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The Big Landlord 50

For those of you concerned about polarbearadise’s broken link to chapter one, I have re-translated the chapter, and it is now available on this site.

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Chapter 50 – To Intimidate

The entire hall was quiet because of Shao Fei’s words.

Wang Qing Lan’s vision started to go black. An Zi Ran was actually married to this man? An Zi Ming was only four months old (so he couldn’t inherit the family). Doing this, doesn’t it mean that An Zi Ran was taking the entire An family with him in marriage (like a dowry)? Without the An family, what would become of her?

Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi’s faces twisted. They were thinking the same thing as Wang Qing Lan. In addition, they had to consider their daughters’ dowries. If the An family became this man’s, who knew if he would give them a dowry or not.
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“An Zi Ran, you shameless person. You are willing to fall like this and marry yourself to a man as his concubine? If your parents knew about this they would be rolling in their graves.” Zheng Bi’s mean voice was sharper than Wang Qing Lan’s. Her eyes were so fierce that they were starting to turn red. All she knew was that if her daughter had no dowry, after marrying in the future, they will be looked down upon by the husband’s family, and then their beautiful future will be ruined.

An Zi Ran had long since expected such a reaction.

He had learned from Steward Su that An Chang Fu had already prepared a dowry for his two daughters, but had never told them. So it was easy to guess the thoughts running through their heads right now.

But there was another person who was not as calm and collected as him.

Fu Wu Tian’s eyes showed a hint of coldness, and the hall seemed to be covered with a suffocating pressure.

His gaze made Zheng Bi’s hair stand on end, but knowing that he was only a mere businessman she was not as afraid as before. Her eyes were still glaring at An Zi Ran with hatred, as if she wanted to flay the skin from his bones.

“Who told you that he was my concubine? If you say one more bad word about my wife, whether you’re a woman or a man, I will parade you through the streets like a prisoner. Don’t think that I am joking.” Fu Wu Tian’s expression was calm, but his words were laden with strength, striking against Zheng Bi’s heart. Her eyes widened into saucers.

An Zi Ran couldn’t help but tilt his head and give him a glance.

To speak like this to a woman in her 30s and 40s, one needed skin that was thicker than usual*.

[*T/N: Having thick skin means to be shameless.]

Shao Fei and Ge Qian An were used to it. Paraded through the streets like a prisoner, that was considered a light sentence. Compared to when they were on the battlefield at the borders, some people ran around naked in front of enemy troops. The feeling of having one’s birthday suit exposed to the world, only those who have been punished could understand the feeling.

Zheng Bi didn’t believe that he would dare do such a thing, but she was still intimidated by his imposing aura, so she did not dare to scold An Zi Ran anymore. Her face burned red hot.

“An Zi Ran, your parents died not too long ago, yet you were in such a hurry to get married, where is your filial piety? I would like to see, when everyone knows that the young master of An has married himself off so soon after his parents’ deaths, what would they think!”

Fang Jun Ping, who has been relatively silent this whole time, but still harbored the same thoughts, suddenly spoke up at this time. Her character has always been rather inflexible and her words rather clumsy. Unlike Zheng Bi, she was not quick with her words, but once she got started she was not the kind of person that willingly gave in.
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An Zi Ran’s expression did not change. “Da Ya has clear regulations, one may not marry within one hundred days of a family death. My parents have been gone for over four months. A hundred days have passed. There is nothing wrong with me and him getting married.”

“What about the consummation of the marriage? Da Ya also has regulations concerning that. Children may marry within one hundred days of a family death, but they must practice asceticism for half a year to show respect for the deceased relative.” Still not willing to resign, Fang Jun Ping toughened her skin and asked. She wanted to seize onto any shortcomings of An Zi Ran that she could. To even be able to ask about such manners, it was a demonstration of her determination.

When the others heard this sentence, their faces all morphed into different expressions.

Except for Zheng Bi and those who did not know, everyone from the Fu palace, including Steward Su, thought that the young master and Fu wang ye had already consummated their marriage. They couldn’t help but worry about it. If this information was spread about, then it would not be good for the young master’s reputation.

“Even Concubine Fang herself said that she would abstain from indulgence for half a year, then naturally we have not yet consummated the marriage.” An Zi Ran answered immediately. He did not expect that things would develop to this point, but he immediately thought that this was a good opportunity to clarify rumors, so he did not hesitate to answer.

Ge Qian An and them were all surprised.

They actually didn’t do it?

Then they understood that rumors could not be fully believed. With An Zi Ran’s personality, since he was only acting as a replacement bride, then he would definitely not let the wang ye act out everything. Wang ye will have to make extra effort to win him completely.

Fang Jun Ping sneered, “Of course you can say whatever you want. Anyway, only the two of you know the truth. Other people can’t be certain.” The implication was that she thought that An Zi Ran was lying.

“Whether you believe it or not, that is up to you. But if there is anymore unreasonable troublemaker, then I will mete out the family punishment without mercy!” An Zi Ran was actually not angry.

Those who met the cold gaze of his eyes jumped in fright, especially Fang Jun Ping. She finally remembered that An Zi Ran was a man of strategy. Although he was only sixteen-years-old, his method of doing things was like that of an adult, and he could be ruthless when he needed to be, even if he’s up against his own uncle. With just a few days of effort, he ruined his uncle’s reputation. Now his uncle was like a little mouse. He didn’t even dare to leave his house. So how could An Zi Ran let them go?

Realizing this, they didn’t dare to say anything. They could only wait for another opportunity to talk later.

Subsequently, the three concubines along with their daughters returned back to their quarters.

When they left, Zheng Bi and Fang Jun Ping were still indignant.

An Zi Ran came back to An Yuan County under the guise of visiting his parental home after marriage, but he was not ready to return to Jun Zi City with Fu Wu Tian. Everything of the An family was here in An Yuan County, if he left for too long, then sooner or later some incident was bound to occur. So he already discussed with Fu Wu Tian to spend a few more days in An Yuan County. In exchange, he had to let Fu Wu Tian sleep with him in the same bed. Originally, he wanted to lie out a mat for the man on the floor.

Steward Su couldn’t help but rejoice. “Fortunately, Da Ya’s law on filial piety was changed a year ago. Any later, and those women would certainly grasp onto some weakness to use against us. If they spread gossip that would be bad.”

When Shao Fei walked past, he heard these words and suddenly turned around. “Some people’s playthings may not be able to endure.” After saying this sentence he walked away and left a befuddled Steward Su.

[T/N: Yeah, I’m confused by that sentence, too.]

Speaking of the six-month rule of abstinence, this matter has to start from a year ago.

Previously, Da Ya paid more attention to filial piety, so there was a law that stated when a relative passed away, the children must be filial for three years, and abstain from indulgence during this time. As the emperor, Fu Chong was supposed to lead by example, but he was a lascivious emperor. Out of thirty days, twenty-nine of those would be spent with a concubine on her bed.

The Empress Dowager was the emperor’s biological mother. After her death, Fu Chong ought to refrain from indulgences for half a year, but he didn’t. He couldn’t even hold out for seven days before he was found playing around in his concubine’s chambers.

Later, there was even news of an official trying to petition the emperor against his behavior but was killed for it. Then, in order to satisfy his own lists, Fu Chong tried to use high-sounding reasons to change three years to six months. This incident had always been a scandal in the royal family, so few people knew about it.
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The officials who knew the truth at the time did not dare to speak of this scandal, because it wouldn’t be just the royal family losing face, it would also implicate the old ministers.

After Fu Chong’s succession, there were many occurrences of such absurd incidents. If he didn’t have a few smart sons, and a capable nephew who protected the country’s borders, then Da Ya would have crumbled under his rule.

It was normal for Steward Su to not know this.

After that farce with the concubines, calm returned to the An family again.

Later that day in the afternoon, An Chang De and his wife learned that An Zi Ran was back.

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