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Didn’t Love You Enough 53

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Chapter 53 – A Sense of Loss 

The next day, with Xuan Yuan Han Cheng’s consent, Lin Jia Bao took Yuan Qing with him and went straight to the Royal Snack Kitchen after his afternoon nap. Now he could often eat the snacks from the Royal Snack Kitchen in Ping Le Courtyard, but he still couldn’t help missing the days when he used to work in the Royal Snack Kitchen.

The scenery outside the Royal Snack Kitchen was still the same as it was a month ago. It was Lin Jia Bao himself who has gone through earth-shaking changes.

Upon stepping into the Royal Snack Kitchen, he could smell the sweet aroma in the air, which was so nostalgic. Lin Jia Bao took a deep breath and looked for Lin-momo and the others, but he didn’t see them. He only saw two new faces in the kitchen.

“An Zhu, it’s you! Did you come back to see us?” Yu Ling trotted over as soon as she saw An Zhu. She spoke with a very happy and excited tone.

“Yeah, I miss everyone, so I came back to see you guys. Yu Ling, where are Lin-momo and the others? There are new people in the Royal Snack Kitchen now?” Lin Jia Bao was also very happy to see Yu Ling.

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“Aiya, An Zhu, you’re dressed so good-looking now. I almost couldn’t recognize you. I heard that His Royal Highness is super enchanted by you.” Yu Ling said with a smile and gave him a salute. “Greetings to Lin-xiaozhu!”

The other two people in the kitchen also came over to greet Lin Jia Bao.

Lin Jia Bao was also all smiles as he helped Yu Ling up. Embarrassedly, he said: “Heehee… Yu Ling, don’t make fun of me.”

“Haha, An Zhu, you haven’t changed at all. Lin-momo and Yu Shuang went to deliver snacks to Her Majesty. They will be back in a while.”

“Oh, then I will wait for Lin-momo and Yu Shuang to come back. By the way, where is Yu Long-jiejie*? Why haven’t I seen her?” Lin Jia Bao asked.

[*T/N: jiejie – “older sister,” can be used to address any female that is older than you]

After hearing Lin Jia Bao’s question, Yu Ling’s eyes flashed unnaturally, “Yu Long… she has a cold. You also know that our Royal Snack Kitchen is a place for making food. It will be bad to work here while you’re sick [and contaminate the food]. So Lin-momo moved her to another palace, and she will come back when she recovers from her illness.” However, Yu Ling knew that Yu Long would not be able to come back to the Royal Snack Kitchen ever again.

“Oh, so that’s what happened…” Lin Jia Bao didn’t think too much after hearing her explanation.

At this time, Lin-momo and Yu Shuang came back and they were both very happy to see Lin Jia Bao.

“Lin-xiaozhu, why are you here?” Lin-momo said happily, “Let me take a look at you… en, looks like you gained some meat on you and your complexion is also good.”

“Lin-xiaozhu has grown a little bit taller, too.” Yu Shuang added.

“That’s right, that’s right, he used to come up to me here, but now it’s a little bit higher.” Yu Ling gestured to herself like a measuring stick.

“Haha! Yeah…” Hearing that he grew a little taller, Lin Jia Bao was also very pleased with himself and smiled happily. Then he said to Lin-momo: “Momo, let me make some snacks. I want to make them for His Royal Highness.”

“Sure, would you like me to help you? Do you still remember how to make the snacks?” Lin-momo asked.

“No need, momo, I can do it by myself. I haven’t forgotten how to make them.” Lin Jia Bao said. Then he went to clean his hands and started preparations.

Lin Jia Bao busied about all afternoon, making several kinds of snacks. He returned to Ping Le Courtyard with Yuan Qing in high spirits. Yuan Qing carried the food box, “Lin-xiaozhu’s craftsmanship is so good. His Royal Highness will definitely like it.” Just now, he was fortunate enough to taste some of the desserts that the little master made himself. The taste was indeed a cut above the rest.

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“Next time I will make more so that you and Shu Ya and them can all have a taste.” Lin Jia Bao said to Yuan Qing.

“That would really be a blessing for us inferior ones…” Yuan Qing was really happy to have a master like Lin-xiaozhu, who thought about the little* ones.

[*T/N: little as in status, not in stature or age]

When Lin Jia Bao returned to Ping Le Courtyard, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng was still working in the inner study, and Lin Jia Bao did not dare to interrupt him, but freshly made dim sum was the most delicious, and it would not taste good once it went cold.

Seeing Lin-xiaozhu’s hesitation, Yuan Qing ran out, and returned to him after a while, and reported, “Yuan Fu-gonggong said that Lin-xiaozhu can go to the study room to see His Royal Highness.”

“It’s better not to go. The inner study is a very important place. I can’t go there.” Lin Jia Bao was hesitant.

“You don’t need to worry about this. Yuan Fu-gonggong already said this before, His Royal Highness has decreed that Lin-xiaozhu can go see His Royal Highness at any time.” Yuan Qing thought that His Royal Highness’s love for Lin-xiaozhu was truly one of a kind.

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