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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 86

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Chapter 86 (33.3)

Su Shi’s experience points were crumbling. He couldn’t help taking a step forward, but Esmond caught him tightly by the wrist.

A figure in a white robe walked slowly out of the palace.

An abrupt hush descended upon the square. The guards knelt down on one knee. The people were quiet and their eyes fixed upon the person coming closer.

Surrey’s eyes fell on the arriving person. His eyes narrowed, and there was a sudden panic in his eyes: “Y, Your Majesty—“

[T/N: Surrey actually calls him 教皇陛下, which roughly translates to “Your Majesty the Pope” or “Supreme Pontiff, Your Majesty.” I found that a bit clunky in English, so I shortened it to simply Your Majesty in dialogue.]

“Faith is innocent. People gather here under the guidance of oracles. No one has the right to disperse them, let alone the servants of God.”

The pope spoke slowly, glancing at the crowd.

His voice was not loud, but it clearly projected into everyone’s ears.

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“We must admit that this is undoubtedly a mistake made by the papacy, and it almost cost a loyal paladin to pay the price of his life. It is not an individual who caused this mistake, but rather, those who once chose to misunderstand, and all the people who chose to easily trust in us.”

Shame appeared in everyone’s eyes, and the original intense emotions gradually calmed down.

The pope seemed very satisfied, and he nodded slightly for a moment before continuing.

“We regret to inform the public that Bishop Esmond had disappeared not long ago. And the one who disappeared with him is the paladin who we also want to urgently see, who had just been pardoned by the oracle.”

“We swear at the feet of God that we will continue to investigate the truth, no matter how complicated the secret is underneath, we will make people convinced. The sun will rise again.”

When he had finished speaking, he turned around and slowly returned to the palace.

Surrey wore an embarrassed face. He promptly followed close behind. The guards also silently retreated.

The gate of the imperial palace closed slowly. A glorious golden flame suddenly descended from the horizon, falling on the mostly shattered stone statue.

When the flame gradually extinguished, the stone statue was actually recovered and it stood silently in the center of the square.

Unlike the original slightly sloppy carving, each and every line of the armor became smooth and fine. The helmet was held in the stone statue’s right hand, revealed a handsome and delicate face.

Unlike the people’s imagination of a brave and powerful Holy Paladin, the stone statue reflected a clear and bright heroic spirit.

The crowd was suddenly unable to speak.

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The stone statue smiled faintly, his expression fearless, and he gazed calmly to the front. Obviously, one should not be able to tell anything from the eyes of a stone statue, but everyone seemed to see the firmness and loyalty in those eyes.

Out of the blue, someone started to recite hymns, and everyone’s eyes flickered with emotional light.

No one thought that the pope would have such a clear impression of an ordinary paladin, and those glorious golden flames were almost bright enough to reflect the luster of the sun’s light.

Su Shi’s airway felt knotted up. He turned to look at the calm and tranquil cardinal.

“That stone statue is not good-looking.”

Esmond had good reasons. He looked at Su Shi calmly and rubbed the Holy Paladin’s head comfortingly.

“You’re already disguised. No need to worry.”

Su Shi was not worried, but when looking at the protagonist’s skillful set of beauty techniques, he inexplicably felt some overlap with a certain unreliable god.

Su Shi sighed and dragged Esmond to a secluded corner.

“Aren’t you worried about the pope? He deliberately announced this, maybe he intends to push everything on you…”

“He will do this sooner or later, whether I worry or not, it’s the same.”

Esmond insipidly replied in one sentence. Then he looked at the time and led Su Shi out of the square to a restaurant on the corner.

“Are we also eating?”

Su Shi was dragged forward by him, and he followed the other person’s steps in disbelief.

This was too ridiculous!

How can a protagonist stop for a meal while in the middle of saving the world?!

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The Holy Paladin beside Esmond was breathing a little harder, but the paladin himself didn’t even notice it. His eyes were still clearly full of anxiety and the hand gripped in Esmond’s was faintly becoming cold.

Esmond’s eyes dimmed, but he held the Holy Paladin’s hand patiently and let the temperature of his palm be transferred to the other’s hand.

“You are continuing to live by the grace of the sun god. Now that there is no sun, you have to eat more, or use some other method to prevent yourself from becoming too weak.”

Solar Energy Su Shi raised his head, stunned. He blinked. “What method?”

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