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The Big Landlord 93.1

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Chapter 93.1 – Return

News soon spread all throughout the Imperial Fu Palace that the lao wang ye was grounded for three years.

The matter with the playing cards was temporarily being kept secret, so the servants were not sure why the lao wang ye was being grounded, and for three years at that.

The strangest thing of all was that the lao wang ye did not refute this, and only sighed every day, as if there was some pent-up frustration in his heart. The next day, he began to bother Head Steward Fu for a rematch in Fight the Landlord. He had to win back the three years of freedom that he’d lost. But Head Steward Fu was very busy, and even his shadow could hardly be seen.
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Unable to catch the one he wanted, the lao wang ye went to go find his grandson and granddaughter-in-law. The two heard news of him coming from a mile away, and disappeared without a trace. As a result, the lao wang ye was frustrated to death and returned back to his room to heave great sighs.

Every time a servant passed by his room, they could not help but giggle at him.

Speaking of Ye Yu.

An Zi Ran temporarily assigned him to work in Tian Long Gambling House.

The renovations for the gambling house were not done yet, because the amount of engineering was relatively large. As of now, not even a third of the renovations were complete yet. Furthermore, there was only Zhang Tian Zhong there to oversee everything. An Zi Ran was not at ease, so he sent Ye Yu to the gambling house to secretly supervise.

“Wasn’t wang fei unsure if he was reliable or not yet? But now you’re assigning him an important position?” Fu Wu Tian heard that he was going to employ Ye Yu, and he recalled what An Zi Ran said before.

An Zi Ran paused. “Don’t doubt the people that you employ, and don’t employ the people that you doubt.”

When he thought about it later, he felt that it was unnecessary. Ye Yu was in contact with him when he was in An Yuan County. At that time, he did not know Fu Wu Tian, furthermore, he had once received Steward Su’s kindness, and he promised to stay and help the An family. So the chances of him harboring evil intentions were low.

Unexpectedly, Fu Wu Tian suddenly put his hand on his shoulder.

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The height difference between the two was still very large. Although An Zi Ran was still in the middle of growing, no matter how fast he grew, there was still no way that he could be taller than Fu Wu Tian’s shoulders in such a short amount of time. [T/N: Or ever, to be honest. XD] It must be known that Fu Wu Tian was above one point nine meters tall. Even in the capital there was no one else that was taller than him.

An Zi Ran wanted to brush his hand away, but then suddenly remembered something. “What is up with Zhong Yue? You should already know that she likes you right?”

Fu Wu Tian’s steps faltered. He arched his eyebrows in surprise. “Why would wang fei suddenly bring this up? Could it be that Zhong Yue said something to you?” He knew that Zhong Yue had been to the Imperial Fu Palace, and that she would eventually bump into wang fei, but he never thought much about it.

“She didn’t say anything to me.” An Zi Ran pulled his hand off his shoulder. “But she is so obvious. Even if I wanted to pretend that I don’t know, it’s impossible.”

Fu Wu Tian simply put his hand on An Zi Ran’s waist. A pondering light flashed across Fu Wu Tian’s eyes as his hand landed on An Zi Ran’s supple waist. “Is wang fei jealous?”

He did not expect that his wang fei would take the initiative to mention this matter, but he was very happy, because this meant that wang fei attached great importance to whether there were other women around him, right?

Unexpectedly, An Zi Ran did not immediately refute.

Fu Wu Tian tilted his head down to look at him.

An Zi Ran raised his head and looked up at him. “Since we are already together, you should know my character. I will not tolerate my man having other women or men. Furthermore, your bloodline may even end with you.”

The last sentence was particularly serious.

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Fu Wu Tian’s chest swelled with joy. “I have never considered having an heir. Besides, there’s Uncle Fu. He still hasn’t taken a wife. If the Imperial Fu Palace needs an heir, then let him have one.”

Fu Yi was already forty years old, but if he really wanted to have a child, it wasn’t impossible. When Fu Wu Tian realized that in this life he was only going to have his wang fei, this one person, in his life, he had already started to pay attention to Fu Yi in this matter. And he believed that if his grandfather’s illness were better, then he would agree with him too.

An Zi Ran refrained from commenting further on this topic. “How are you planning to handle the matter with Miss Zhong Yue?”

Fu Wu Tian said, “Let Qian An solve it himself.”

An Zi Ran reacted. On that day, he had felt that Ge Qian An’s attitude was a bit strange. He seemed to be trying very hard to protect Zhong Yue. At that time, An Zi Ran had thought that it was because the two were comrades. He did not think that there was more to their relationship.

“Can Deputy General Ge settle this?”

“That is his business.”

What an irresponsible answer!

The two walked as they talked, and unwittingly arrived at the main doors of the prince’s palace. The man standing watch by the door saw them coming and immediately showed an expression of pleasant surprise. He didn’t wait for them to get closer and was already waving his hand vigorously.

Wang ye, wang fei, General Guan is back.”

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