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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 16

Episode 16 – Recap

The Ou family is trying to instigate trouble with the soup kitchen. They planted their people within the refugees to stir up trouble. Shiyi gets hurt. Lingyi returns in time to bring the situation under control.

Lingyi finds Lingkuan singing opera at home, and he is angry that Lingkuan was playing around while such a big thing was happening to the Xu family.

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Lianfang once again escapes blame due to Madame Xu’s bias, but she has to give up her nanny who took the blame for everything. [Well, it was all her fault, but Lianfang counts as an accomplice for covering up for her, so she should’ve been punished too.] Before leaving, the nanny tells Lianfang to be vigilant against Shiyi. [Geez, even when she’s exiting the stage, she still has to add oil to the fire.]

Because of this incident, Lianfang has to give up management of the household affairs to Shiyi.

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