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The Big Landlord 131.2

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Chapter 131.2 – Nomads

Ha Si Mu’s smile instantly froze. He abruptly realized that it was all his own wishful thinking. The so-called help was to give that brat Ta Li guidance?

Wangfei, did you make a mistake?” Ha Si Mu asked dryly, looking at him.

An Zi Ran shook his head and said, “Nothing is wrong.”

Ha Si Mu steadied himself. This time he stopped beating around the bush and said straightforwardly: “As wangfei said, Ta Li is still young, isn’t it too careless to let him be the mayor?”

“Not careless. Ta Li is very smart, thoughtful, and he is not hesitant when completing tasks. The most important thing is that he has vision and foresight that others don’t have. This is indispensible as a leader. On the contrary, being stubbornly complacent will hinder the development of Ali Xiang, don’t you think?” An Zi Ran asked calmly.

If you flipped it around, this meant that Ha Si Mu has no vision and was stagnant.

Hu Si Mu smiled, “But young people are too impulsive. They tend to look forward and forget the things behind them. And it’s hard to convince the masses with lack of experience and seniority.”

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“That’s why the deputy mayor’s help is necessary. Ta Li is a smart person. He can understand things with just a little hint. With deputy mayor by his side guiding him, I believe he will become qualified for his post very quickly.”

Ha Si Mu finally understood. What they wanted was for Ta Li to be the mayor of Ali Xiang. No matter how he hinted, they would not change their minds. Knowing this, he could not help but have a thought. He wanted them to experience the taste of “if you ignore your elders words, then you will suffer in the future*.”

[*T/N: 不听老人言,吃亏在眼前 idiom for “ignore your elders at your peril”]

“Thank you, wangye, wangfei, for your belief [in me], but Ha Si Mu feels that I am getting on in age, and I’m afraid that I don’t have much mental and physical strength to guide Ta Li. I am really ashamed.”

Fu Wu Tian opened his mouth and said: “Deputy mayor is hale and hearty despite the years, no need to be this way. This prince and wangfei will be leaving Ali Xiang very soon. At that time, Ali Xiang will depend on you and Ta Li. With the two you here, we can rest assured.”

Ha Si Mu secretly rejoiced in his heart. He just knew that they could not do without him, but in order to let them know how important he is, he still shook his head, “No, no, wangfei is right, Ta Li is very smart. With him present, wangye and wangfei can rest assured.”

“The deputy mayor is also very important to this prince and wangfei.”

Ha Si Mu sighed heavily and resolutely said: “This old one is already old. It is time to give up his position to the young people. Asking wangye and wangfei to allow Ha Si Mu to resign as deputy mayor of Ali Xiang.”

An Zi Ran wore the expression of one put in a difficult spot.

“Please allow it, wangye, wangfei!

“All right, but if one day the deputy mayor wants to come back, the wangfu’s doors will open for you at any time.”

“Thank you, wangye, wangfei!

When Ha Si Mu left the wangfu, he was still ecstatic. He thought that An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian were really reluctant to let him go, and would definitely invite him back in the future.

Inside the house, An Zi Ran chuckled in a low voice.

“No wonder he was suppressed by Xu Wei Ye for so long.”

He actually wanted to take this opportunity to replace all the important officials in Ali Xiang. It turned out that there were still many people who were Xu Wei Ye’s subordinates. With Xu Wei Ye dead now, they couldn’t make any big waves, but keeping them around would still be a hidden danger.

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But Ha Si Mu was right about one thing.

Young people tend to be impulsive in doing things, and trouble may arise if they don’t think things over carefully, but everyone has their first times. If he wanted to cultivate a group of people of his own, then taking these risks were nothing.

Moreover, this was also a test for Ta Li.

Ta Li officially took office as the mayor of Ali Xiang. This news soon spread throughout Ali Xiang. Some people were happy for Ta Li, and of course there were also some people who felt that it was a shame for Ha Si Mu.

Ha Si Mu worked hard for Ali Xiang for decades, and now a kid who came from behind was squeezing him down. Regarding his resignation, many people thought that the Fu wangfu had fired him. Although Ha Si Mu explained to everyone in person, not many people believed him.

“Since this Ha Si Mu wants to explain, then why does he wear an expression as if he was forced to leave his post? I think he is clearly deliberately leading everyone to think that is the truth.” When Shao Fei came back from outside, his indignant expression seemed to imply that he have heard a lot of rumors.

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