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The Big Landlord 144.3

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Chapter 144.3 – Zheng Family

Based on her physical appearance, the woman looked to be in her twenties. She was not a beauty, but her facial features were very distinctive, carrying a hint of heroism – the kind that should appear in a man. At the same time, her eyes conveyed a tenacity that many people do not have. At a glance, it was obvious that she was an assertive and resolute woman.

Fu Yi was not surprised by the woman’s appearance or bearing. What he was surprised by was the fact that there was a woman here at all. It was not that he was contemptuous towards women, but like everyone else, he was shocked by her presence at the event.

Married women would usually be at home, assisting their husband and educating their children, the traditional roles of a good wife. Showing their faces in public* was not permitted. What’s more, this was a Chamber of Commerce gathering. To put it simply, it was a gathering of men. So it was a very incredible thing to have a woman show up here.

[*T/N: The specific saying used here is 抛头露面 (pao tou lou mian), which is a derogatory saying. It’s not that women cannot leave the house at all, but there are many things that they cannot do in public without incurring people’s criticism. In this case it is conducting business.]

“I didn’t think that she would really dare to come!”

“It’s not easy to squeeze one’s way into the Chamber of Commerce, so how could she let such a good opportunity slip by?” The person who replied had a hint of ridicule in his laughter.

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“Even if it’s a good opportunity, for an unmarried lady to show her face in public means her family upbringing can’t be all that good. This kind of woman, I bet no one would be willing to marry her.”

“Marry her?” The other person asked. He sounded like he just heard something really funny.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I heard that she is already twenty-six years old this year. Even if she isn’t coming out to show her face in public, who would dare to marry such an old lady? Perhaps, she can’t even give birth anymore. Moreover, the only male progeny in her family is but a four or five year old child. If she marries out of the family, there will be no one else to lead the household. So I heard that she seems to be planning to encumber* a husband to live with her family.”

[*T/N: 招赘 zhao zhui – I can’t seem to think of a good verb for this practice in English. It means matrilocal residence or matrilocality, and it is a special type of marriage in the patrilineal society, where the man becomes a member of the woman’s family. This usually happens if the woman’s family is more powerful or influential than the man’s family.]

“At her current age, getting marry [out of the family] will be hard enough. She actually wants to encumber some man? That’s just an imbecile having big dreams!”


Fu Yi was standing not far from the two men who were conversing, so he easily overheard their conversation. For an unmarried lady, twenty-six years old was indeed not young anymore. He has heard about some older ladies who were still unmarried, but none of them were as old as twenty-six.

But what surprised him was that the woman seemed to have anticipated that she would be met with some peculiar and unfriendly gazes. Her brows pinched together once, and then she regained her cool. She calmly walked towards Elder Zhuo.

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The woman and Elder Zhuo were a little far away, so Fu Yi could not hear their conversation. But there was a middle-aged man who wanted to curry favor with Fu Yi. The man saw Fu Yi looking at the woman and boldly guessed that Fu Yi must not know about this woman, so he stepped forward and started to talk.

“Mr. Fu doesn’t know who she is yet, right?”

The middle-aged man thought that he might not get a response, but Fu Yi turned his head to look at him. “You know?”

The middle-aged man suddenly felt a little flattered, and after a moment of excitement, he replied: “Of course I know. I’m sure everyone in the capital knows about her.”


“Her name is Zheng Jun Qi. She is the head of the Zheng family. She is more capable then men, and she also has a lot of courage and means of doing things. It’s a pity that she is a woman. She officially took over the Zheng family three years ago. At that time, the head of the Zheng family had just passed away, and the only male progeny in the family was just two years old. She resolutely stirred up the Zheng family, and in three years time she finally forced her way into the extremities of the Chamber of Commerce.”

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When he heard the first two sentences, Fu Yi couldn’t hide the look of surprise on his face, “The Zheng family you are talking about is the Zheng family that sells textile machines?”

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “Precisely.”

Fu Yi suddenly got the feeling that fate really liked playing around people.

The middle-aged man could hear from Fu Yi’s tone of voice that he was interested in the Zheng family, and immediately leaked information about the Zheng family to him, trying to win his favor.

Zheng Jun Qi was a strange woman. If she were born male, then someday she would become a powerful figure in the business world. Unfortunately, she was born the wrong sex. Such a capable person like this turned out to be a woman, so even though she clearly has the ability to make the Zheng family’s career even bigger, it still took her three years to get here.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Looking down on women and thinking that women should not come out and show their faces in the public sphere was a deep-rooted idea of many men. They looked down on Zheng Jun Qi, so some businessmen who have business dealings with the Zheng family often made things difficult for Zheng Jun Qi, and they even deliberately raised prices.

In order to overcome these difficulties, Zheng Jun Qi ran herself ragged. Relying on her tenacity and her unwillingness to lose, she actually accomplished her goals.

No one knew what she did, but after three years she finally managed to capture Elder Zhuo’s attention, and Elder Zhuo did business with her. He even extended an invitation to her to participate in this year’s Chamber of Commerce gathering. When people heard about this bit of news, some thought that she would definitely not show up, but unexpectedly she came.

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