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Didn’t Love You Enough 59

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Chapter 59 – Promise

The next day, bright and early in the morning, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng woke up. He kept his movements soft and quiet as he pressed a kiss to Lin Jia Bao’s forehead and got out of bed.

While changing clothes, Xuan Yuan Han Cheng saw that Yuan Fu seemed to want to say something to him but was hesitating. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng waves his hand and said softly, “Go out and talk.”

Last night, Jia Bao suddenly woke up with a start in the middle of the night. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng has always been a light sleeper. He could feel movement at his side and promptly woke at once to placate his darling.

Xuan Yuan Han Cheng felt very distressed to see his baby in a state of panicked fright. He knew that this was a manifestation of his baby’s insecurity, but he could only slowly use actions to improve his baby’s anxiety.

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On the way to morning court, Yuan Fu told His Royal Highness that Xu Xue Ying had hanged herself lest night. Xuan Yuan Han Cheng stopped when he heard this. It looked like Xu Xue Ying still walked the same path as the previous life.

“Tell everyone in Ping Le Courtyard to keep their mouths shut tightly and don’t let this news reach Jia Bao’s ears.”

His baby has never experienced this kind of thing before, and he was so softhearted and kind. He definitely would not be able to sleep well if he heard about this.


Although Yuan Fu severely restrained the palace servants so that the news would not reach Lin Jia Bao’s ears, the news still spread slowly in the East Palace.

At that time, many people in the palace saw Lin Jia Bao coming out of Xu Xue Ying’s restricted courtyard, and then Xu Xue Ying killed herself that night.

Everyone could not help but raise eyebrows and cast sidelong glances. In their hearts, they all thought that this Lin-xiaozhu was quite formidable. Wordlessly and silently, he forced Xu Xue Ying – a woman who was once deeply doted on by the crown prince – to death…

One day, Yu-shi visited Song-shi’s courtyard to have tea with her. Song-shi’s temperament was honest and quiet. Yu-shi was lively and talkative. And their courtyards were right next to each other, so Yu-shi often came over to chat and gossip with Song-shi.

“I’m afraid that this ger xiaoshi’s tricks are at a higher level than Xu Xue Ying’s. Ever since His Royal Highness got him, he has not taken a step outside of Ping Le Courtyard.” Yu-shi saw Song-shi minding her own business and tasting the tea and refreshments, so she added: “Do you think we should go and pay him a visit?”

“That isn’t too appropriate, ba. Ping Le Courtyard is connected to the inner study room. It is a forbidden area and we are not allowed to enter.” Song-shi didn’t dare. It was because that personal palace maid* went to the inner study room and angered His Royal Highness that she* became confined. “There will always be chances to see him in the future, ba.”

[*T/N: The raws was a little unclear, but I think this may be referring to Xu Xue Ying and her personal palace maid, Bi Zhu. The other concubines don’t know the truth of what went down, so they think the reason that Xu Xue Ying was confined was because her personal maid, Bi Zhu, went into the inner study room, which was forbidden to them. The real reason was that Xu Xue Ying and Bi Zhu did a lot of bad things, like causing the other concubines’ miscarriages and slipping XYHC impotency medicine.]

“Aren’t you curious?”

Yu-shi herself was very curious. She had long wanted to see the rumored incomparably beautiful ger. But the cowering Song-shi refused to go with her, so she could only think up ways to see him in the future.

Yu Qin has already stepped out of the shadow of losing her son. Right now, she was grinding her hands into fists and thinking of giving birth to another son for His Royal Highness.

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So hateful, ah! That ger was really so hateful. Unexpectedly, his tricks were even better than Xu Xue Ying’s. In the past, when Xu Xue Ying was favored, they could still get the crown prince for a few days. And now… she could only see His Royal Highness when he visited her daughter…

“By the way, I heard that Kang’er is sick again.” Both Yu-shi and Song-shi’s daughters had poor health, so the two would often exchange experiences of how they took care of their daughters.

“Yeah, a fever burned up suddenly, and it scared me at the time… Fortunately, the fever has gone away…”Song-shi still had lingering fears when she thought about it just now.

On that day, Xu Xue Ying’s words successfully persuaded Kang’er, so Kang’er forced Hong Wei, the little palace maid at her side, to go and bring Lin Jia Bao into Xu Xue Ying’s courtyard.

In the evening, she sent Hong Wei to go see what was up wit that freak. Hong Wei sneakily peeped around outside Xu Xue Ying’s courtyard. Coincidentally she saw the moment the palace people were carrying out Xu Xue Ying’s corpse. And she also heard the palace people talking about how formidable Lin-xiaozhu was. She got so scared.

After Hong Wei went back, she told the little master Kang’er what she had seen and heard. Kang’er was already five years old and she already understood what was death. She was so frightened that she got a fever that very night.

Hong Wei herself was also scared to death. If it were discovered that she was the one who led Lin-xiaozhu into Xu Xue Ying’s courtyard, her little life would be forfeited… Hong Wei scared herself so much with her own thoughts that she, too, soon fell ill.

The nanny that took care of Kang’er didn’t think much of it. She simply thought that Hong Wei got sick from taking care of the ill little master. So she temporarily moved Hong Wei elsewhere.

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