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This Alpha’s Pheromones 121

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Chapter 121 – You Have Another Person’s Scent On Your Body

Qiu Jin could not figure out what Jiang Ming’s mode of operation was right now. Between bettering his relations with Xiang Xi or avoiding potential danger, Qiu Jin didn’t even have to think about it, he directly chose the latter option.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t take the initiative to provoke Jiang Ming, but the other man came looking for him instead.

After successfully avoiding Xiang Xi, Qiu Jin was waylaid by the screenwriter Guan Yuquan for a while. The two were just getting to an exciting part in their conversation when they saw Jiang Ming coming over with a wine glass in hand.

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Qiu Jin wanted to avoid the other man, but Guan Yuquan had already gone up to the other man to greet him, “Jiang-laoshi.”

Qiu Jin turned around awkwardly and also greeted, “Hello, Jiang-laoshi.”

Jiang Ming stood there with a neat suit and a warm smile: “What are you talking about?”

Qiu Jin replied, “Nothing much, just casually chatting.”

Guan Yuquan responded, “I have an idea for a new script and I was just talking to Qiu Jin about it.”

They both answered at the same time.

Qiu Jin: “…”

“Oh? Really?” Jiang Ming glanced over him slowly and said casually, “What perfect timing, I’m planning to make a movie myself and there are some parts in the script that I want to discuss.”

Hearing the other party’s tone, Qiu Jin felt that something was wrong.

“Excuse me, I still…”

Jiang Ming didn’t give him a chance to escape and straight up interrupted him, “It’s a pity. I went to Qiu Jin to discuss the script last time, but he rejected me.”

“Huh? You rejected Jiang Ming’s invitation?” Guan Yuquan was extremely surprised.

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Jiang Ming had the backing of Feihong Media, so even his starting point was beyond the reach of ordinary people. And now he was transitioning into making movies. This was a cooperation opportunity that many people would not even wish for.

How could Qiu Jin not know to cherish such an opportunity?

Guan Yuquan looked at Qiu Jin as if there was something wrong with him and said in surprise, “Is there something wrong with you? Why are you not grasping at such a good opportunity?”

Jiang Ming laughed at himself, “Maybe Qiu-laoshi doesn’t think much of a new director like me.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

This man was so phony.

Qiu Jin smiled awkwardly, and laughed at himself, “I just feel that I’m not good enough, acting in front of Jiang-laoshi would just be displaying my meager skills before an expert.”

“But I don’t think that way,” Jiang Ming smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Little Qiu-tongxue, if you’re being too modest it becomes prideful.”

[T/N: suffix “tongxue” means student]

Qiu Jin: “…”

Forced into a corner, Qiu Jin had no choice but to chat with Jiang Ming.

He thought Jiang Ming was just looking for an excuse to probe him, but he didn’t expect that the other man really had a career need.

After the filming of “Rise and Fall of the World”, Jiang Ming planned to switch from an actor to a director. Actors, after all, have artistic ideals. Jiang Ming didn’t want to make commercial films, but he didn’t want to make purely artistic films either.

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He has a high starting point, and his ambitions were great. He wanted to make a product that would blow up the box office and also be praised by the public.

But his problem was that it was difficult for himself and the screenwriter to integrate these two points.

Qiu Jin was deeply touched. The script was good but it also had depth. These were two aspects that no number of famous directors could have at the same time.

It was not impossible to film it well, but it would be difficult. If you tried to force it when the skills were not enough then it was easy to make all sides unhappy.

Trying to reach too high might result in falling flat on one’s face.

The two went from discussing commercial films to literary films, and then they talked about various gossips in the entertainment circle. Although they could not come to a consensus on the topic, Qiu Jin found that he did not feel so abhorrent towards Jiang Ming anymore.

He realized that Jiang Ming was actually a very outstanding person, and he had solid personal views on both acting and movies.

What was even more surprising to Qiu Jin was that the other party felt like an old friend that he had not seen in a long time. They had surprisingly similar views on many topics. For a moment, Qiu Jing couldn’t tell if he was just playing along or genuinely agreeing in kind.

If they truly shared the same interests then wasn’t that way too cool?

Wait, wait, Qiu Jin, sober up, maybe this is the other party’s trick to lure me into relaxing my vigilance, Qiu Jin thought.

When Qiu Jin came back to his senses, Jiang Ming just so happened to ask him a personal question. Previously, they were talking about the relationship plotline in the film, but in the blink of an eye the other party was asking him what kind of person he liked.

Qiu Jin cheered up and patted his chest to promise: “Don’t worry, I absolutely don’t like Xiang Xi.”

“Why did you only mention Xiang Xi?” Jiang Ming glanced at his face and asked meaningfully, “You think I’ll be jealous of him?”

“How can that be possible?” Qiu Jin laughed, “Didn’t I pursue him before? I was just afraid that you might misunderstand. There is actually nothing between us. There was nothing before, and there will be nothing in the future.”

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