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The Big Landlord 98.1

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Chapter 98.1 – Member System

Presented in front of the master and subordinate pair was a room that could be called an indoor garden.

He was a man with a lot of experience and knowledge, but he couldn’t help revealing a stunned expression at the scene behind the door. He had only seen large manors and large gardens, but he had never seen such a small and natural garden.
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In the depths of the small green garden, there was a delicate and elegant small pavilion that could be faintly seen. From a distance, the scenery must be very pleasant.

It’s been a long time since he was so shocked by something.

It was but an ordinary gambling house that could be seen anywhere, but to think it could be designed in such a way. In his heart he couldn’t help raising a little admiration for those who designed it behind the scenes.

Who would have thought that there would be such a scene in the casino, and who would have thought that the casino could be so elegantly arranged? He had a hunch that this Tian Long Gambling House would one day become the largest casino in Da Ya.

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The handsome man suppressed the throbbing in his heart and was about to walk over, when a person suddenly stepped out without warning and stood in front of them.

“Who are you?”

Da Hei was startled. With a shout, he immediately stood in front of his family’s gong zi like a shield.

The other person was also startled and became momentarily speechless.

The master and subordinate pair took a closer look and found that it was a person who looked ordinary and dressed the same as the servant they saw when they entered the casino.

The handsome man pushed aside Da Hei, and smiled mildly. “We just want to go to the small pavilion inside. I wonder if you can let us pass?”

The servant took a moment to steady himself. He came over for this specific matter. He didn’t think that he would encounter these two men. “Gong zi, really sorry, but the small pavilion is not open to the public for the time being. Please go back.”

The handsome man frowned, and then immediately relaxed.

Such a fresh and pleasant place, if opened on the same day, the novelty would not last long, and there were too many gamblers, maybe it would ruin the scenery here.

“Since that is the case, then forget it.”

The servant let out a sigh of relief.

The handsome man then said, “This little brother, can I ask, when will this place be opened?” He was very fascinated by the little pavilion. He kept thinking that there should be some interesting things there, just like the novelty of the Fight the Landlord gambling game.

The servant replied awkwardly. “This servant is also not clear. The master did not say and we do not know, but if gong zi is really interested, you can come and see again in a few days.”

“If so, then thank you!”

The handsome man thanked the servant politely and brought his guard back to the door. Because the two of them came down from the second floor, they still needed to walk a flight of stairs.

The servant watched them leave and quickly walked over to bolt the door to the indoor garden.

He also came in from this door, but he had used a key. However, after entering, he forgot to lock up. After walking halfway, he remembered and came back, but he didn’t expect someone to have found this door already and came in. If someone really did rush inside, then it would be tragic for him.

There were a total of five pavilions in the small garden, but they vary in height.

These pavilions were not newly built. Even if the Tian Long Gambling House were bigger, it was impossible to build a small garden in such a short amount of time, so these were all ready-made.

When An Ziran bought Feng Hua Gambling House, he didn’t know that there was another place. Later, Zhang Tian Zhong told him that he had a whimsical idea and set up a channel between the small garden and the gambling house after buying it for a large sum.

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However, the five pavilions have been around for a long time, and some places have been eroded and worn out through the years. Later they were repaired and became what they were now.

It was a great success to be able to surprise the handsome man and his subordinate.

Standing on the pavilion, An Ziran could almost see the situation from a distance. He had a good look. He faintly saw two people come in accidentally. Fortunately, one of the servants found out in time.

“Did someone just barge in?”

Fu Wu Tian came over. He did not see the whole process of events.

An Zi Ran returned: “It’s all right, they’re gone.”

Fu Wu Tian asked: “When is wang fei planning to open the small garden to the public?”

Based on the structure of the garden, most ordinary gamblers would not be able to enter, so the garden was mainly aimed at the upper class of Jun Zi City.

An Zi Ran turned around and sat on a tea chair. While making tea, he explained: “I plan to implement a membership system in the gambling house.” Using moneymaking methods from the twenty-first century, it would definitely elevate the casino to another level. At that time, it would be impossible for Bao Hua Gambling House to compete.

“Oh?” Fu Wu Tian was slightly intrigued.

“I’m going to make cards of many levels, such as gold and silver cards. Those with silver cards can enter the premium box on the third floor and enjoy the services inside. If they order food, they can also get a discount. Gold card, its holder can enter the small garden, alas, the specific situation will be explained in detail later.”

The production of the card must be a bit special, because it couldn’t show the identity of the holder by swiping it like in the twenty-first century, so making it and following up was a bit more troublesome.

Right away, Fu Wu Tian thought of the benefits brought about by such a system. “How does wang fei intend to issue such cards?”

An Zi Ran smiled slight, “It’s very simple. Buy it with money. If you want to continue to have the right to the card, you will have to renew it next year. I haven’t decided how much.”

But the cost would definitely not be low. These cards were mainly for wealthy people. He wanted to make a general estimate and then set a suitable price. He was also not afraid of there not being any foolish spendthrifts. He had already released enough temptations; furthermore, most people have calculations in their hearts, that if there were one enticing attraction then naturally there would follow a second.

Wang fei is indeed clever.” Fu Wu Tian praised sincerely.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Fu Wu Tian said, “Wang fei, you don’t know how to be humble at all.”

“What is humility?”

Fu Wu Tian found that his wang fei was occasionally more of a rascal than him.

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