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After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins 34

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Chapter 34 – In the Flower Garden (13.1)

Let’s rewind time back to half an hour prior.

In the garden of the palace banquet hall, An Ji looked at Li Rong’s unconscious body lying in front of him. At first, he wanted to call someone else to come over and deal with it, but he came to a stop after taking a single step.

Wait a minute. If he called someone over, how was he supposed to explain Li Rong’s fainting problem? It’s not like he could say that he was too formidable and made Li Rong faint by kissing him, right?

No, no, this will ruin his reputation forever! ​

So An Ji picked Li Rong up and rushed the man all the way to the Imperial Household Hospital by himself.

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Li Rong was close to 1.9 meters tall and weighed close to 80 kilograms. If it were any other omega, they would not be able to tow even one of Li Rong’s thighs.

But An Ji had lifted Zergs and fought star beasts before. This weight was nothing to him. He carried Li Rong from the banquet hall all the way to the hospital entrance without losing his breath.

However, when he was approaching the hospital, Li Rong groaned. His face was pale, his brows were furrowed, and he looked like he was having a hard time.

It was then that An Ji realized that the pampered prince could not stand such a rough handling method. He sighed and thoughtfully shifted Li Rong into a princess carry.


Seeing how hard An Ji worked to bring him to the hospital, all sorts of feelings welled up in Li Rong’s heart. His heart felt achy and weary. The little bit of embarrassment he felt quickly disappeared and turned into a steady stream of warmth encircling him.

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An Ji was just a fragile omega, but he was willing to go to such extent for him. Although he didn’t show any abnormality in the video, he must be gritting his teeth to hold on since Li Rong was so heavy, right? Perhaps he has even collapsed by now.

An Ji was so good to him, but what about him? He has been awake for so long, but he didn’t even ask after An Ji once. He was so inhuman!

Upon realizing this, Li Rong asked urgently, “Where is he? Is he in the neighboring ward?”

The doctor replied, “No. He left already.”

Li Rong: “…”

An Ji was currently on his way home. It wasn’t because he was embarrassed that he had kissed Li Rong until the other man fainted. He left because the dinner was simply too boring. An Ji hummed a little tune as he walked back, but he was stopped at the palace gate.

“Apologies, the palace is currently checking the guests entering and exiting, and the exit passage is temporarily closed. Please wait here for a moment.” The tall guard said solemnly.

The gate had been raised, leaving only a small door next to it for passage. It was now being guarded by layers and layers of guards. Only omegas who have been inspected were allowed to leave.

An Ji walked through the crowd and asked the guard on the side, “What happened?”

The guard responded, “We are only acting under orders. If you want to leave, please line up for security check.”

An Ji was silent for two seconds. Then he turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

“An Yao!” Returning to the garden outside the banquet hall, An Ji finally saw a familiar figure and ran over quickly, “What happened?”

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An Yao was standing with several unfamiliar alphas. When he heard An Ji’s voice, he took a few steps forward, looked him over once, and then asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” An Ji wondered, “What happened? Why is the management so strict all of a sudden?”

An Yao looked around and found that no one had noticed them. Then he took another step forward and said in a voice that only they could hear: “Someone raped an omega in the garden.”

Rape? An Ji gasped, “Are you sure? When did it happen?”

“Tonight, around 8:30 to 9:00,” An Yao pushed up his glasses, “The royal guards are investigating everyone who entered and left the garden during that time.”

Eight thirty to nine o’clock? Didn’t that happen to be the time when he and Li Rong met in the garden?

Seeing An Ji’s face pale, An Yao thought he was afraid of being threatened, so he couldn’t help but comfort him: “Don’t worry too much. Although the garden is large, multiple entrances are monitored. I believe there will be results soon.”

Garden, rape…

An Ji frowned. Could it be the sound coming from behind the flowers when he and Li Rong were sitting on the bench? So it was not a consensual affair at all, but an unequal rape? They were obviously nearby at that time, if only he had noticed earlier…

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