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Chapter 159 (49.1)

Song Zhilan raised his head and his vision abruptly contracted.

The figure that stood before him still had his usual unyielding and domineering posture. Without a word, he blocked all the weapons aiming for Song Zhilan.

[T/N: From Song Zhilan’s POV it looks like the assassins are targeting him in this instance, but they’re actually attacking Su Shi – who is in front of the emperor – because of his [Come, Come and Hit Me] skill.]

At first, Su Shi wanted to furtively protect the young emperor, but under the increasingly fierce siege of the assassins, Su Shi’s actions became too eye-catching to ignore.

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Emotions suddenly surged violently. Song Zhilan gritted his teeth. His tense body was trembling slightly. His gaze was becoming increasingly darker and fiercer.

Who needed this man to save him…?

With the shackles still on him, naturally the prime minister’s movements would be restricted. The tall and straight figure in white suddenly staggered back a few paces as he parried the blade that was coming for his head, but the blade had already managed to penetrate into the man’s shoulder.

Blood seeped through the fabric in an instant, filling the young emperor’s eyes with a screen of red. “Prime Minister–!”

The emperor blurted out the familiar title, but he bit his lower lip hastily and resolutely pushed down the instinctive nervousness.

Su Shi was so exhausted by the siege that he had no time to pay attention to the young emperor behind him. With the iron chain between his wrists, he caught the incoming blade and kept it stuck in his shoulder. He roundhouse kicked the man far away, but in the blink of an eye another assassin came to take his place. They attacked him as if they did not fear death.

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The imperial bodyguards had taken down a wave of assassins easily as if they were chopping up melons or vegetables, but the remaining assassins continued to relentlessly attack Su Shi, and Su Shi finally realized what a terrible skill he had acquired.

The shackles restricted most of his movements. Su Shi frowned. He grabbed the blade of the sword with his bare hands, pulled it down with great strength and threw it on the ground.

Song Rong cleaved the assassin in front of him with one strike. Then his gaze turned to Lu Li who was still in the middle of the siege.

The figure in white was soaked through with blood and almost unable to stay standing, but those frosty eyes were filled with sharp murderous intent, still exuding a cold arrogance that could not be disgraced.

Unfamiliar emotions stirred quietly. The image of the figure in white was seared into his brain, making his heart heat up. He clenched the long blade in his hand and threw himself into the thick of battle.

With Su Shi firmly holding the enemies’ attention, the imperial bodyguards soon gained the upper hand, and not long after they took care of all the assassins.

Su Shi might have analgesics to withstand the pain with, but the toll of physical exertion could not be ignored. When the last assassin fell, Su Shi finally felt like he could extirpate himself from the tension. He staggered back a step and nearly collapsed to the ground.

Two pairs of hands reached out to support him.

Song Zhilan’s pupils contracted and he abruptly withdrew his hands. His expression instantly turned cold. He flicked his sleeves and took two steps back.

The young emperor folded his unoccupied hands into his voluminous sleeves. The warm blood on the palms of his hands felt hot like scalding magma. He clenched his fists tightly. The sight of flesh and blood flying everywhere did not disturb him in the least, but seeing the blood spreading across that man’s body made him feel inexplicable alarm and fear.

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Clearly the young emperor wanted that man dead.

Every night, he would force himself to chew and swallow down the humiliation caused by that man. In his dreams he would hack that man into pieces so that he would not be able to reincarnate whole.

But in this moment, all his negative feelings towards that man turned into a thorn stuck in his chest. He felt confused and lost.

Things did not look encouraging.

Su Shi saw that the protagonist’s misunderstanding value was fluctuating up and down nonstop. He took a deep breath, pushed Song Rong away, and turned to look at the young emperor who wore an expression of uncertainty on his face.

His expression turned cold once again. He was just about to say a few harsh words to the young emperor when his body suddenly shook terribly.

Song Rong’s vision narrowed. He saw the glint of something sharp flying towards them, but in the end he was a step too late.

The sharp arrow that was originally aimed at Song Zhilan plunged deeply into Lu Li’s back.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment.

Song Rong saw red. He ferociously flung the sword in his hand and killed the assassin archer hiding in the shadows.

Song Zhilan’s eyes trembled as he stared at the scene before him in a trance. He looked at the man who blocked the final arrow for him. A chill suddenly wracked his body causing him to shiver uncontrollably.

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