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Chapter 101 – Upon the Moon and Willow Shoots (38.1)

At first, the photo of Duan Shu Tong and Xi Duan was only circulated on a small scale, attracting a few likes from netizens with face-con.

But later, the reveal of Duan Shu Tong’s identity combined with the Spring and Autumn Hall’s announcement of Spring Flower No. 3, this photo immediately blew up.

Due to the angle the photo was taken from, the girl who changed seats with Xi Duan only managed to capture Duan Shu Tong’s face from the front, whereas with Xi Duan only one-third of his profile was visible. People who were not familiar with Xi Duan would have a hard time recognizing who he was from that picture.

While licking their screens*, the netizens discussed the photo.

[*T/N: licking the screen – to like a post]

“Is this the Spring and Autumn Hall’s new way of creating hype? Instead of hiring a spokesperson, they’re just having Young Master Duan come out in person?”

“Ah ah ah ah, Young Master Duan looks so gentle! That smile wsl*!”

[*T/N: wsl – an Internet buzzword, short for 我死了 (wo si le), which means “I’m dead.” It’s commonly used to describe the excitement of seeing something cute.]

“I just want to know who is the man that’s making Young Master Duan look so gentle!”

“Couple’s eye cream? Hahaha, I buy, buy, buy!”

“This is discrimination against single dogs!”

“What kind of big men uses eye cream? Isn’t this what girls use?”

“Hey, @Duan Corporation @Xi Corporation @ Jinshi Jewelry, do you guys want to give out more company benefits?”

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“Hahaha, upstairs*, you make me laugh my ass off. Base on the speed of the Spring and Autumn Hall’s research and development, I bet the three big bosses will go bankrupt from giving out employee benefits.”

[*T/N: upstairs – refers to the previous commenter]

“Doesn’t anyone else think that these two look quite good together…?”

“Upstairs, your eyes are rotten*, get out!”

[*T/N: rotten as in “rotten woman” or “rotten man,” which is the Chinese version of fujoshi and fudanshi]

At first, the hubbub of activity on the Internet was just the netizens joking around. No one was trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, but one comment from Xu Ya Ze started to give the netizens other thoughts.

Xu Ya Ze V: The relationship between the Duan family and the Xi family is really good. They might even become in-laws in the future. [dog head] [dog head] [dog head]

[T/N: Xu Ya Ze has a V after his online handle, because he is a V (Big V), which refers to Weibo users who have obtained personal authentication on Weibo platforms such as Sina, Tencent, and NetEase and have many fans. Because authenticated Weibo users will have an icon similar to the capital English letter “V” after their Weibo nickname, netizens refer to such Weibo users who have been personally authenticated and have many fans as “Big V”]

Xu Ya Ze’s reputation has become stinky, but he still has many fans that were gullible young girls. There were also netizens who just loved to stir the pot. These two groups of people kept re-posting his original comment.

“That man is big shot Mr. Xi?”

“Are you telling me that Xi Duan wants to marry Duan Si Fu?”

“What upstairs said makes sense. The relationship between the Xi family and Duan family has always been good, and the Xi Corporation has been supporting the Spring and Autumn Hall’s products all this time. Isn’t it just to show support for his future brother-in-law?”

F*ck damn, wouldn’t that become a very powerful alliance?”

Xu Ya Ze was scrolling through the comments, looking for someone on the same wavelength as him. But when he saw these types of comments, he was so angry that he directly flung his mobile phone away. Were these people mentally handicapped?! What he said was clearly about Duan Shu Tong and Xi Duan, not about Duan Si Fu and Xi Duan!

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However, when normal people see a comment like his, naturally their first reaction was that Duan Si Fu and Xi Duan were going to get married.

Duan Si Fu, who was up to her eyebrows in work, was metaphorically shot by the netizens even while lying down out of the crossfire. She didn’t know about the hubbub until she received a call from Duan Sheng Ye.

“Si Fu, what is going on with you and Xi Duan?”

Duan Si Fu: “…What do you mean what’s going on?”

Duan Sheng Ye’s tone was quite subtle. He didn’t sound angry, but he didn’t sound very happy either. “Someone asked me just now if you and Xi Duan are dating.”

Duan Si Fu was struck speechless. She didn’t even have a way to contact Xi Duan. Even saying that they were online dating would be a stretch, so how could they be dating at all? The person who asked such a question… did their brain get scrambled by lightning or something?

“No, I’ve never even spoken to him.” She only has her career in her heart. What was this thing that you call love? Can you eat it?

Of course, Duan Sheng Ye believed in his daughter. He hung up the phone without asking anything else.

After finishing the call with her father, Duan Si Fu asked her assistant to check for the source of the rumor. After learning the cause, she called Duan Shu Tong directly.

At that time, Duan Shu Tong had already arrived in Yan City.

Xi Duan had the driver who came to pick them up from the station take their suitcases back to the Duan family residence first. Then the two of them went to buy a basketball together.

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Duan Shu Tong was stunned when he received Duan Si Fu’s call.

“Sister, it’s true that Xi Duan rode the high-speed train with me back to Yan City.”

Duan Si Fu was surprised, “I can understand you taking the high-speed train, but doesn’t he have a car?”

Duan Shu Tong: “…There is a traffic jam on the highway today. He might have anticipated that happening.”

After a few seconds of silence, Duan Si Fu said, “It’s good that you’ve come back. I’ll go home in the evening. Let’s have dinner together.”


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