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FOD: Xue Zi Xuan 5.5

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Chapter 5.5 – A Turn for the Better

Although the system became more merciful (due to lack of energy), the supreme norms set by the Lord God for him were not affected, and if anyone tried to disrupt the original balance of the world, they would be ruthlessly obliterated. And right now, Zhou Yun Sheng’s ideas violated its bottom line, and he was regarded as heresy.

Damn, what’s this all about?! Zhou Yun Sheng jolted like he was struck by lightning, and immediately jumped off the suitcase to pace in place. Xue Zi Xuan has made up his mind to take him away. As a puppet, a container that was only responsible for providing a fresh heart, he had no right to choose.

If making an unreasonable scene, rolling about, and pleading on his knees would make Xue Zi Xuan agree to let him stay here, then he would certainly do it without hesitation. But were these tricks useful? The answer was obviously no.

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Since Xue Zi Xuan changed his face for him, then he must have already figured out a place to settle him. There could only be one Xue Jing Yi in the Xue manor. There was no so-called twin brother at all.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He looked at the remaining time displayed by the system, and finally felt a life-threatening feeling. What did it mean by ‘no do, no die?’ This was exactly it.

As Zhou Yun Sheng was racking his brains, Xue Zi Xuan’s car drove up slowly. If he couldn’t get him to change his mind in half an hour, Zhou Yun Sheng knew that he had only one way to go. But instead of revealing his anxiety, he dragged the suitcase and walked as if nothing happened.

Just at this moment, another car entered the gate and blocked Xue Zi Xuan’s path. Holding Xue Jing Yi, Xue Rui got out of the car. Fu Bo and Xiao Deng took the folding wheelchair out of the trunk and quickly opened it. Xue Li Dan Ni followed next, holding a blanket in her hands.

“It’s so late already, where are you going?” Xue Rui asked in a deep voice.

Xue Li Dan Ni, who was laying a blanket on the wheelchair, also stopped. With a look of anger, she said, “Why are you wearing these clothes? Where did they come from? You also cut your hair. Who allowed you to do it?” She gnashed her teeth in rage, hate boiling over. She looked like she was ready to pounce on him in the next second and tear him to pieces.

Xue Rui gently placed their daughter on the wheelchair, patted his angry wife, and motioned for her to cover their daughter. Only then did he step forward to ask his son, who was getting out of his car, “You want to take him to live in the city?”

As soon as he saw the boy who had a huge change to his appearance, he knew that the boy could no longer stay at the Xue residence. If it weren’t because he didn’t have a choice back then, he also did not want to bring the boy back to the manor. It was natural that his son would send him away. It would be safer to find an apartment and keep him under house arrest than to keep him in the Xue manor. It never crossed his mind that his son would abandon his sister and rather hold on to a stranger, so he was not as angry as Xue Li Dan Ni, instead, he felt that his son had thought things through more thoroughly.

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Xue Zi Xuan looked at his father who he hadn’t seen for a long time with complex eyes. The man now was young and strong, full of energy and spirit. He was at his most prideful and glorious period in life. It was also his cruelest and most callous time of life. He must be thinking that his son was going to take the youth and place him under house arrest elsewhere, which was why his attitude was so peaceful.

House arrest? How could that be possible? He would indeed hide the teen and put an end to others, but at the same time, he would put wings on the youth and let him fly freely, flying ever higher.

But these thoughts must not be known to his father and mother, because Xue Zi Xuan understood that he was just a pianist, and had nothing but a huge savings account. He needed connections, power, and the right to speak in the Xue family, and even the Xue family itself. Only in this way, could he protect his loved one and fight against the future full of variables.

Xue Yan’s strong intervention made him lose his love, but also made him understand that influence and wealth was power. He has long been unable to return to being that pianist who was born for music and died for music. In this life, he lived for the youth, and he would also die for him.

“Yes, I am taking him to the city. It is not convenient to live here.” He nodded slightly, his tone indifferent.

“Okay, find a safe place.” Xue Rui agreed without saying any more, and patted the young man affectionately.

Everything was just as Zhou Yun Sheng had suspected. They really were planning to find a safer place to house him. What should he do now? Kneel down to pester and beg?

The self-destruct procedure has been charged, and it will erupt at any time. The countdown on the dial was also ticking down fast. Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at his wrist secretly. His knees felt a bit sore*. He wanted to kneel.

[*T/N: ZYS is saying that thinking about how he would have to kneel for his life is making his knees feel phantom soreness.]

He forced himself to stand stably, and stammered, “Brother, didn’t you say that living in the city would make it convenient to take care of my sister who is hospitalized? Now that my sister is back, are we still leaving?”

Xue Zi Xuan didn’t answer. Xue Rui spoke, “Of course you have to go. You will start school in a few months. I helped you to contact a school. It is more convenient to live in the city and go to school. After Jing Yi’s health is better, she will also go live there. At that time, you will be together again. Look at Jing Yi right now, she’s simply exhausted, and can’t stand a noisy environment. Even if you stay, you can’t help with anything. Isn’t it better to go over early and adjust to the new surroundings? Later, at school, we will be counting on you to take care of Jing Yi.”

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