand, he said seriously, “Dad, Mom, I will go to Shan Quan County.”

Seeing his sincere attitude, Duan Sheng Ye relaxed a little and asked casually, “Which department are you going to?”

According to him the Human Resources Department and the Marketing Department were both not bad.

“Research and Development Department,” Duan Shu Tong said, resolute and decisive.

Duan Sheng Ye was stunned for a moment and then he scowled. “What are you going to the R&D Department for? You are going to manage the company in the future. I’m having you go there to exercise at the grass-roots level, not to let you waste time away in the R&D Department.”

Obviously, in the eyes of Chairman Duan, the R&D Department there was already a pool of stagnant water. The reason why it was still there was because it was the industry left by their ancestors, and it was not good to just cut it off.

It wasn’t that he didn’t try to reform it, but the results yielded were very little.

Nowadays, the Duan family was a giant corporation, and Father Duan no longer took that bit of legacy in Shan Quan County seriously anymore.

Duan Shu Tong’s expression was calm. He countered, “Isn’t Big Sis doing well?”

“What does this have to do with your sister? Don’t change the subject!” Father Duan started to get angry again.

Duan Shu Tong was not afraid at all. “Everyone could see Sister’s achievements after she joined the company. She is very suitable for managing the company. I studied medicine. I don’t know anything about managing. Give the Duan family to her. What are you worried about?”

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“What is this bastard saying?!” Duan Sheng Ye felt like all of his loving intentions were broken into pieces and reduced to dregs. “Your sister is your sister. You are you.”

Right now, this brat could still rely on the family, but after he dies and his daughter gets a family, whom else would Duan Shu Tong be able to lean on?

He believed in his daughter’s character, but after getting married and having her own family, there would always be some things that she could not take care of. Moreover, men needed to be self-reliant. As a father, he did not have the right to make his daughter take care of her little brother.

Duan Shu Tong understood his thoughts and did not plan to persuade him right now, so he took a step back. “Dad, I’m not going to the R&D Department to mess around.”


“What I studied was medicine. The Spring and Autumn Hall in Shan Quan County is the foundation our ancestors left behind. In these years, it has gradually declined. Before, you have also thought of following the trends and setting it on the rails of the skincare industry. But right now, the variety of skincare products has surpassed the number of carps in the river. If the skincare product does not have any special results, consumers won’t close the bill.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Duan Sheng Ye nodded. “That’s right.”

Their Duan family ancestors had served as imperial physicians of court, and they knew a little bit about how noble people maintained themselves. At that time, they chose to specialize in this field for this reason.

But there were too many skincare products on the market, and the products developed by the Spring and Autumn Hall were not enough to surpass the advantages of other brands, so they could only gradually decline.

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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 4

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Chapter 4 – Carpooling with Male Lead 3

After paying the treatment fee, Duan Shu Tong decisively left the hospital.

When he returned to the Duan mansion by taxi, there was no one there other than the servants.

His dad was still working at the company. His mom had her own business. As for his older sister, she was planning an important project and was too busy to return home.

Duan Shu Tong had an older sister who was more outstanding than him. The original host always felt that he was not valued. The more inferior and sensitive he was at heart, the more arrogant and dissolute he was externally.

Therefore, when the female lead looked at him with gratitude from time to time, he gradually fell for her, only then did he find any worth in his existence.

Duan Shu Tong shook his head, shaking off the emotions that belonged to the original host.

Before he crossed over, Duan Shu Tong was extremely envious of the kind of family that the original host had. He was an orphan and never had any family.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

He was not accustomed to living together with the original host’s family. He feared that he would end up exposing himself. This was one of the reasons why he agreed to go to Shan Quan County in Lin Nan Province.

He would be more at ease living far away from the original host’s network of relatives and friends.

Another reason was that the Duan family’s fortune started with medicine. Shan Quan County was the Duan family’s birthplace. So Duan Shu Tong was very willing to go.

The world that he lived in before was roughly similar to the world in this book, but there was one thing that this world could not match—medicine.

In the world that he lived in before transmigrating, the development of medicine was beyond this world’s, and the achievements after the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine were numerous.

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Some of the incurable diseases in this world already had a treatment in his previous world with an extremely high cure rate.

In the big world of medicine, Duan Shu Tong could be regarded as a rare gifted person. His accomplishments in the medical field were very apparent to all.

He didn’t understand management, but he knew how to cure and save people.

After taking over this body, his goal was career development, and Shan Quan County in Lin Nan Province was his starting point.

After packing his luggage, he went to sleep. In his dreams, the memories of the original host were more specific and clear. It was as if he had already become the original host, as if he was the original host all along.

Dong Han Yue hurried home. Without stopping for a drink of water, she asked Nanny Zhang: “Is Tong Tong back?”

Tong Tong was Duan Shu Tong’s nickname. He has been called that from childhood until adulthood.

Nanny Zhang nodded, pointed upstairs, and showed a worried face. “Young Master seems to be in a bad mood. He went upstairs and there’s been no movements for several hours now.”

When Dong Han Yue heard this she thought, how dare he?!* Her son had never been this quiet before.

[*T/N: She is referring to the father, not DST. I originally wanted to translate it as “this is an outrage,” but that wouldn’t fit with the question mark in the original text.]

That Duan Sheng Ye should suffer a thousand knives. How could he be so cruel as to make his son go to Shan Quan County? Her son must be so heartbroken!

Dong Han Yue no longer hesitated and immediately went upstairs to see her son.

The door of the room was unlocked, and Dong Han Yue twisted the knob gently to open it. There was no noise in the room. The curtains were shut tight and no light could penetrate through into the room.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Borrowing the light that seeped into the room from the doorway, she could see the human figure bulging on the bed.

She approached quietly and could hear light breathing from the bed. The young and handsome fair face was exposed outside of the quilt. His long bleached blonde hair was spread out on the pillow. The entire person appeared peaceful and delicately pretty.

Dong Han Yue covered her chest. How could her son be so well behaved and cute!

As for sleeping in broad daylight – this unjustifiable matter – she whipped it away with her strong maternal love.

In order to not disturb her son’s sleep, she tiptoed out on light feet and closed the door.

Dong Han Yue went downstairs and told Nanny Zhang: “Make some of Tong Tong’s favorite dishes for dinner tonight.”

Nanny Zhang treated Duan Shu Tong like a son. She smiled and agreed.

In dreams, Duan Shu Tong once again lived through over twenty years of experiences, and he finally woke up just before dinner. Things felt more realistic now.

Whether it was the person who lived in the previous world, or the original host born within the world of the book, they were both called Duan Shu Tong.

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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 3

This is a ko-fi bonus chapter. Thank you to Lauren for topping up the coffee counter! Happy Reading~!

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Chapter 3 – Male Lead 3, Giving You an Opportunity

The call was from Cen Ning, the assistant at the third male lead’s side.

“Assistant Cen.” Duan Shu Tong responded politely.

Cen Ning, who thought that he would hear Duan Shu Tong’s dissatisfied rant, was confused.

Duan Shu Tong was about to be sent away to the borderlands. Wasn’t he angry?

Cen Ning was after all a person who has weathered many storms, so with a smile, he said, “Just now President Xi received a call from Chairman Duan. He said that tomorrow Young Master Duan would be riding with us. Right now, President Xi is in a meeting and can’t personally give you a call, so he wanted me to ask you, when are we leaving tomorrow? Where should we go to pick you up?”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

When he turned eighteen, Duan Shu Tong moved out of the Duan family mansion to live in his own house*, but he had a lot of houses under his name. Today he’ll live here; tomorrow he’ll live there. Really don’t know which house he was going to live in tonight.

[*T/N: The Chinese word is a bit ambiguous. It could also mean an apartment or a condo. Or even a single room, although that’s doubtful for the original DST.]

Cen Ning spoke pleasant words, but Duan Shu Tong knew the truth. Xi Duan* simply would not bother to communicate with Duan Shu Tong personally. As for inquiring about these details, there was a ninety percent chance that it was Cen Ning who came up with the idea. How could Xi Duan care about such trivial matters?”

[*T/N: His name might be the same pinyin as DST’s surname, but the character, tone, and meaning are different.]

Said it was a family friend, but in fact, Duan Shu Tong had never spoken to this legendary deity.

“We’ll leave according to your schedule. Just pick me up at the Duan family house.” He was an idler, so there was no need to waste other people’s time.

Cen Ning’s smiling expression became even more concentrated. “Seven o’ clock in the morning, is that okay?” Duan Shu Tong wasn’t such an insensible person after all.

“Okay.” Duan Shu Tong paused. “I want to trouble you with something.”

“Say it.”

With a heart full of good intention, Duan Shu Tong asked, “Does Uncle Xi like Miss Pei?”

Cen Ning: ???

Young Master Duan had a tussle with Young Master Li, and now he wants to do battle with President Xi?

[T/N: The word battle was in English in the raws. XD]

No matter how shocked he was on the inside, he had to remain tranquil and calm as a spring breeze on the outside. “Why does Young Master Duan ask this?”

Duan Shu Tong wanted to withdraw from this love chasing game, so he took the opening that Cen Ning gave him and said, “Aren’t I going to be stationed in the borderlands now? Miss Pei won’t have a good life following me. I can’t bear for her to suffer, and today my dad admonished me, so I’ve thought it through, I want to let go of her and pursue a career.”

Cen Ning: …

He held the cell phone and looked at his boss with a raised eyebrow. The phone was on speaker, and Xi Duan heard everything clearly.

The President Xi who was said to be in a meeting was actually just reading documents.

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Actually, he was not very willing to travel together with strangers, but the Duan family and Xi family went way back, plus they cooperated together in business, so their relationship was pretty good.

Since Duan Sheng Ye was the one to ask, he could not ignore the request. Besides, it was a small matter to help out with.

Seeing Cen Ning’s awkward expression, Xi Duan wrote a few words on a blank sheet of paper to signal to him.

Cen Ning immediately regained his senses: “Young Master Duan, you just said you wanted to trouble me with something. What is it?”

The youth’s clear voice came through the speaker phone, somewhat distorted: “Miss Pei fainted. She is in the hospital now. If Uncle Xi has time, how about going to see her at the hospital?”

He presented the opportunity. Now it depended on whether the third male lead took it or not.

Xi Duan: …

Cen Ning’s heart thumped. “Why didn’t Young Master Duan go look for Young Master Li?” As soon as he finished asking, he couldn’t help but want ot punch himself in the mouth. Young Master Duan and Young Master Li were not in a good relationship.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

But who knew that Duan Shu Tong would reply seriously: “Why should I look for him? He has a fiancée. Look for him so he can cheat?”

Cen Ning: Young Master Duan, when did you have such a sense of morals?

“Okay, I will tell President Xi about this.” He couldn’t even laugh. “Young Master Duan, see you tomorrow morning.”

After hanging up the phone, Cen Ning looked at his boss, waiting for his instructions.

Xi Duan tapped his pen against his forehead and thought for a while. “You go find time to take a look at the hospital. I’m not going.”

Cen Ning: …

He knew it! This project has fallen to him. He didn’t even have a girlfriend yet, but he still had to help his boss chase the girl.

He didn’t know what his boss was planning either. Could it be for the sake of getting rid of this honorary title of “emotionless robot?!”

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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 2

T/N: Go to the translations page for the June 2020 (and future) updating schedule.

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Chapter 2 – Male Lead 3, Giving You an Opportunity

“The company has no idlers!” Duan Father disapproved of his arrogant extravagance, but also did not have the heart to tell him to take the train there. He could only wave his hand, and said, “It just so happens that the Xi family’s xiao shu* is also going over there for an inspection. I will give him a heads up. You can ride along with him, and also learn well from him!”

[*T/N: 小叔 xiao shu – husband’s younger brother / brother-in-law]

The Xi family and Duan family could be considered long time family friends. The current head of the Xi family was of the same generation as Duan Father. Duan Shu Tong naturally had to call him uncle.
Translations are by www [dot] vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
Duan Shu Tong thought for a moment. He remembered that the third male lead, the one that never got married for life, was precisely surnamed Xi. Furthermore, for someone to make Duan Father express his admiration for, except for the third male lead, there could be no one else.

Duan Shu Tong said that he did not mind. As long as he got a car ride there, then it was fine.

“Scram, rascal.” Duan Father couldn’t bear to look at his stupid son again.

Duan Shu Tong left the office building. In June, the hot wind made one dizzy. He stood outside the office building for a minute. After he more or less digested the original host’s memories he got ready to leave.

The young security guard at the security kiosk watched him get in a taxi, and then immediately pulled out his cell phone. He happily typed in the chat group.

Security – Xiao Zheng: First-hand news! The second prince is gone!

Leaving the office building during work hours. If this wasn’t being dismiss, then what else could it be? After all, the marketing department did not have any outside assignments at the moment.

In the chat group, there were fireworks (of celebration), and there were also some who remained mum.

But in general, Duan Shu Tong’s dismissal was undoubtedly a cardiac stimulant for the company employees. Every one of them was a hardworking social animal. It was fine for them to charge and break through enemy lines for a capable boss, but for them to work for an incapable person like Duan Shu Tong, that really did not feel good.

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It was said that Duan Shu Tong had nothing to do in the marketing department every day, and he liked to flirt with girls on his phone.

In the last six months, apparently the prodigal son returned and took a fancy to a young woman, chasing after her every day, as if he had met his true love, and he even got into a fight with the young woman’s other pursuer.

Of course, rumors were only rumors, and the specifics of the matter had yet to be verified.

There was a wave in the chat group, and Duan Shu Tong’s mind was in chaotic confusion.

He thought that he would be reduced to ash at this point, but he didn’t expect that the heavens would give him preferential treatment and allow him to be reborn anew.

Was this a reward for the people he had saved in his previous life?

“Youngster, where are you going?” The taxi driver asked him. He had a bit of an accent.

Duan Shu Tong drew out from his memories and was about to report his original address, when his cell phone rang all of a sudden. He picked up the call.

A few seconds later, he frowned slightly and said to the taxi driver: “Go to the second hospital.”

It was currently work hours and there were no cars on the road. The taxi driver took shortcuts and rapidly drove Duan Shu Tong to the hospital.

He found the hospital ward that the nurse on the phone told him about. He pushed open the door and entered. Just then, the nurse was adjusting the intravenous infusion speed for the patient.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Hearing him come in, the nurse looked up and her eyes instantly lit up. Such a highly attractive handsome guy was really rare!

“Are you perhaps Mr. Duan?” The nurse politely said, “This lady suddenly fainted on the road and was taken to the hospital. The recent contact on her phone was you, so…”

It wasn’t that she didn’t try to look for contact information for the patient’s relatives on her phone, but regretfully, she couldn’t find any.

Duan Shu Tong bowed his head, “Thank you. Is there a fee to pay?”

Under the nurse’s instructions, he turned and left the ward. He couldn’t help but think that he really was the second male lead. The female lead had an accident, and he was somehow immediately notified, so that he could rush over to guard her.

If the original host of the body were still present, then he would definitely stay by her side with a distressed heart.

Duan Shu Tong did not intend to do this. Helping the female lead, Pei Ruo Wei, pay for the hospital fee was already done. As for accompanying the female lead, let the male lead do it… No, no, no. That’s no good right now.

The male lead had a fiancée. He did not want to be the one that broke up other people’s relationships.

Then that left only the third male lead.

In the original story, after the male lead and female lead got married, the third male lead made it clear that he would never marry for life. This kind of deep love made Duan Shu Tong could not help but be biased towards him.

Just as he was about to give the third male lead a call, he received an incoming call.

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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 1

T/N 1: Hello all~ this is Vanilla Muse. I’m picking up a new project that just came out this year. This is a sweet transmigration BL story with modern settings. It’s a nice change of pace for when I want to take a break from my more intense projects set in ancient times.

T/N 2: I previewed about a third of this story through MTL. So far, it’s a slow burn romance. The MC is mature and career orientated. The female characters are a breath of fresh air. They’re not the typical b*tches that you want to face slap. I think the summary is a little misleading, because it makes the female lead seem annoying, but she is not. She actually has a pretty good head on her shoulders and deserves the title of female lead. Even the villainess is reasonable and proud. A side female character that seems like cannon fodder grew a backbone. The MC’s older sister is an elite businesswoman. I’m just so happy that BL finally has some good female characters. They don’t have to be the focus, just make them good. T∀T

T/N 3: Chapters will be split into parts.

Standard Info: Abbreviation for “Male Lead 2 and Male Lead 3 Happy Ending!” is MLHE. Go to the translations page for the updating schedule. Go to the title page for information on the story, the table of contents, and eventually a character list.

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Chapter 1 – Male Lead 3, Giving You an Opportunity

Duan Corporation General HQ Office Building

Li Lili from Human Resources, rushed into the office carrying a stack of documents in her arms. When she reached her seat, she picked up her cell phone with excitement written all over her face. Then she opened up the Duan Dynasty Civil and Military Officials* chat group.

[*T/N: So the workers of this company started up a chat group to gossip about their bosses, which are members of the Duan family, and they jokingly equate the Duan family to members of the royal family. So the head of the Duan family, the father, would be the emperor, so on and so forth…]

Human Resources – Xiao Li: Shocking news! The emperor wants to dismiss the second prince from his post as vice director of marketing, and send him away to the borderlands*!

[*T/N: In the past, criminals were sent to the borders of the country to serve out their sentence. In this case the “borderland” would be a branch company of the Duan Corporation.]

This shocking news caused waves to go through every level of the corporation. Hundreds of workers were confused.
Translations are by www [dot] vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.
Logistics – Xiao Zhao: Are you serious? The borderlands are bitter and cold. I wonder if His Royal Highness’s delicate body can withstand the hardships. Heeheehee.

Finance – Xiao Qian: This news is so sudden. Xiao Li Zi*, don’t horse around with us!

[*T/N: Xiao Li Zi = Xiao Li, which is a nickname for Li Lili. It’s a play on the whole imperial family theme. In the past, eunuchs were often referred to as “Xiao [Surname] Zi.” Xiao means small, and zi means son or child, but can also be a diminutive for small.]

Human Resources – Xiao Li: It’s true! It’s true! I just passed by Chairman Duan’s office, and I heard him passionately reprimanding Young Master Duan, saying that he would throw him to the borderlands to hone him!

Production – Xiao Sun: Yesh. With the second prince sent to the outskirts, wouldn’t this mean that there’s hope for the first princess to succeed the throne?

Logistics – Xiao Zhao: Pah! Pah! Pah! The emperor is still in the prime of his life. It’s still too early to talk about succession.

Marketing – Xiao Zhou: Speaking of, the first princess’s capabilities are out of the ordinary. The second prince is fickle and licentious. The emperor did this for the sake of the Duan Corporation!

Human Resources – Xiao Wu: In my opinion, the second prince is not that unbearable. He’s handsome and he has a good educational background. He’s not someone without potential. It’s just that he’s not interested in the company’s affairs. As for being fickle and licentious, at the very least he is better than the prince in the neighboring country.

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Human Resources – Xiao Li: Xiao Wu’s not wrong. Her Royal Highness studied management, and His Royal Highness studied medicine. The Duan Corporation started out with the research of medicine, but nowadays it has expanded tremendously, so His Royal Highness would definitely lose out with studying medicine.

There were divergent opinions in the chat group. The news was soon to reach 99+. Almost all the staff members at the general headquarters knew one thing though, and that was Young Master Duan was about to the leave Duan Corporation HQ, and that he might not succeed the throne.

As for the protagonist who caused all these waves, at this moment his face was blank as he experienced something unimaginable. He looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, who was going red in the face. His gaze revealed a bit of unfamiliarity.

Duan Shu Tong felt that he might be dreaming, but what he saw was too real. At the same time it was so strange that he did not know how to cope with the current situation correctly.

Duan Sheng Ye took in all of this. It was precisely this unfilial and taciturn son who liked to argue for the sake of arguing that caused him to go red in the face.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

He picked up a pen on the table and was just about to fling it at his son, when that infuriating and unfilial child suddenly fainted on the spot. He was shocked for a second and ran over without a second thought. He was just about to cry out in alarm when his son opened his eyes again.

To the outside world it seemed like only a second had passed, but within Duan Shu Tong’s mind he had already viewed all the memories of this body. It was like flower viewing from horseback*.

[*T/N: It means he saw all the memories and thus he has a superficial understanding from cursory observations, but he hasn’t slowed down or stopped to study the details yet.]

Summing up the original host’s experience of the past two decades, he had reason to suspect that he has transmigrated into the world of a book.

Duan Sheng Ye saw his son open his eyes and was silently relieved in his heart, but he rolled his eyes. “This brat is once again pretending to faint to scare lao zi*!”

[*T/N: 老子 lao zi is used as a pronoun and means “I, your father” usually said arrogantly or out of anger. In this case, the speaker is actually the father. Haha. I don’t actually see that often in stories.]

But his tone still became milder. “Whether you agree or disagree, tomorrow you’re leaving Yan City! I already alerted the people over there. You’re going to start from the grassroots level and work your way up. You can pick the department yourself.”

Duan Shu Tong figured out the situation and slowly got up from the floor.

He was clearly aware that this was something that happened in the original work, but the original host did not follow his father’s arrangements.

Duan Shu Tong did not know why he would transmigrate into this world after his death, but he didn’t want to be like the original host and fight with two other men over one woman.

He quickly made a decision. “Okay, I’ll go. But-”

Father Duan glared at him. “But, what but?!”

“My driver’s license was temporarily suspended, so I can’t drive myself over there.” Duan Shu Tong thickened his skin to bargain. “How about arranging a driver…”

The original host was fined for drunk driving, and somehow bafflingly became a hot topic on the Internet. A lot of netizens were roasting this fu er dai* for being egotistic and reckless, and not abiding by traffic regulations.

[*T/N: 富二代 fu er dai – children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiao Ping’s economic reforms in the 1980s]

It was because of that incident that Father Duan became this angry—so shameful!

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Male Lead 2 and Male Lead 3 Happy Ending!

Title: Male Lead 2 and Male Lead 3 Happy Ending! 男二和男三HE了!
Author: Feng Jiu 封玖
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai
Status in COO: 73 chapters (Completed)
Translation Status: Ongoing
Raws: jjwxc
Novel Updates: Link
Patreon: Early Access T.O.C.

Table of Contents


Duan Shu Tong transmigrated into an abusive story as the second male lead with the same name.

The second male lead is a playboy, but after meeting the female lead, he turned over a new leaf, and dedicated his life to only loving one person.

The female lead gets injured, the second male lead takes her to the hospital, but the one who takes her out of the hospital is the male lead;

The female lead is bullied, the second male lead appears in time to save the female lead, but the female lead throws herself into the male lead’s arms to cry;

The female lead gets pregnant and runs away with the baby, the second male lead accompanies her, but when the baby is born it comes with a pre-installed radar that only gets close to the male lead;


Duan Shu Tong was affected by the original book and decided to give these opportunities to the deeply in love third male lead who never got married in his lifetime.

As a result, the “deeply in love” third male lead pushes the female lead away and hands him a ring.

Duan Shu Tong: …


[Awesome businessman second male lead shou] x [Collapsed “deeply in love” character design third male lead gong]


Author’s Reading Guide:

  1. gong and shou are together in body and mind, don’t be fooled, this is a sweet text, not abusive
  2. There are selfish set ups, the MC’s previous world has greater medical advancements than the book world, his golden finger is quite large, it is purely fabricated, don’t be too serious
  3. Have a good time reading~