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The Big Landlord 105.1

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Chapter 105.1 – Cousin

In the private room next door.

Da Hei was so frightened by his family’s gong zi that his heart shriveled and he almost foamed at the mouth.

He had always thought that his family’s gong zi was someone who conducted himself with propriety, although sometimes he would throw a temper tantrum, but most of the time he was very proper and serious.

Consequently, such a proper and serious person lost continuously at a gambling house and went into a debt of ten thousand silvers. This was not a mere one hundred, or even one thousand silvers, this was ten thousand silvers of cold hard cash, and just like that, he gambled it all away.

Da Hei had a face full of black lines. He felt like they were screwed.

Gong gong gong… gong zi…

Da Hei, who had fainted from the overstimulation, finally woke up and spoke intermittently.

Before he could finish speaking, his family’s gong zi slapped him on the head with his the palm of his hand. Bam. Da Hei’s forehead connected with the tabletop. He was finally clearheaded.

Gong zi?

Da Hei covered his head and scowl miserably.

The handsome man glared at him. “What gong gong? This gong zi is not a gong gong*. Call me gong gong again, and this gong zi will slap you into a pancake.”

[*T/N: 公子 gong zi = son of a prominent family, childe

公公 gong gong = eunuch]

Da Hei was terrified. “But gong zi, you lost ten thousand silvers, how are you going to return this amount of money?”

As the gong zi’s personal bodyguard, Da Hei is very clear on how much money his gong zi has in his private storage. To put it bluntly, it was already very good if he had a few silvers. In fact, the gong zi had a pretty big yearly income, but his spending was also huge. Furthermore, he was not like others, he did not spend the money on food, drink, fun, and entertainment, but on painting and calligraphy.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The gong zi liked dancing and writing, and his literary talent was also good. But the gong zi liked to collect paintings and calligraphies from great teachers and famous personages. Although it was an expensive hobby, these paintings and calligraphies from famous people did have collection value. But the crucial point was that when the gong zi came across something he liked, he would buy it right away. No matter what price the seller named, he would never haggle with the other party, so his yearly spending was huge.

If it weren’t for the fact that the gong zi didn’t have to depend on himself to make a living, then they probably wouldn’t even have money for food right now. Among all of the gong zi’s brothers, it was rare for one to be as muddled and reckless as him.

Speaking of the ten thousand silvers, the handsome man also turned silent.

He also did not expect that his luck would be so terrible. Once may be a coincidence, but several times in a row definitely could not be a coincidence. Some moldy spirit must have possessed him.

From the beginning, the handsome man had not thought about how he was actually going to return this amount of money. He said to Zhang Tian Zhong that he would not return this money until he saw the real mastermind behind the casino, but this was just a convenient excuse. However, his identity really could not be leaked out, otherwise he really would lose all face.

[T/N: I’ve been had… I thought this was some ploy to get AZR to show himself… But he really just had sh*t luck, huh.]

Gong zi…”

When Da Hei saw his gong zi’s expression, he knew that it was all over.

The handsome man glanced at him, “I’m not dead yet, what are you weeping for?”

Da Hei sighed. It was not easy to be a personal bodyguard. It was even more difficult to be a bodyguard for this gong zi!

Just as the master and servant pair was bickering, someone from outside pushed open the door to the private room. When they heard the sound, master and servant both turned their heads at the same time to look over. When they saw the person, the handsome man’s eyes could not help but widen.

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The person who walked in was a handsome young man. The exquisite features revealed a touch of indifference. His expensive moon-colored robes complemented him in an especially refined and elegant way. Although he was transmitting a faint aura of indifference, people still could not look away from him.

Da Hei immediately put away the crying expression on his face and hesitantly said, “This gong zi, did you come into the wrong private room? This is…”

“Da Hei!”

The handsome man’s responding shout was instantaneous.

Da Hei went mute.

The handsome man stood up and walked over to the newcomer. He looked him up and down once, and then cupped his hands politely and said, “How should I address this gong zi?”

“This humble one is surnamed An,” the youth replied mildly.

The handsome man laughed and said, “So it is An gong zi. Nice to meet you*. Does An gong zi have some business here?”

[*T/N: There are many ways to say “nice to meet you.” In this case he used the words 幸会 xing hui, which means a fortunate meeting.]

An Zi Ran looked at him askance, “Wasn’t it you who wanted to see me?”

The master and servant pair was shocked and dumbfounded.

“You are the real owner of Tian Long Gambling House?” The handsome man only reacted after a lengthy shocked stupor. His expression was of one who had seen a ghost, because the teenager was too young. He had assumed that the gambling house owner would be a middle-aged person. Only talented, middle-aged people have such boldness and resolution to open a casino. At the very least, the owner should be twenty something years old, but the youth in front of them was clearly only sixteen or seventeen years old.

“Is there a problem?” An Zi Ran narrowed his eyes.

Da Hei blurted out, “Too young.”

An Zi Ran glanced at him and got right to the point, “This gong zi, now you have seen me, can you return the money that you lost in the casino?”

The handsome man muttered a curse at his bad luck. He quickly laughed and said, “An gong zi, I already said this, but this gong zi… don’t have this amount of money on my person. You also know, ten thousand silvers is not a small number. I can’t get such an amount in such a short time. So, can you give me a few days time, and let me go raise the money?”

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An Zi Ran sneered. “So, gong zi is planning to go back on his word.”

“No!” The handsome man immediately denied. Then, in a suave and sincere voice he said, “An gong zi, I didn’t lie to you. I really don’t have that much money on my person. Think about it, who would normally carry around ten thousand silvers? I’m not a fool, right?”

“It is indeed impossible for ordinary people to carry around so much…”

The handsome man rejoiced, “Look, you also feel the same way. If you don’t believe me, I can leave my most important subordinate, Da Hei, here. Seven days later, I will definitely redeem him for ten thousand silvers. How about it?”

[T/N: Ahahaha, poor Da Hei is being sold off as collateral.]

Gong zi?”

Da Hei looked at his family’s gong zi in disbelief.

Gong zi actually wanted to leave him behind as collateral? How could this be?!

He knew better than anyone that his gong zi could not even produce one hundred silvers, never mind ten thousand silvers. If he were really left behind, then he wouldn’t be able to go back for the rest of his life.

The handsome man gave him a warning glare. Not allow to retort!

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