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The Big Landlord 144.2

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Chapter 144.2 – Zheng Family

Three days later, Fu Yi went to attend the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. And An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian went to the small farm in the suburbs.

It was not a lie for them to say that something had happened to the small farm.

Ever since Jiang SHeng of Bao Hua Gambling House found out that the raw material for making mahjong tiles was cow bones, they have also started production in this area. However, the mahjong tiles that they produced were not satisfactory at all and could not be put out into the market.

The effect of the degreasing process was not obvious at all. The beef bones could not be completely turned into a milky white color. Thus the mahjong tiles produced would be unsightly. Compared with the mahjong tiles of Tian Long Gambling House, they were several levels below. It was self-evident which one the gamblers would choose.

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In the end, with no other way, Jiang Sheng dug for information, starting with the beef bones. He wanted to know how An Zi Ran made the beef bones turn white.

Manufacturing a large quantity of mahjong tiles required a large quantity of beef bones. And where would there be lots of beef bones? Naturally, it would be in a slaughterhouse on the outskirts of Jun Zi City.

If An Zi Ran could figure this out, then so could the competition.

Bao Hua Gambling House quickly found out about the cattle farm owner who supplied them with beef bones and wanted to coerce him into telling them whom he was selling the beef bones to. The cattle rancher did not dare to offend Bao Hua Gambling House, but due to Fu Yi’s relationship he also did not dare to spill the beans, so in the end he could only toss this hot potato over to them to take care of.

So An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian were trying to solve this matter.

In order to force the owner of the cattle farm to submit, Bao Hua Gambling House messed with the farm. Every month, the meat from the cattle farm would be sold out by the beginning of the month, but this year there was a problem. Many repeat customers suddenly said that they didn’t want to do business with his farm anymore, and some even wanted to return their meat orders and get a refund.

The owner of the cattle farm was very anxious. Raw meat could not be kept around for too long, otherwise it would not be fresh anymore. If the meat was not fresh, then it could only be thrown away. He was reluctant to do so and he also could not afford to refund those orders.

Back to the Chamber of Commerce gathering.

The people who hosted the party were some of the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce. In the past they would always send an invitation card to Prince Fu’s Mansion, but they never got a reply. This time, Fu Yi was willing to attend, so the leaders were very happy. They felt that this was a good opportunity for them.

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Although Fu Yi was just the steward for Prince Fu’s Mansion, it was not a secret that Prince Fu’s Mansion entrusted all of their businesses to his management, so having a friendship with him was equivalent to having a connection with Prince Fu’s Mansion.

“Rare honored guest, this old man has been hoping that you would attend for a long time. My hopes were not in vain. Finally, you are here.”

As soon as Elder Zhuo heard the news of Fu Yi’s coming, he immediately came out to greet him in person. He was the leader of the Chamber of Commerce and had the power to rally a lot of supporters. No one in Jun Zi City dared to offend him easily. He was giving Fu Yi a lot of face with his greeting.

“Elder Zhuo, you are too polite.” Fu Yi respected this old man very much. The reason that the Zhuo family could enjoy such glory in the capital right now was due to Elder Zhuo.

The two exchanged a few words with each other, and then walked into the venue.

Many people were pleasantly surprised by Fu Yi’s arrival, and they were already thinking about how to form a relationship with him.

This was the reason why Fu Yi didn’t want to attend the Chamber of Commerce gatherings before. A lot of people had their eyes on Prince Fu’s Mansion [and wanted to form relations with them], but this situation was inextricably tied to Emperor Chong Ming.

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This was due to the fact that the Da Ya Empire emphasized agriculture and suppressed businessmen. Emperor Chong Ming did not like the imperial family or ministers getting involved in business, therefore they had to do it secretly. Because they could not do things above board there were a lot of restrictions. Therefore, everyone preferred the honorable Prince Fu’s Mansion, which did things openly.

Under the suppression of an emperor who did not like businessmen, Prince Fu’s Mansion was so high profile, yet they were still able to live in peace. This meant that their capabilities must be high, so there should not be any downsides to working with Prince Fu’s Mansion.

After dealing with a lot of people with ulterior motives, Fu Yi finally remembered the task of this trip.

But before he could inquire about the Zheng family, there was a lot of noise coming from the gate, which attracted his attention.

The sight was a little surprising, because it was a woman that had walked in.

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