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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 69

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Chapter 69 – To Live With Another (Sangeng*) (27.1)

[*T/N: 三更 san geng – third of the five night watch periods 23:00-01:00 / midnight]

On September 1st, Spring Flower No. 2 went on sale.

When this was announced on the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog, fans of the Spring Flower line rushed to tell each other. They clicked into the link and saw the product. Then… huh? What did scar removal mean?!

Wasn’t the Spring Flower series a skin care product line? If someone wanted to remove a scar then wouldn’t they go buy a scar removing cream instead?

Netizens in the comment area asked: why did Spring Flower No. 2 become a scar removal medicine?

However, the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog maintained an aloof attitude towards it all. There was no reply and no further comment, as if saying “buy it if you want, don’t buy it if you don’t want, I don’t care.”

Although many Spring Flower fans were skeptical, they decided to click on the purchase link.

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When they saw the price, they were stunned. 888 yuan! Normally, a scar removal ointment only cost a few dozen yuan to buy. The ones with better results would only cost a few hundred yuan at most. The Spring and Autumn Hall was a skincare product company, so why wasn’t it researching and developing more skincare products? Why was it making some medicinal ointment?

[T/N: At the time of translation, 888 yuan = 139.60 USD or 126.19 Euro]

Some people could not help but refute: Look at the certification on the official blog. The Spring and Autumn Hall is a pharmaceutical company. Making skin care products is probably just a side business.

Netizens: …Dang! You’re right!

If it weren’t for some people that had a sharp eye, almost everyone would think that the Spring and Autumn Hall only researched and developed skin care products.

The feeling of being slapped in the face is really unpleasant, and many netizens meme: They say that they’re a pharmaceutical company, but they were reduced to churning out skin care products, then doesn’t that mean that they lack the technology and skills [to make pharmaceutical products]?

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Some people were upset and countered: What do you mean “reduced to?” Are you saying skin care product companies are inferior?

A verbal fight broke out in a flash, and the comments section of the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog became a bloodbath of vicious words.

After experience the Internet upsurge caused by Spring Flower No. 1, the director of the publicity department of the Spring and Autumn Hall has learned to stay calm. He drank tea slowly and instructed the staff members to control the situation. He was not too worried. After all, the scar removal effect of Spring Flower No. 2 was obvious to all, and real gold would always shine.

He could not help releasing a sigh. Young Master Duan was really too amazing!

It was unfortunate that there would always be people who wanted to go against him.

One of the staff members suddenly let out a low cry. He turned around with a tangled expression, “Director, the general manager of Yalan has commented at us.”

Director of the Publicity Department: …

He clicked a few times on the computer and saw the general manager of Yalan’s Weibo speech.

Xu Ya Ze: I heard that Spring Flower No. 2 is out. I thought that it would be for wrinkle removal, skin brightening, or something along those lines, but it turned out to be a scar removal ointment. [Disappointed] [Disappointed] [Disappointed] @TheSpringandAutumnHall

This person was the son of the chairman of Yalan, and he always spoke like this. As a rich second-generation, he was not only ostentatious in reality, but he was also quite bombastic online.

But because he looked a little handsome and could also flirt with girls, there were lots of girls calling him husband on his Weibo.

His words were meant to be ironic, but some fans just couldn’t tell and thought that he was really disappointed, so they sent him words of comfort.

Director of the Publicity Department: … Forget it. Let’s stop reading the comments, if he kept looking at it his intelligence would likely decrease.

In China, Yalan was considered a leader in the field of skin care products. Even if Spring Flower No. 1 sold well, the Spring and Autumn Hall’s achievements and qualifications were still inferior in comparison.

After Xu Ya Ze’s remarks came out, many people thought that the Spring and Autumn Hall was overestimating itself, that they were just playing to the gallery, and that the goods they sold and the money they earned were unethical.

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Duan Shu Tong heard about the all the stuff happening online but he just remained steadfast. Currently, he was discussing recruitment with Zhai Jun and the director of the personnel department.

He got straight to the point: “I need a few assistants. The requirement is that they majored in medicinal chemistry and have at least two years of work experience.”

The director of the personnel department noted down Duan Shu Ton’s requirements on a small notebook. Young Master Duan was now the company’s cash cow. He mustn’t neglect him in the slightest!

“What about gender?”

Duan Shu Tong: “No restrictions.”

After discussing the recruitment issue, the director of personnel left the office.

Zhai Jun then turned to Duan Shu Tong and asked, “Young Master Duan, this time we don’t need to fight online?”

He felt that the last Jedi counterattack was very cool.

Duan Shu Tong smiled, “The effect of Spring Flower No. 2 is evident. Someone will definitely realize it.”

The current Spring and Autumn Hall was not like before. In the past, using infamy was a last resort tactic, but if he used the same tactic nowadays it would be stepping on their public reputation.

Besides, there were many netizens who thought that the situation was not exciting enough, and some Internet streamers would “cooperate” with the Spring and Autumn Hall again to drive up traffic for themselves.

Feng Ran was precisely one such streamer.

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