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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 70

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Chapter 70

Su Shi, who was being chased through the forest in scattered disarray, suddenly heard the alarm of the protagonist’s misunderstanding value dropping sharply.

Caught off guard, Su Shi tripped and stumbled forward a few steps. A hot stab of pain immediately came from his shoulder.

The situation was a bit strange. The people who pursued him last time were just trying to re-capture him, but this time, every step was filled with the intent to kill. He wondered if the pope had guessed that Ivan already knew the truth and finally made up his mind to kill him.

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This life could not be surrendered until the required mission was completed and he had brought the pope down with him in death.

For the time being, he couldn’t afford to worry about what went wrong with the misunderstanding value this time. Su Shi increased his speed to the limit and rushed deep into the forest without looking back.

The pursuing killers were following him like his shadow.

Originally, he thought that even if he could not escape from his pursuers, he could at least be arrested, and then just wait quietly for the execution date in prison. But it would seem that the plan had already fallen through.

His body has lost its source of strength, and the influence of the brand has intensified with the passage of time. When the sky was dark again, Su Shi was still stuck in the Holy Paladins’ Tomb due to the corralling pursuers.

All possible breakout directions were closed off. Su Shi plopped straight down to the ground without any strength. His chest fluctuated fiercely and there was a painful heat in his throat that reeked of blood.

“I cannot die… I still have something I need to do.”

Although there was no hope anymore, Su Shi clenched his teeth, bowed his head, and kneeled, proactively expressing surrender to the pursuer in front of him.

“I’ll go back with you, please don’t kill me…”

At least let him see the pope. At least give him a chance to strike a final fatal blow.

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The pope had absorbed too much dark power and evil thoughts. No matter how much the protagonist improved his ability, he was destined to never win against the demonized pope.

He must live on.

The customarily straight shoulders finally bent down little by little. The young Holy Paladin dropped his gaze, his left knee nearly touched the cold ground.

The pursuer in the black robe was still unmoved and slowly walked towards Su Shi.

Hot flames suddenly rolled out between the two of them.

Before he could react, Su Shi was already expertly picked up into a bridal carry, and he could not help leaning into that familiar embrace.

“It may get a little hot. Close your eyes.”

A steady timbre sounded serenely by his ear. Su Shi could not open his mouth in time, but rather, felt a smoldering heat before his eyes. The dark flame had already blazed all around them, engulfing the pursuers without mercy.

The sound of wind picked up around them. Strong arms held Su Shi tightly against a broad chest, but he could still faintly detect his whole body heat up almost to the point of being a dry husk. He felt like all the water was burned and evaporated out from his body, causing his vision to turn dark.

Don’t know how long it took before the surroundings cooled down again.

His awareness was already getting very fuzzy. Dizzily, Su Shi wondered where had he left a hole. He blinked his eyes with difficulty, but in spite of himself, he still sunk into a peaceful darkness.

Finding the hot springs cave, Esmond finally came to a stop and carefully laid down the Holy Paladin in his arms.

Blood has thoroughly soaked through the young man’s clothes. His face was pale and bloodless. His eyebrows were drawn together tightly and his lips looked pale and dry.

Flowing water trickled down from the cracks in the stones. Remembering what he saw the Holy Paladin do during the day, Esmond folded a leaf and carefully gathered up some water. Then he lifted Su Shi up and fed the drowsy Holy Paladin.

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When the cool water touched his lips, the sleeping person in his arms still showed some instinctual urgency, and his throat worked hard to drink the water, his Adam’s apple bobbing, clearly very thirsty.

Afraid that he would hurt himself while struggling to drink, Esmond quickly stabilized him and carefully fed him some water.

The clear water finally comforted the young Holy Paladin’s intense thirst and anxiety, and he gradually relaxed. He drowsed peacefully with his eyes shut. The original gentleness and peace returned to his brows.

Thinking of everything that happened in the treasure cave, Esmond’s eyes darkened, and a faint pain silently spread through his chest.

The soul in this body was still kind and sincere. Although he wore a realistically frigid mask, he still silently guarded the people around him in the gentlest way.

Looking at the young Holy Paladin’s brows, which were finally at ease, Esmond contrarily did not feel relieved. He raised his hand subconsciously, trying to wipe off the blood and ash stains on that beautiful face.

The blood stains had dried up, and even after several wipes, it was not all cleaned off. Esmond frowned, and then his eyes suddenly landed on the hot springs off to the side.


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