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The Big Landlord 145.2

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Chapter 145.2 – Zheng Jun Qi

Elder Zhuo watched Zheng Jun Qi leave with a hard-to-read expression on his face.

“Young people these days are getting more and more nonsensical. Women should stay at home. Does she not feel any shame, coming out to a place full of men? If I had such a daughter in my family, I would’ve broken her legs long ago.”

Seeing that Zheng Jun Qi has finally left, a man nearby immediately put on a face of disgust and started spouting malicious words about her in order to curry favor with Elder Zhuo.

Elder Zhuo’s face remained expressionless.

The man was a little embarrassed when he saw that Elder Zhuo had no response.

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On the other hand, Fu Yi had already come up with a plan based on the information that he had gathered about the Zheng family. He knew that An Zi Ran must have already investigated the situation of the Zheng family. Otherwise, with so many people in the capital who were also engaged in the textile machine business, why would he choose the Zheng family to work with over everyone else? He must be targeting the difficult situation that the Zheng family was in.

“Mr. Fu?”

Seeing that Fu Yi was silent, Boss Chen called out to him.

Fu Yi suddenly said to him: “Boss Chen, my apologies, I must take my leave now.” He said this without waiting for the other man to respond, and then he walked towards the corner where Zheng Jun Qi was.

Boss Chen’s mouth flapped open a few times as he watched Fu Yi leave, but he had yet to process what had happened. After a while, he noticed that Fu Yi was walking in the direction of Zheng Jun Qi. He thought about the questions that Fu Yi had asked and suddenly came up with a strange yet improbable conjecture.

The Zheng family was not about to make a comeback were they?

Fu Yi has been the object of many people’s attention since he entered the doors of the venue. There were some people originally planning to come over to try to form friendly ties with him for their own benefit, but then they suddenly saw him make a move. Their eyes followed his movements. When they saw that his target turned out to be Zheng Jun Qi, each and every one of them showed a stunned expression on their faces.

Prince Fu’s Mansion shouldn’t have had any business dealings with the Zheng family in the past, right?

Zheng Jun Qi herself was also surprised. She even thought that the person that Fu Yi was looking for was probably standing somewhere close to her, but when she turned around she found that she was the only one around.

In this crowd, she was the ostracized persona non grata. Moreover, she was an unmarried woman, so no man dared to approach her. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help revealing a fleeting bitter smile. Then she raised her head to look at the man standing in front of her.

Naturally, she has heard of the famous Fu Yi.

As the head steward of Prince Fu’s Mansion, he was like half the master of Prince Fu’s Mansion. He was forty years old this year but he looked like he was only thirty years old. He had a steadfast appearance and he carried the reliability of a man his age. But compared to other men of his age, he had a bit more advantage, and that was the charm of a handsome and mature man.

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Zheng Jun Qi had already resigned herself to being a lonely old maid for the rest of her life, and she was already at peace with this eventuality, but when she looked upon this man, she felt her heart skip a beat. Such a traitorous thing her heart was. She quickly suppressed the feeling and said calmly, “What’s the matter, Mr. Fu?”

Fu Yi observed how calm and collected she was. A flash of admiration flickered through his eyes. “I have a business order. I wonder if Miss Zheng is interested?”

Zheng Jun Qi finally revealed a startled expression.

She had thought of a multitude of reasons for why he might be approaching her, but she had never considered the thought that he would want to work together with her [in business]. In a situation where everyone was ostracizing her, this man came forward to help her. Why was this?

Zheng Jun Qi immediately cycled through all the potential reasons that he was offering to do business with her. She even wondered if her father had dealings with Fu Yi before, but that should not be the case. If the Zheng family had ever worked with Prince Fu’s Mansion before then there was no way that she would not have known about it. So what could the true purpose be?

“Why?” Zheng Jun Qi blurted out.

Fu Yi had already guessed that she would ask this, and he replied calmly, “Is there even a need to ask why? I need a batch of textile machines. The Zheng family makes textile machines. Isn’t it a normal thing for me to come to you?”

Zheng Jun Qi suddenly let out a light chuckle and her ordinary face suddenly became vivid with liveliness, as if glowing with a bright light.

Fu Yi thought that this woman in front of him was more suited to smiles and laughter. A troubled frown did not suit her, as it made her look plain and lifeless.

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“You’re right. It’s a very normal thing. It’s my fault for thinking wrong.” Zheng Jun Qi said with a smile.

Fu Yi said, “No worries, I can understand where you’re coming from.”

The smile on Zheng Jun Qi’s face became even brighter.

The conversation between Fu Yi and Zheng Jun Qi was like a bomb dropping down on the gathering. In a split second, it boiled over instantly. Even Elder Zhuo did not expect that the first person to reach out to the Zheng family would be Fu Yi. Many people wanted to form relations with him, but didn’t know how to do so. However, now he was taking the initiative to show his favor to the Zheng family. Just when did Zheng Jun Qi hook up with Fu Yi? Why did no one know about this beforehand?

The faces of those who had ridiculed Zheng Jun Qi before became ugly in an instant. With the backing of Prince Fu’s Mansion, the Zheng family could not only make a comeback, but they might even go further than before. If that were to happen, what would they do if she decided to take revenge on the ones that ridiculed her…

Everyone’s faces turned blue and white.

Amidst this scene, Elder Zhuo watched everything with an unpredictable look.

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