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Didn’t Love You Enough 61

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Chapter 61 – Qin Family

Mrs. Qin wondered how could Qin Kai Xing have brought back so many things this time. When she saw the gift list sandwiched amongst the items, she was even more dumbfounded.

The gift list clearly indicated that top-quality biluochun* and a fine tea service was for Old Master Qin, a set of pearl head ornaments was for Mrs. Qin, and a delicate ruby beaded hairpin was for Lin Jin Er. Even the three little children had designated gifts.

[*T/N: biluochun a.k.a. pi lo chun is a type of green tea grown in the Dongting Mountain region near Lake Tai in Jiangsu.]

Qin Zi Cong received a transparent jade pendant. The dragon and phoenix twins received longevity locks of gold inlaid with jade*. There were also some tonics such as ginseng and bird’s nest.

[*T/N: longevity locks – ornaments in the shape of a lock that is supposed to represent long life]

The prices of these things were not low, and they could not be bought without thousands of taels of silver.

The gifts were also tailored to the receiver. Old Master Qin was someone who loved tea. The top-quality biluochun was a tribute tea, and it could not be bought with mere money. How could Qin Kai Xing get such a good product? Old Master Qin wondered about this with suspicion. He knew how many silver taels his son had brought with him to Beijing, and even if the goods he brought along had sold well, it was still far from enough to afford these gifts.

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“That’s right, ah. Son, which noble person gave [us] these gifts?” Mrs. Qin was also very curious. She had once attended a gathering hosted by the prefectural magistrate’s wife, and she had seen that the pearls worn by the prefectural magistrate’s wife were not as big and round as hers.

Qin Kai Xing first dismissed the servant girl that was serving tea. Then he slightly lowered his voice and said, “These are all gifts from His Royal Highness…”

Old Master Qin, Mrs. Qin, and Lin Jin Er were all surprised when they heard that.

“His Royal Highness… how come you have a relationship with His Royal Highness?”

“It’s all because of Jia Bao,” Qin Kai Xing said softly.

“Jia Bao! What happened to Jia Bao?” Lin Jin Er asked nervously.

“Jia Bao is now the crown prince’s xiaoshi. His Royal Highness is very affectionate with Jia Bao. He not only sent meeting gifts, he also sent a small team of cavalry to escort us back. Father-in-law didn’t want to be too ostentatious, so he only had them escort us up to Xu Province.”

Lin Jin Er was shocked to hear that her younger brother had became the crown prince’s xiaoshi, she was not happy like her mother-in-law. Instead, she was deeply worried at heart.

Qin Kai Xing spoke about his experience in Beijing, and then he took out the Qi family’s name card and gave it to Old Master Qin.

Holding on to that name card, Old Master Qin was extremely excited.

“This is really a great opportunity…”

“Father-in-law said that he hopes we won’t disclose anything before the provincial capital makes the announcement.”

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“Yes, our in-law is quite right. We must be strict about restraining the tongues of all the servants who followed along this time.” Old Master Qin nodded in agreement and instructed.

“All the shop assistants and servants who went along this time are all family. I will restrain them well.” Qin Kai Xing said.

That night, Lin Jin Er tossed and turned restlessly in bed. In the end, she couldn’t help it and gave her husband, Qin Kai Xing, a little push.

“Husband, Jia Bao, is he really doing well?”

“Jia Bao is really doing well. His Royal Highness likes him very much! Don’t worry too much. When I have the opportunity to go to the capital again in the future, I will bring you to see him.” Qin Kai Xing said comfortingly to his wife.

Lin Jin Er kep asking about Jia Bao’s situation as soon as they returned to their bedroom, but after receiving Qin Kai Xing’s repeated assurance, she still did not feel relieved.

Lin Jia Bao’s entry into the palace had hit her hard. Lin Jin Er had originally planned to have Jia Bao also marry into the Qin household as a companion when he was older.

She knew Lin Jia Bao’s temperament the best. He was so well behaved and sensible. Compared to becoming someone else’s concubine or dying alone [it was better for him to marry into the Qin family].

As the eldest sister in the family, Lin Jin Er would naturally protect her younger brother. The people in the Qin family were easy to get along with, and their family background was also quite superior.

She has now given birth to two sons and one daughter, so she had a firm foothold in the Qin family. In the future, she would conceive a few more children. If her brother married into the Qin family, regardless of whether or not he gave birth to any children in the future, her children would also be filial to him. That way, Jia Bao would not be helpless in the future.

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Lin Jin Er had already thought through everything, but before she could discuss things over with Zhang Hui Niang, Jia Bao entered the palace. And now, he has even become the crown prince’s xiaoshi. The imperial family wasn’t some ordinary family, ah. That harem must have a lot of invisible swords and shadows…

Lin Jin Er heard from Qin Kai Xing that her father hadn’t talked to her mother about Jia Bao yet. How sad would her mother be when she found out? She’s always treasured Jia Bao the most, alas…

Mrs. Qin was also talking to Old Master Qin about Lin Jia Bao, “This time, the Lin family is really incredible, ah… In the future, at the worst, Jia Bao will still be nobility.”

Old Master Qin laughed and said, “I think it will be more than that. Kai Xing said that His Royal Highness dotes on Jia Bao very much! This time, due to our in-law relationship with the Lin family, our Qin family will also benefit greatly, ah. And then in the future we will also cooperate with the Qi family, we would be the first in the county, no… in the entire Xu Province!”

“Wow… this is all thanks to husband choosing good in-laws.”

Mrs. Qin was completely convinced about Lin Jin Er’s foretold fortune from back then*. She was thinking to herself what a good daughter-in-law Lin Jin Er was. She really helped their Qin family prosper.

[*T/N: If you recall, potential marriage partners get their fortune told to see if they’re compatible with each other. And the fortuneteller had said that Lin Jin Er’s marriage into the Qin family would benefit the Qin family greatly. Mrs. Qin originally had some reservations because of Lin Jin Er’s poor background until she heard this fortune telling. It was Old Master Qin who pushed for the marriage, because he wanted to repay the Lin family for their help and he thought that Lin Jin Er was a good person.]

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