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Didn’t Love You Enough 60

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Chapter 60 – Qin Family

Lin Da Zhuang and his party finally arrived in Xu Province. Lin Da Zhuang, Lin Jia Wen, and Qin Kai Xing thanked the cavalry for guarding them along the throughout the journey. Lin Da Zhuang and the others politely declined the cavalry’s offer to escort them back to Pei County. It would be too ostentatious to go back like this.

They separated from the cavalry in front of Pei County. Then Lin Da Zhuang, Lin Jia Wen, Qin Kai Xing, and their shop assistants and servants brought the five carriages into Pei County.

The guards guarding the city saw that they had brought back five large carriages and said fawningly to Qin Kai Xing: “Young Master Qin, where did you get rich and come back from?”

Qin Kai Xing also replied heartily: “These are goods brought back from the capital. Everyone, remember to come visit our shop, ah…”

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“Haha, then Young Master Qin has to give us a discount. The woman* at home just so happens to be making a ruckus about wanting new clothes.”

[*T/N: 婆娘 po niang – a derogatory way of saying woman. And the guard is referring to his wife.]

“But of course…”

After arriving at the Qin family house, Qin Kai Xing again ordered his shop assistants and family servants to help unload the goods. Then he reloaded a large carriage full with the earthenware he had bought from the capital and the meeting gifts from His Royal Highness.

After that, Qin Kai Xing personally escorted his father-in-law and eldest brother-in-law back to Lin Jia Village. It was late when they arrived at Lin Jia Village, and it was already time for every family to have dinner. There were no people out on the village roads and no one noticed their arrival.

The Lin family was also having dinner at that time, and they were just talking about how it was about time for their father and eldest brother to come back.

When they saw Lin Da Zhuang and the others coming back, the family was very excited, and Zhang Hui Niang whipped up a few more dishes.

They also invited Qin Kai Xing to have dinner together with them. It would be impolite to refuse, so Qin Kai Xing accepted the invitation and the whole family had a lively dinner.

During the meal, everyone rushed to ask about Jia Bao’s situation. Lin Da Zhuang thought for a while and then said: “Eat first, Jia Bao is living very well. Kai Xing, you have to eat more. This time, we really troubled you.”

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Everyone was relieved to hear that Jia Bao was doing well. One after another, they all persuaded Qin Kai Xing to eat more.

Lin Da Zhuang wanted to find the right time to talk to Zhang Hui Niang first.

After dinner, the family saw Qin Kai Xing out the door. After that, everyone was busy sorting out the presents that Lin Da Zhuang and the others had brought back.

“This Kai Xing has bought too much. How much does this all cost? No matter how rich you are, you can’t just squander it like this!” Zhang Hui Niang looked at the exquisite gifts and felt that this son-in-law of hers was spending too much money.

Lin Da Zhuang opened his mouth but the words got trapped in his throat.

“Kai Xing is a good person. The goods that we brought to he capital this time sold very well. If he didn’t give some presents to you, his elder, then it would not be appropriate.”

The things that Xuan Yuan Han Cheng gifted were naturally of excellent quality. The ginseng and bird’s nest were all top grade products. Zhang Hui Niang did not know the true value of these things, but she was already distressed to the max.

Among the gifts were also a set of pearl head ornaments and a pair of white jade bracelets designated for Zhang Hui Niang. The luster of the smooth pearls on the head ornaments instantly captured the hearts of all the females in the Lin family.

Although Zhang Hui Niang was lamenting about how much money her son-in-law spent, she still liked the gift very much.

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This son-in-law of hers was really attentive.

“It’s so beautiful! This must be very expensive. Da Zhuang, ah, why didn’t you stop son-in-law from buying this? I won’t have any occasion to use such expensive head ornaments! Isn’t this a waste of money?”

In his heart, Lin Da Zhuang was saying, that was His Royal Highness who bought this, how could he possibly stop the crown prince, ah…

Apart from Zhang Hui Niang, Lin Jia Wen’s wife, Wu-shi, and Lin Li Er and Lin Xiu Er also received beautiful and exquisite hairpins with all kinds of precious stones. They all exclaimed in admiration when they received their gifts.

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Wu-shi gently and carefully held on to the pearl hairpin she received. She really loved it. Lin Xiu Er inserted her pearl hairpin into her hair right then and there, and elatedly demanded compliments from everyone.

Lin Jia Wen said to their mother: “It would be too eye-catching to wear this outside. Xiu Er is still young, so mother should help her put it away first. If you lose it, it won’t be good.”

Lin Da Zhuang said, “All right, lets take care of these things slowly in the future. Jia Wen and I are tired and want to rest early.”

Zhang Hui Niang looked at her husband and son’s tired faces, and quickly went to boil some hot water so that they could wash up and retire to bed early.

In the evening, Qin Kai Xing returned to the Qin family’s house. Just after he finished bathing and changing his clothes, one of the servants told him that the old master and mistress wanted to see him and ask him a few things.

Qin Kai Xing walked into the main hall and saw his parents and Jin Er all sitting and waiting for him.

Old Master Qin asked his son: “Kai Xing, did the trip to Beijing go well this time? The things that you brought back this time… what is going on?”

That afternoon, Mrs. Qin and her daughter-in-law, Lin Jin Er, were sorting out the earthenware that her son had brought back from Beijing. The stuff that they were organizing at the beginning was the special products that Qin Kai Xing had brought back from Beijing. When Mrs. Qin and Lin Jin Er saw these, they didn’t think much of it. But when they reached the meeting gifts sent by His Royal Highness, they felt that something was off about the items.

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