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The Big Landlord 1

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Chapter 1 – The An Family

Chong Ming Emperor’s 27th Year, January, Big Snow

Many places in the Da Ya Dynasty were covered with heavy snow. The crystalline snowflakes sparkled in a beautiful way. The weather was cold, but it could not cover up the lively atmosphere of the New Year’s celebration. In towns big and small, almost every household had red lanterns.
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An Yuan County was one of the small county towns of the Da Ya Dynasty. The third day of the New Year was a festive holiday. Every family was happily celebrating, but there was one big family with white lanterns hanging on their front doors. The entire house was covered in a gloomy atmosphere.

This family was the largest landlord family in An Yuan County – the An family!

An Family Residence

The sky was still dark. The sun had yet to rise. Occasionally the sound of a crying rooster could be heard.

A maidservant dressed in plain white clothes got up early in the morning. She carried a pot filled with hot water and ran through the long corridors quickly.

Other maidservants also woke early, and all of them were busy bustling about. The supposedly busy atmosphere was very quiet, however. Almost no one spoke. The servants all bowed their heads. When they crossed paths they did not nod or speak to each other. They just carried on, rushing about with their work.

The maid carrying the basin of hot water walked through the main house and then into a side yard on the left. She passed through a garden blanketed in snow and arrived in front of a room. She knocked on the door, waited for permission to enter, and then pushed the door open to walk in.

The maid placed the steaming basin atop a wooden shelf and then went to the folding screen. She covertly glanced at the teenager still lying on the bed and calmly said, “Young Master, the hot water has been brought over.”

The young boy responded with a faint sigh. “Understood. You first go out, ba.”

The maid did not dare to say more. She was already used to the young master’s new attitude, which was slightly indifferent. Not to mention, after the occurrence of that incident, even if the young master did not want to change, he still had to adapt to circumstances and change. Otherwise… the maid shook her head and did not continue the thought. Then she exited the room on light footsteps.

When only the teenager was left in the room, he sat up awkwardly from the bed and spent a quarter of an hour wearing clothes and shoes. Then he walked over to the basin of hot water the maid had brought in.

The youngster saw his face reflected upon the clear water. It was a fat face that seemed as if one could wring oil from it. Although he has been looking at this face for three days now, he still couldn’t help but stick out his lower lip in a pout.

The once handsome face was replaced by a pig’s face. No once could accept it immediately.

The youth was named An Zi Ran. Born into the An family, he was sixteen this year, and was the eldest son of the family. He also had biological siblings born from the same father and mother: a beautiful younger sister… and brother.

The boy at this time was not the real An Zi Ran. Even he himself did not know why he had become An Zi Ran. He simply woke up three days ago and found himself in this person’s body.

Now, he has finally accepted the reality that he has become someone else, but that did not mean he accepted the state of An Zi Ran’s body. Only sixteen years old and he already weighed 78 catty. From top to bottom his body was covered in fatty meat. Exceeding the standard, it was very difficult for him to do anything now. Otherwise, why would it take a quarter of an hour just to put on clothes?

Therefore, on the first day in this world, An Zi Ran already declared a personal goal – to lose weight!

However, before he could implement his weight lost plan, a bunch of other problems have already come knocking on his door.

The An family was the largest landlord family in An Yuan County. The family was very wealthy. An Chang Fu was An Zi Ran’s father. He was the one with the most authority in the An family. If he said one, no one would dare say two. And he was someone with a lot of clever tricks up his sleeves. His figure was portly, but he was not ugly. It could be said that he singlehandedly built up the big family business of the An family.
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An Chang Fu had a total of four wives. The main wife was An Zi Ran’s birth mother, Liu Mei Xiang. She was with An Chang Fu from before his success. She witnessed the An family’s development, growing from a small thing into a big family business. Together they had two sons and one daughter.

In her entire life, the most successful thing she did was giving birth to two sons for the family. Because among the four wives, she was the only one who gave birth to sons, thus continuing the family line. Therefore, she was very respected by An Chang Fu. The relationship between husband and wife was very harmonious for over ten years. Even though An Chang Fu later married a second, third, and then fourth wife, his feelings for Liu Mei Xiang never changed.

According to reason, An Zi Ran should live a very fortunate life.

Things were still very happy three days ago, until death came for An Chang Fu and Liu Mei Xiang. This kind of happiness was like a mirror, and it is broken once it falls.

Since then, the An family fell into an abyss of suffering.

And likewise, An Zi Ran also fell along into that abyss.

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