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Didn’t Love You Enough 102

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Chapter 102 – Looking For Prospective Ladies

The empress looked at the wife of the governor of Bei Guang and her youngest daughter Yao Yu Lan, “This is the number one talented lady in our capital, right? Madam Yao is truly fortunate, both your biological son and daughter are so outstanding.”

The biological son that the empress mentioned was the governor of Bei Guang’s eldest son, Yao Yu Gang, who was currently serving as a capable general under the Marquis of Zheng Yuan. At a young age, Yao Yu Gang became the champion of martial arts by merit of his martial arts prowess. Afterwards, he became a subordinate under the Marquis of Zheng Yuan. At the present time, Yao Yu Gang was in his early thirties and he was already a captain. His future was boundless.

The Marquis of Zheng Yuan, Wang Zhen, was the empress’s biological elder brother. Wang Zhen has been guarding the northern parts of the empire for many years. He’s been in the military for half of his life and has now reached middle age.

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The biggest threat to the north was the barbarians. Now that they’ve been wiped out, the emperor intended to transfer Wang Zhen back to Beijing. Among the candidates to succeed Wang Zhen, Wang Zhen has his heart set on Yao Yu Gang.

Yao Yu Lan’s father was the governor of Bei Guang, who governed over the Bei Guang area, and he was also a high-ranking official. With Yao Yu Lan’s status as the di daughter of such a father and the sister to such a brother, it was a cinch for her to nab the position of the crown prince’s cefei*.

[*T/N: 侧妃 cefei – translates to “side imperial concubine.” With the exception of the crown princess, all other concubines rank under LJB, who is currently the cejun.]

Yao Yu Lan herself was also very outstanding. She was Madam Yao’s youngest daughter. They doted on her and attentively nurtured her ever since childhood. Yao Yu Lan was also a strong-minded person who was eager to excel. She was top notch at the four arts of zither, Go, calligraphy, and painting. Last year, at the flower-viewing banquet held by the imperial princess, Yao Yu Lan, who was only thirteen years old at the time, surprised everyone with the lotus poem she recited. After that, her moniker as a talented girl spread throughout the capital.

Yao Yu Lan was a cool and proud person. When she heard the empress praising Wen Wen Qian for growing up well, she was secretly peeved. Among the three women present, the most outstanding one was naturally her. She had both talent and good looks.

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Yao Yu Lan knew why the empress had invited them into the palace. She was very self-confident. If there was any man in the world who was worthy of her, it could only be His Royal Highness the noble crown prince, who was a master of the pen and sword. Before, she thought she could only be the crown prince’s cefei. She never thought that the crown princess would pass away from illness. Even the heavens were on her side. The crown princess position was hers for certain.

Yao Yu Lan knew that Wen Wen Qian would be her biggest competitor. Wen Wen Qian’a family background was even better than hers. As for Zhang Chun Wei, she was not worried about this sickly beauty. With just a glance, she could tell that this girl was short-lived and wouldn’t be her opponent.

“Your Majesty, this is the Buddhist scripture that I copied for you. I heard that the empress likes to worship the Buddha, so I specially transcribed the diamond sutra to show my respect. Please kindly accept [this offering], Your Masjesty.” Yao Yulan offered up the copied Buddhist scripture with both hands.

Zhou-momo stepped forward to receive the scripture and then handed it over to the empress.

The empress looked it over, “This is bengong’s first time seeing such pretty and delicate calligraphy!”

Seeing that Jia Bao was also looking on from the side, the empress handed the Buddhist scripture to Lin Jia Bao. “Jia Bao, you should take a look too…”

“This is so beautifully written…” Lin Jia Bao praised it sincerely after admiring it.

The empress also introduced Lin Jia Bao to them, “This is the crown prince’s newly conferred Lin-cejun.”

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Everyone gave Lin Jia Bao a salute, and then they started to size up this rumored Lin-cejun. Yao Yu Lan secretly looked down on this ger cejun. But what irritated her was that she had to salute to this ger who started out as a palace servant. She was very upset, and secretly vowed that one day this Lin-cejun would have to salute and kowtow to her.

After the women left, the empress asked Lin Jia Bao, “What do you think of these three daughters*?”

[*T/N: 千金 qian jin – honorific form of daughter; direct translation is “a thousand pounds of gold”]

“Naturally, they’re all very good. They are all so outstanding. Jia Bao is ashamed of being inferior…” Lin Jia Bao vaguely understood the intention behind the empress’s inquiry.

“Jia Bao, you don’t need to be self-deprecating. Bengong heard that you’ve been managing the East Palace very well… These three have good temperaments. You should be able to get along with them.” The empress took Lin Jia Bao’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, Jia Bao. No matter what, you still have bengong. With bengong here to watch over you, no one will bully you…”

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