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The Big Landlord 103.2

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Chapter 103.2 – Deputy Commander Gong Yun

“I don’t want to.” Helping Li Zhen did not mean that his identity must be revealed.

“This prince has a method.”

An Zi Ran looked up.

Fu Wu Tian held his hand. His wide palm was twice that of the youth. One hand was white, and the other was a honey color. He smiled slightly. “You will know when the time comes.”

The next day, a mighty platoon of imperial guards appeared out of the blue on the streets. They broke into the home of a rich man named Zhao and arrested the master of the house. The entire family was frightened. They ran outside, both the young and the old, screaming that they were wrongly accused. It was a very noisy scene, and a large group of curious people gathered at the door.

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At this moment, a man wearing red armor and a red scarf on his forehead stepped out from among the imperial guards. He was the most powerful one of all the men, and he seemed to be the leader of these guards. The man was frowning, but his facial features looked very young.

Da ren, this is injustice ah!”

Boss Zhao cried in panic. He was just a businessman with a bit of money. He never dared to knowingly break the law. Today, this scene really scared him. He only reacted after seeing the man in red armor step out. With a loud band, he knelt down on his knees.

The man in red armor took a piece of white paper from his bosom and tossed it at Boss Zhao. “Zhao Zhong Lin, is that your fingerprint on the bottom right of this contract?”

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Zhao Zhong Lin trembled and picked up the paper on the ground. With one glance, his face became whiter. This was the contract that he had signed when he ordered a large number of books from Li Zhen, and it clearly stated various terms and compensations. Yesterday, he was saying how Li Zhen wouldn’t be able to take him on, but today, even the imperial guards were showing up at his door. Just what was Li Zhen’s relationship with the imperial guards that he could move them into action?

“Yes… Yes, it is this little one’s.”

With a blank face, the man said, “So, are you still unjustly accused?”

Boss Zhao’s body trembled. If this criminal charge were carried out, then things would not end well for him. If news of this spread, it would have an impact on his reputation, no one would dare to do business with him again.

Thinking of this, Boss Zhao was really scared. If he knew that this would happen then he would not have been greedy for that amount of money. As a result, not only did he not make a profit, he suffered a double loss after trying to trick the enemy.

“Lord Government Official, actually, this little one did not do it voluntarily, but was deceived by others. Begging Lord Government Official to look into this case closely!”

“You were deceived?”

Boss Zhao nodded strongly. “Yes, yes, it was Luo Yang of Bao Hua Gamlbing House. He made this little one do it.”

The man snorted. “In the end, you are avaricious and insatiable.”

“Yes, yes, yes. This little one knows his wrongs, and will never dare in the future. Today… no, right away, this little one will immediately return the penalty fee to Li Zhen. Begging this da ren to show mercy.” As he spoke, Boss Zhao took out two sheets of banknotes from his bosom and obscurely stuffed it in the man’s hands.

The man did not refuse. “Remember your words.”

Subsequently, all the imperial guards left the Zhao family house.

Boos Zhao sat on the ground, wiping the cold sweat that poured from his forehead. His back was already soaked through. He didn’t dare delay. He took enough banknotes with him and personally went to Li Zhen’s carving workshop in person. Originally, he wanted to send one of his subordinates, but when he thought that Li Zhen could actually mobilize the imperial guards, he didn’t dare to offend Li Zhen anymore.

After leaving the Zhao family house, that guard commander casually handed over the bribery money from Boss Zhao to a subordinate at his side.

“Take this and share it with everyone.”

The twenty guards immediately showed cheerful expressions. Their leader had always been generous. He would never be unfair to them when there were good things to split. But they did not expect that this time the good thing was straight up money. The banknotes were only worth a total of two hundred silvers, but even divided evenly among the twenty of them, each of them could still get ten silvers worth of money. This was equivalent to two months worth of salary for them. They had to be covert with this money and not let their other colleagues know, otherwise they would be jealous.

What happened to the Zhao family quickly spread.

Others who had delayed repayment of the penalty fees did not dare to hesitate when they heard about it, and quickly returned the penalty fees to Li Zhen that very day.

When Luo Yang heard about this, he overturned a tea set.

“It seems your plan is useless!” Jiang Sheng laughed.

Luo Yang was so angry that he almost bit through a tooth, yet at this time, this person was still tossing stones at him while he was down? “That imperial guard commander, who was he?”

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Jiang Sheng said, “His name is Gong Yun. One year ago, he was recommended by Yu Bo Fei as the deputy commander of the imperial guards. He has five hundred guards under him who are responsible for the security of the imperial city. He is said to be very upright. And word has it that Yu Bo Fei trusts him very much.”

Yu Bo Fei was the younger brother of Yu huang gui fei. He was the governor commander of the Yu family. If it were the Yu family, it would not be a surprise. Yu Bo Fei was part of the third prince’s faction, who had always been at odds with the first prince and second prince.

“If it is the third prince, then this will be troublesome.”

Luo Yang’s expression was gloomy. “First, let’s report this matter to the master.”

Jiang Sheng glanced at him and got up to leave the room.

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