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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 39

Episode 39 – Recap

After praying to the late marquis and Xu Ling’an, Madame Xu laments over Qiao Lianfang and Concubine Wen’s evil actions against the Xu family. Then she talks to Mrs. Du about how Shiyi is too concerned with her career and that’s why she’s not pregnant yet. She’s also not happy with Lingyi supporting Shiyi’s career.

There’s a banquet for the nobles. Xiang Yizhen sees Lin Shixian with the Ou family and she’s shocked that she burned a painting from the Ou family for her husband. At home that night, Madame Xu is reprimanding Shiyi about her association with Lin Shixian. Lingyi defends her. Madame Xu and Xiang Yizhen try to force Shiyi to give up on Xianling Pavilion, but Shiyi begs them to let her continue. The conflict ends with Xiang Yizhen nearly collapsing and Madame Xu grounding Shiyi to her courtyard.

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Various people come to visit Shiyi while she’s grounded: Danyang, Concubine Qin, Erniang, and Wuniang. Erniang and Wuniang then go to pay their respects to Madame Xu. Wuniang wants to plead for Shiyi, but she’s not very eloquent so Erniang steps in to help.

Lingyi visits Shiyi to comfort her. He hopes to negotiate with his mother after she’s cooled off.

Danyang talks to her husband and admits that she didn’t like Shiyi before because she was jealous of Shiyi’s ambitions.

After talking to Shiyi’s sisters and  Xiang Yizhen, Madame Xu’s temper towards Shiyi seems to be cooling, but then Concubine Qin cleverly says a few words that sounds like she’s supporting Shiyi to make Madame Xu angry again.

Concubine Qin starts to reel Amber on to her hook. She lets Amber “accidentally” discover that Concubine Tong’s half of the handkerchief is in her [Concubine Qin’s] possession.

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