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The Big Landlord 94.2

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Chapter 94.2 – Worker

The craftsman who took the lead said hesitantly, “Gong zi, you seem to have given too much.” It’s not that he did not want to get more money, but he would feel uneasy in his heart.

An Zi Ran explained, “You don’t have to doubt it. This pay is for your half month of work. About what you are doing here, I don’t want you to speak to anyone about it, including your family members.”
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Once they heard that there was a reason for it, the five people were relieved.

“There is one more thing.”

The five of them immediately perked up their ears to listen.

“I want to ask you to continue carving these little things. I need a lot of them. If you agree I will pay each one of you four strings of coins monthly.”

The five of them looked at each other. They didn’t expect him to say this. The most important thing was that there were four strings of coins per month? This was more than their usual monthly salary by an entire string of coins. It was impossible to say that it was not tempting, but it was also impossible for them to agree immediately. This matter had to be discussed with family members first before they could make a decision.

An Zi Ran knew what they were thinking and did not force them to make a decision right away. He then asked Steward Zhou to send the five people out from the back door. In order to not let them know that this was the Imperial Fu Palace, he had Steward Zhou implement a few small measures.

When Fu Wu Tian came home, An Zi Ran discussed with him the matter about wanting to open up a little shop.

It was best do this kind of thing as fast as possible. If the news were to spread, it would be troublesome to think up of something new later. Some businessmen were very astute. They would make a move as long as there was a small business opportunity. At that time, the price for ivory and cattle bone would certainly rise.

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An Zi Ran intended to start the shop first, and then recruit a group of workers. He would not hand over the whole set of procedures to the same worker. At that time, it would be divided into multiple batches, like an assembly line. A group of workers would be responsible for polishing, another group would be in charge of carving, etc, etc. However, there must be a shop first, for all this to happen. It wasn’t feasible to bring all the workers to the Imperial Fu Palace after all.

“How big do you need it to be?” Fu Wu Tian asked after listening.

An Zi Ran summed it up. “It is better to have multiple compartments, and to hide a little. I plan to try a dozen workers first.”

Fu Wu Tian nodded his head to show comprehension. “How are the soaked seeds from yesterday coming along? Can they be planted?”

An Zi Ran replied, “General Guan preserved them well. There are very few bad species. However, it takes a large amount of land to expand the planting area. It is best not to be discovered.” He was going to look through the map of Da Ya today to see where the environment and conditions were best for planting.

Fu Wutian said: “What special requirements does this plant have for the growing environment?”

“The lighting conditions must be good, there must be sufficient water, and good soil is also required. All the requirements are relatively high.” An Ziran thought about it back and forth, but still felt that it wasn’t very possible to keep this a secret. A place with such a good environment must be a prosperous place with a high population count. Once the seeds grew, this never before seen crop would definitely draw attention from many people.

Wang fei.”

Hearing Fu Wu Tian’s voice, which seemed to carry a hint of a smile, An Zi Ran looked up.

Fu Wu Tian said, “Don’t you think that Ali Xiang is suitable?”

An Zi Ran’s eyes widened slightly.

When the two returned to the study, An Ziran immediately took out a book with detailed information about the land of Da Ya from the shelf, and soon turned to the page related to Ali Xiang.

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Whether it was the status of the place or the planting conditions, Ali Xiang was very suitable for growing cotton. The most important thing was that Ali Xiang was Fu Xiao’s land. After his death, that place was still under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Fu Palace. The Chong Ming Emperor could not withdraw this piece of property. In addition to this, Fu Wu Tian himself could still own another piece of land.

“Let’s try it out in Ali Xiang first.” Fu Wu Tian made a decision.

An Zi Ran had no objection. For the time being, he did not want to leave Jun Zi City, and it was also impossible for the emperor to bestow land to them right now.

Fu Wu Tian’s work efficiency was very high. Before the craftsmen responded back to An Zi Ran, Fu Wu Tian had already found a suitable place for the shop, and coincidentally, it was behind Tian Long Gambling House. The two places were separated by only one street.

Asides from the previous five artisans, the others were all new faces. They had all came for that promise of four strings of coins as monthly salary.

An Zi Ran did not have the five craftsmen keep secret in this regard, and told them to hit up some of their fellow peers. The other people only knew that they were here to carve, but were not sure about what. The shop was still incomplete. An Zi Ran had them register their names first. After the shop was finished, they would be told to come in to work.

On the other hand, Guan Su was assigned another task.

Ali Xiang was far away from Jun Zi City. After deciding to plant the seeds in Ali Xiang, Fu Wu Tian sent a letter to him and had him carefully preserve and send the cottonseeds to Ali Xiang.

An Zi Ran had asked for a lot of seeds at the beginning, so Guan Su had his men gather a lot, enough to fill several boxes to the brim. Although some of the seeds went bad during the transport, fortunately most of them were well preserved.

Guan Su had just returned to Jun Zi City not long ago, but now he had to leave again. Guan Su dragged Shao Fei away for grunt work and then swaggered off.

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