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Didn’t Love You Enough 38

T/N: Updating this story a day early because I’m not sure if I’ll have time to log online tomorrow.

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Chapter 38 – Kang’er

Li City

Inside the Imperial Li Palace, the liwang Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong put down the urgent missive that he had just received. His expression looked as unsightly as if he had just eaten a fly.

“This is a move to take away my military power.” Liwang Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong could not contain his anger.

One of the counselors said: “This imperial decree is indeed difficult to handle. They want to take our troops with the excuse of building a dam and digging canals to fight against the Luo River floods. Unfortunately, we cannot defy this imperial decree.”

Liwang took a deep breath. It was not easy for him to come to this vassal state to develop his power base. He had only just started to train his own troops.

“This Xuan Yuan Han Cheng!”

Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong originally had everything planned out. He would grow the military power of his vassal state in the coming two years. Then if something were to arise in the future, he would have the option of advancing or retreating. But now, everything was completely disrupted.

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Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen had a good son. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was an outstanding heir apparent to the throne, and also an opponent that he deeply feared.

In terms of military affairs, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was almost invincible. His actions were decisive and ruthless. One could see how vicious and merciless he was when he gave the order to exterminate the barbarians. And now, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was also doing a remarkable job in government affairs.

The Luo River undertaking was such a large-scale project. Even more, it forced them to have no choice but to dispatch their troops.

After the completion of the project, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s prestige among the people would be even greater. Just thinking about it really gave Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong a great headache.

Fortunately, Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong still had a trump card in his hand, and that was the Crown Princess Xue Cai Yu. He thought about how Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was younger than him by a year, but he still did not have a son despite having a main wife and several concubines…

If Xuan Yuan Han Cheng had no successor, no matter how good he was, and no matter how outstanding he was, there would always be this fatal flaw.

As for Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong, he only needed to grow the strength of his vassal state, and wait for the right opportunity.

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Emperor Xuan Yuan Zhao Shen was past middle-aged, and was gradually getting older. The second prince was impulsive and reckless, brave but lacked tact. The rest of the princes were still young and have not grown up, so there was no cause for concern from that corner. When the time came, as long as he removed Xuan Yuan Han Cheng, then he would not have to meet him on the battlefield and his prospects for climbing onto that seat would be high. Thinking of this, Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong smiled. His counselors all thought that the liwang was driven dumb by anger.

“Forget it, just do what the imperial edict commands. I have another plan. It’s just some engineering project anyway, it won’t take a few years,” liwang said confidently.

Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong wanted to contact Xue Cai Yu. After Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s one-year war expedition, Xue Cai Yu’s powder must have lost a lot of efficacy, and he needed to send her more powder.

If there was no need to, Xuan Yuan Zhao Hong seldom took the initiative to contact her. This was a hidden matter, and no one else knew about it except for the two of them and a few confidants. Even Xue Rong, his maternal grandfather, didn’t know about it, and it has been going well for several years… Just wait patiently for a few more years…

In the following days, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng stayed at the Ping Le Courtyard, where Lin Jia Bao lived, every night. The news that His Royal Highness adored Lin xiaoshi gradually spread, and Xuan Yuan Han Cheng would also never shy away from his love for Lin Jia Bao in front of other people.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt that he would not be able to bear it if the person he truly loved had to be hidden away or covered up. After he was reborn, he vowed to take good care of Lin Jia Bao, keep him safe, make him happy for the rest of his life, and not let his baby suffer any grievances. He would give all the best things in the world to him, and he wanted everyone to know that Lin Jia Bao was his treasure.

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Many emperors would establish a shield by creating the façade of a favorite concubine and giving her a grand status, while at the same time, having her withstand all of the overt and covert attacks in the harem. And the truly beloved one would be obscured and unknown, never getting to enjoy the doting that they ought to receive.

Even his imperial father was like this. Although his imperial father only loved his imperial mother and none of the other concubines, he still shared his grace with the rest of the harem. And though the birth of concubine children was to balance the court, it also caused his imperial mother to secretly shed tears.

He would not let his baby suffer the same.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was confident that he would do better than his imperial father in this life, and he carefully planned and slowly eliminated all threats to him and Lin Jia Bao. He arranged for the secret guards to keep watch day and night.

After the Xue family and liwang are completely taken care of, he will then feel at ease to produce offspring with his treasure, to have his future heirs come into the world.

In the future, he only wanted to treasure his darling, and he would never touch other people. One day, he would have his baby stand beside him and have the courtiers and the people worship…

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  2. I am really enjoying this sweet novel. Just wanted to mention that throughout chinese history, there were indeed some emperors who married for love and choose to be monogamous. Just google it for more info ? I found it quite interesting that the concept of marrying for love is not really modern

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