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The Big Landlord 109.2

T/N: I’m sooo sorry that this chapter is a day late. I had to work overtime yesterday, and then I crashed at a friend’s place because they lived literally down the street from my workplace and I didn’t feel safe going home alone so late at night. I couldn’t access my PC until I got home from work today, hence the late update. Just know that even if there are delays, there will be weekly updates, because I get at least one day off from work every week.

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Chapter 109.2 – Brief Interlude

Several whispering voices drifted over to them. All of them were criticizing the middle-aged man. Hearing their criticism, the middle-aged man’s face flipped between green and white. His attitude got even worse. He glared fiercely at An Zi Ran. “Those who obstruct the order of the convention will be chased out. If you don’t leave, I will call people over!”

An Ziran looked at him abruptly.

These people don’t know to cry until they see the coffin*, the middle-aged man thought. Then he immediately called for security in a loud voice.

[*T/N: 不见棺材不掉泪 a popular saying in Chinese, but it’s not an idiom. Basically, it amounts to “people aren’t scared until they’re roughed up”]

The Lantern Competition was a relatively large contest, so there must be people around to maintain the order. When he shouted, five guards in the same color costumes ran over immediately.

“They disrupted the order of the convention. Kick them out!”

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The five guards trooped towards An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian without a word. Just as one of them was about to grab An Zi Ran’s shoulder, a big hand grabbed his wrist first. With just a small exertion of force he heard a kacha* sound. This was followed by the sound of the guard’s screaming.

[*T/N: 咔嚓 ka cha – onomatopoeia for breaking or snapping]

Fu Wu Tian forcefully threw the guard away. Two of them tried to evade unsuccessfully. Their flying companion smashed directly into them. The three of them fell into a tangle of limbs. Miserable shouts rose and fell in succession.

The remaining two had already rushed towards them.


A guard flew upside down and slammed heavily on the ground. His bones seemed to have broken in the fall. The sound was so loud that the surround people could all hear it. But this was not the most critical, because the guard was covering up his crotch, his entire face dripping with cold sweat. It was clear at a glance that it must be very painful. Some of the men subconsciously covered up their groins.

The last guard stopped in fear. He stared at the attacker with rounded eyes, not daring to rush forward.

An Zi Ran calmly retracted his long leg.

Fu Wu Tian glanced at his wang fei, and a smile flashed in his eyes. When he didn’t take action he was normal, but when he did take action, his one movement was amazing*. He never thought that his wang fei would directly attack the most vulnerable places of men, but it was also because he was a man that he knew the weaknesses of men best.

[*T/N: 一鸣惊人 yi ming jing ren – to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat (idiom); an overnight celebrity]

“You, you guys… dare to disturb the order of the Lantern Competition Convention, you just wait to be arrested.” The middle-aged man did not feel afraid, conversely, he panted with rage as he spat out these ferocious words.

The middle-aged man’s confidence was not without reason. Da Ya’s Ministry of Rites was in charge of the Lantern Festival. If something went wrong, the Ministry of Rites would definitely look into it. What kind of place was the Ministry of Rites? Why, it was one of the six major departments of Da Ya’s empire. It had enormous authority. It was impossible for ordinary people to stand off against it.

Fu Wu Tian looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. Abruptly, an imposing militaristic aura erupted from his body. “This prince also wants to know, who dares to arrest this prince and his wang fei.”

As soon as these words came out, the surroundings went silent.

The middle-aged man fell back into his chair.

He, he, he… he is a wang ye? The youth next to him was his wang fei?

Two men?

The middle-aged man was just about to reject this, when a light bulb went off in his head, and his face finally turned white. Although it’s been more than half a year since that (wedding) event, but this man claimed to be a wang ye, and his wang fei was also a man, who else could it be but the empire’s god of war? In Da Ya, the only wang ye that dared to take a man as his wang fei was the god of war!

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“Seems like I have to get the Ministry of Rites to reorganize the personnel for the Lantern Competition Convention.” Fu Wu Tian’s eyes swept across the people on the ground, as well as the middle-aged man, who was still reeling from the revelation. Although he has handed over his military power, he still had his identity and status. No matter how haughty the Ministry of Rites was, they would still have to give him some face.

Wang wang wang… wang ye, spare my life. This little one has eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai*, and offended you sirs. This little one won’t dare again. Begging wang ye to be lenient!” The middle-aged man fell on his knees with a loud thud and started kowtowing.

[*T/N: Idiom meaning he failed to recognize somebody important]

An Zi Ran ignored him and walked over to a woman in her forties. “This auntie, may I ask you to do something for me?”

The woman returned to her senses and immediately expressed a panicked expression. “Please, please say it.”

“I would like to ask you to wait for someone here. It will only take half an hour. At that time, give this piece of card stock to him. If no one comes, then just discard this piece of paper.” An Zi Ran placed the card stock in her hand along with a piece of silver. When the woman tried to refuse he said, “This is remuneration!”

The woman really wanted to reject his money. She already felt very honored to be able to help the god of war’s wang fei, why would she dare to also take his money.

However, An Zi Ran did not give her the opportunity to refuse, and returned to Fu Wu Tian’s side after speaking. The two exchanged a look and then walked into the crowd of people. After a while, their backs could no longer be seen.

The middle-aged man was prostrating on the ground, the words ‘it’s over’ running round and round in his head.

The other dispersed as they discussed Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran.

The woman and her family stood by the entrance in accordance with An Zi Ran’s intentions. They had also came for the Lantern Competition, but they could earn a piece of silver just for standing by the door for half an hour, of course they would be happy to do such an easy job, moreover, they were helping the god of war’s wang fei. When they return, they will have extra bragging capital. Just thinking about it made them feel happy.

The refined gentleman and his companion did not make them wait for too long. They soon appeared at the entrance to the Lantern Competition Convention. The ticket person at the entrance had been changed to someone else. The middle-aged man and the five guards were already carried away. So these two did not know what had just occurred here.

The two stepped forward to inquire.

The woman was close by, and when she heard the word card stock, she immediately guessed that these two people should be the ones that the god of war’s wang fei was waiting for. Although it wasn’t just one person, it couldn’t be such a coincidence.

“Are these two gong zi looking for this card stock?”

Upon hearing the woman’s voice, the two looked at her with a little flash of surprise in their eyes. They thought that the card stock must be with the ticket person. They did not expect that it would be in the hands of this humble woman.

“Thank you!” The man thanked her and received the piece of paper.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The woman waved her hand, “No need for thanks, I’m very happy to be of help.”

Afterwards, the woman walked inside the convention with her husband and daughter. Although the voting time has passed, there was still the ticket counting segment. This was the major tide!

Watching the family of three leave, the two men became more certain that something must have happened before they came.

“This little game is getting more and more interesting. I look forward to seeing those two people.”

The refined gentleman said with a smile, and then the two went in together.

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