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Didn’t Love You Enough 103

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Chapter 103 – Looking For Prospective Ladies

In the afternoon, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng took a nap with Lin Jia Bao in his arms. The crown prince watched as his treasure tossed and turned in bed.

“Darling… What’s the matter? Is there something on your mind? Did Imperial Mother say something to you? Come, tell your husband about it…”

Lin Jia Bao lied on his back in Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s arms. He told him about the three aristocratic daughters that he saw in Yong Shou Palace that morning.

“The empress told me to get along well with them in the future…”

“My dear, you don’t have to worry about this… Do you still remember the promise that this husband made to you?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng turned sideways to face Lin Jia Bao and looked at him with affection.

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Lin Jia Bao looked into Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s eyes, and he could feel the love in the crown prince’s gaze. He really wanted to believe in Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s promise. Moreover, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng has been using his actions to back up his words. In the past two years there really was no one else but Lin Jia Bao in Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s eyes. But…

“Don’t think too much. Your husband will find a way… sleep at ease, all right… my darling’s primary duty right now is to take good care of his health, put on some weight, and grow up some more.” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng pinched his darling’s little nose.

“En… I understand now… for the sake of having babies in the future… take care of my health!” Lin Jia Bao knew that if he could give birth to a few more of the crown prince’s children the empress would be very happy and she would like him even more.

“You’re so good… in the future, darling, you will be just like your mother. How about we have six children?” Xuan Yuan Han Cheng thought about it for a while and then shook his head, “Six is too many, I’m afraid your body won’t be able to handle it… hmm, four is good… hmm… three is fine too…”

“Okay…” In his head, Lin Jia Bao gave the crown prince’s words some serious consideration. If he had six children like his mother, then his children would have siblings to play with as they grow up… As he pondered this, he slowly fell asleep…

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng did not fall asleep. He was thinking about his previous life and about the three people that Jia Bao had mentioned: Yao Yu Lan, Zhang Chun Wei, and Wen Wen Qian.

Yao Yu Lan was also one of his concubines in his previous life. She was a very ambitious woman. Taking advantage of her father and brother’s high position and power, she wanted her son to inherit the throne. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng would not let such a woman enter the palace again. He was not going to give her another opportunity to come in contact with Jia Bao.

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Xuan Yuan Han Cheng had a deep impression of Zhang Chun Wei. She was well known as a sickly beauty in the capital. She had a weak body since childhood. It was not easy for her to reach a marriageable age. She was considered a remarkably beautiful woman, but there was a saying that beautiful women suffer unhappy fates. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng recalled that Zhang Chun Wei passed away during the eighth year of Yuntai…

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng remembered Wen Wen Qian from his previous life because his imperial father and his imperial mother passed away one after another. Wen Wen Qian had just finished observing filial piety* for her grandfather at that time, then immediately afterwards was a country-wide mourning period for the late emperor and late empress, and then the Wen family successively had several elders pass away one after another. Due to a long series of mourning periods, the springtime of her youth got wasted. Later, she became the second wife for an imperial marquis and the stepmother to his children.

[*T/N: When an elder in the family dies, you “observe filial piety” or “express your mourning” by abstaining from marriage for a period of time. I do not know the exact length of time, but I have seen the number three years in some literature.]

Wen Wen Qian was worthy of being the di daughter of an aristocratic family. She treated her stepchildren as if they were her own blood. In all respects of life, she conducted herself as the paragon of the madam of an aristocratic family, and she won the unanimous praise of all the womenfolk within the capital.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt that this Wen Wen Qian was a good seed. In this life, she should not waste the springtime of her youth. Wen Wen Qian’s family background and moral quality was a good match for his younger brother, Xuan Yuan Han Qi.

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Xuan Yuan Han Qi’s untimely death in his previous life has always been one of his greatest regrets. Xuan Yuan Han Qi died young and was still unmarried, leaving no children behind.

In his previous life, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng could only put his youngest son under his brother’s name, so that his younger brother could be said to have a successor…

In this life, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng sincerely hoped that his younger brother could start a family and establish his career earlier. He hoped that his brother would have children and then grandchildren, and live a long, long life!

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