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The Big Landlord 65.1

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Chapter 65.1 – Night Attack and Encirclement

It was night. Five men dressed in black broke into the An manor, which was bathed in darkness.
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The five men in black split up into four directions. Two of them went to An Zi Ran’s bedroom, and the other three went to Steward Su, Su Zi, and the accounting rooms respectively.

During the day, they were able to effortlessly examine the layout of the An family manor. At this moment, in this unguarded place, the two people dressed in black rushed to An Zi Ran’s bedroom.

It was three a.m. and everyone was fast asleep.

The lights in An Zi Ran’s bedroom have long been extinguished. The room was so quiet that you could even hear the flutter of a mosquito’s wings.

One of the men in black pulled out a pipe filled with knock out drugs. He blew the vapor from the pipe into the room. After he finished, he waited a while before carefully opening the door and walking in. The bead curtains made a crisp impact sound. It was very unexpected in the silent night, but the people on the bed did not move at all.

The two men in black glanced at each other.

One of them walked over and carefully lifted the quilt. When he saw that beneath the blanket were not two people, but two big pillows, he was shocked. Just as he was about to say ‘not good,’ a sound of kacha* sounded behind him. That crisp and shocking sound was enough to make his whole body jump and his heart to thud with alarm.

[*T/N: 咔嚓 Chinese onomatopoeia for the sound of breaking or snapping]

The man in black turned cold all over.

When he turned around, his companion had already fallen from the hands of a tall man, and was lying out cold on the floor. His eyes were wide open, frozen in fear.

Their target, An Zi Ran, stepped out from behind the tall man. The white moonlight shining in through the window fell upon his face, revealing a cold and ruthless expression.

The remaining man in black instantly felt a chill climb into his heart.

A second later, there was another corpse on the floor.

An Zi Ran looked at Fu Wu Tian who broke the necks of the two men in black with his bare hands. The disparity in strength was great. He already knew that Fu Wu Tian’s martial arts was stellar. These two men were also pretty good, but for Fu Wu Tian to resolve them so easily, his strength was obviously above expectations.

Fu Wu Tian noticed his gaze and turned his head to meet his eyes, “What is it?”
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An Zi Ran looked away. “Nothing.”

Fu Wu Tian did not expose his lie. But he did not think that his wang fei would not be used to these kinds of situation. Because the first time they met, the scene was bloodier than it was now. But the more it was like this, the more curious he was about wang fei. He still remembered wang fei’s expression from that time. He had the calm and unperturbed countenance of one who had been tempered by blood.

After a while, the situation was also wrapped up over on Ge Qian An and Shao Fei’s side.

The rooms where Steward Su and his son lived were connected. The two men in black who went to those rooms were resolved by Ge Qian An, and Shao Fei took care of the one who went to the accounting room.

Five bodies were transported out of the house overnight and left in front of the door to the government office.

Prefectural Magistrate Jiang and the others who heard the sound at the government office door immediately ran out. The one who knocked on the door wasn’t there, but there were five corpses on the ground. These were the men that they had sent to the An manor.

The guards went over to check if the men in black were still breathing. Finding no signs of life, their faces changed colors, and they immediately hurried back to report. “Da ren, they are already dead.”

Prefectural Magistrate Jiang’s complexion turned ashen. “Dispose the bodies.”

After he gave out the order, he turned around and headed back inside.

The group of people that had rushed out all went back inside. None of them could have foreseen this unexpected turn of events. Their opponents were a mere businessman and a landlord. They actually had the guts to kill the five men that they sent out. This was really unbelievable, but they could only silently swallow this lost.

Liu Fei Hong, who heard the news, hurriedly climbed out of his bed and rushed over. He saw the room full of people with grave expressions. He didn’t even take notice of Qian You Hao and the others who got up and bowed to him. He quickly sought out Jiang Zhong Ting. “I heard that the people we sent to the An manor were all killed. Is this true?”

“I’ve already had someone take care of the corpses. Now we can be certain that the ledger is in the hands of An family’s young landlord.” Jiang Zhong Ting’s expression was still twisted into something ugly. Not only was he unable to obtain the ledger, but he also lost five elite trusted agents. It wasn’t difficult to cultivate an elite agent, but to find one that he could trust was hard.

Liu Fei Hong was even more anxious. “Since it is confirmed, then we must immediately find an appropriate time to end the An family.”

As long as the ledger was not retrieved, he would be sitting on pins and needles. When he first received the news he was unwilling to believe it, that some little nobody would have a ledger with such fatal evidence in it, and he never knew that such a book existed.

If it weren’t for Jiang Zhong Ting this time, he would probably die very miserably.

“We must retrieve this ledger as soon as possible, we cannot delay any longer!” Jiang Zhong Ting said with a sullen face. He sacrificed five men on this mission. He must get that book back to make up for his losses.

“What are you waiting for? As far as I’m concerned, there is no need to wait until tomorrow. We will send out the troops right now and encircle the An family.” Liu Fei Hong was so agitated that he stood up, wanting to go out right away. That ledger hung over his head like the sword of Damocles*.

[*T/N: The original text used 心病 “heart disease,” but I thought “sword of Damocles” would be the better English equivalent.]

“Liu da ren, wait a moment!”

Qian You Hao suddenly called for him to halt.

Liu Fei Hong was impatient, but seeing that it was Jiang Zhong Ting’s trusted aide, he tried to exercise patience. “Is there something else?”

Qian You Hao explained, “I think there’s something odd about the An family. Our men were quite skilled, but they were killed not long after entering the An manor. The An family is merely a landlord of An Yuan County. They’re all normal people, how could they possibly kill our men. Da ren, don’t you feel that this is very strange?”

[T/N: Dun dun dun… There’s a smart one on the villain side.]

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  1. This villain is smart, but the others are dumb, so I hope they can’t achieve anything even knowing something is fishy.

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