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When the Villainess Loves Ch 21-30

Chapters 21-30 Recap

MC wants to reduce the impact that Ariel’s future words will have on the duke by saying her dialogue first, so she finds Cain training at night and tells him to “rest.” Cain misunderstands her actions to mean something deeper than they are, which causes his feelings for her to deepen. Eugene sees this scene and thinks to himself that Cain has completely fallen (for her).

MC gets rid of the princess’ salons because she knows that they will go bankrupt in the future, but her maids misunderstand and think the reason has to do with her illness. MC has not told them the details of her illness, so they think she’s dying from the rumors spreading about her.

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MC goes into town with Eugene and Cain. They go to a bar and overhear someone basically saying good riddance to the rumors of the princess’ death. Eugene gets angry and beats them up. Their trio catches the attention of Herrace and Daniel. Eugene is very agitated on Libertia’s behalf and hugs her. Herrace sends an attack at MC that Cain deflects.

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