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The Big Landlord 113.3

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Chapter 113.3 – Lin Family Matters

Steward Su went over to the horse carriage at once. When he saw the young master whom he had not seen for the past few months, his smile suddenly faltered. The handsome youth in front of him… was this really his young master?

Dong Lan and Xia Lan also froze.

The young master seemed to be the same as before, but also felt a bit different. The last time Steward Su saw him, the young master still had a relatively round face with a bit of baby fat to his cheeks. He not only grew in stature, but his appearance was even more mild and elegant. Right now, he was really a graceful youth.

“Young Master… you…” Steward Su’s tongue seemed to have been caught by a cat.

An Zi Ran did not know what they were thinking. He only thought that their attitude was a little strange, it did not seem like they were welcoming him back.

“Did something happen during my absence?”

Hearing this cool voice, it was indeed the young master. Steward Su finally recovered his senses, only to shake his head subconsciously, but then he nodded immediately after that reaction, which was extremely contradictory.

“Is it a yes or a no?” An Zi Ran was confused by him.

“Yes.” Steward Su replied firmly.

An Zi Ran frowned, “Does it have to do with Third Concubine and her daughter?”

Steward Su did not think that the young master’s intuition would be this accurate. He nodded. “It is indeed them. I was just planning to write to you, Young Master, to tell you about it when I received the news that you and gu ye were coming over.”

“Go in and then talk.”


Although the new An family house was smaller than the old one, the layout inside was not much different from that of the old one. After moving in, Steward Su decided to arrange a new study room for An Zi Ran, and it was practically in the same location of the house as before. Even the things inside were arranged in much the same manner.

Nothing felt unfamiliar to An Zi Ran, but he also did not have the inclination to praise Steward Su’s meticulousness. After dismissing Dong Lan and Xiao Lan, only the three of them were left in the study room.

“Speak. Exactly what happened?”

As soon as Steward Su closed the door, An Zi Ran cut straight to the topic.

Steward Su considered the language a bit and then said, “Young Master, the matter is like this, ever since the second young miss married into the Lin family, there has not been a single peaceful day…”

The reason by Zheng Bi agreed to have her daughter marry into the Lin family was because of the family property. She realized that letting her daughter marry some influential official could garner a higher status and position, but at best she would merely be a concubine. The identity of a concubine was very awkward and embarrassing, this she understood deeply.

That day, when she saw the betrothal gifts from the Lin family, Zheng Bi had these thoughts. Which one was better, money or power? The average person would definitely think that power was better. In fact, she also thought so, but the premise was having the status of main wife. If it was being a concubine for life, then money was the better option.

So Zheng Bi thought of a plan.

She persuaded An Ke Xin to marry Lin Xin, and then conspired with her daughter to prepare to take the Lin family property.

As the saying went, mothers relied on their children for wealth.

The two women’s plan was to first have An Ke Xin give birth to a son for the Lin family, this way her position in the Lin family would raise a lot, and she would even have absolute say in the family. So after An Ke Xin married into the Lin family, Zheng Bi went around looking for some folk remedies that would help a woman conceive rapidly. But their plan could not trump change.

They never imagined that Lin Xin turned out to be a person with different appearances. Within half a month after the two got married, he showed his true face.

Lin Xin was an ambitious person. The reason he took An Ke Xin as a wife was not because he had fallen in love at first sight. He conspired to obtain the An family lands. Just as Zheng Bi had said, when An Chang Fu was still alive, he had said that he would include some real estate as a part of An Ke Xin’s dowry. But no one knew how Lin Xin had gotten a hold of this information.

It was a pity for him that the one he met was An Zi Ran. On the dowry list that An Zi Ran provided for An Ke Xin, there was no real estate listed, not even one acre.

The Lin family was greatly disappointed. But because of the An family, they did not dare to mistreat An Ke Xin.

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