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The Sword and The Brocade Ep 38

Episode 38 – Recap

Concubine Wen is sent away to live in the suburbs as punishment.

Shiyi bids Amber to go check on Lin Shixian. Amber finds him injured and cries as she helps him apply medicine. Ou Lixing comes looking for trouble with Lin Shixian. Amber undresses and pretends to be fooling around with Lin Shixian to drive Ou Lixing away. Lin Shixian tells Amber not to come around anymore. Amber basically confesses her feelings for him, by saying she understands his feelings for Shiyi because she feels the same way for him, which is they just want the person they like to be happy.

Marquis Jingyuan has put Wang Jiubao’s wife and son under house arrest. Wang Jiubao is the most influential leader of the remaining pirates.The imperial court wants to offer him enlistment. So Lingyi wants to go to Nanjing to look for Wang Jiubao’s family and win his trust. Then Wang Jiubao might testify against Marquis Jingyuan.

Erniang finds out that Shiyi has been helping her through Jinlian. Erniang is pissy at first, but gets over it.

Ou Lixing commands Concubine Qin to break up Lingyi and Shiyi by using Lin Shixian.

Lingyi comes back from Nanjing to see Shiyi hugging the fan he gave her.

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Fu Linbo gives Dongqing medicine for her burns. Dongqing takes one of Lingyi’s belts (that Shiyi embroidered for him) as reference material to make one for Fu Linbo. Amber sees the belt in Dongqing’s hands and misunderstands that Dongqing likes Lingyi, so she tries to subtly warn Dongqing off, but her words fly over Dongqing’s head.

Amber drops her sister’s handkerchief by accident. Concubine Qin sees it and finds out that Amber is Concubine Tong’s sister, and decides to use this to her advantage.

It is the anniversary of the late marquis and Xu Ling’an. Xiang Yizhen wants to burn a bamboo picture for her husband, but her art skills are lacking. So Concubine Qin points her in the direction of Lin Shixian. Xiang Yizhen goes to request a drawing of bamboo from Lin Shixian.

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