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The Big Landlord 127.3

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Chapter 127.3 – Finally?

Xu Wei Ye held back a belly full of anger. He watched the two Zhou elders leave, and as soon as they were gone, he went directly to Zhou Ling Long’s room. Without beating around the bush, he said: “Did you tell your father and mother anything that should not be said?”

Because the door to the room was closed and they were speaking with sign language, the servant girl Ling Zhi did not know what they were saying.

Zhou Ling Long lowered her delicate and graceful head.

She could lip read, so she didn’t need Ling Zhi to interpret.

Xu Wei Ye walked over, pinched her forcefully by the chin, and forced her to raise her head. In a cold voice, he said: “Zhou Ling Long, you should remember what I told you before. If you dare to say something that shouldn’t be said to other people, then don’t blame me for being cruel. You don’t want to see your father and mother get into any accidents, right?”

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Hatred immediately flashed through Zhou Ling Long’s eyes, but she was also helpless to do anything. She had agreed to marry Xu Wei Ye because he had threatened her with the safety of her parents. This was the reason why she had played her role for the past six years.

“Ling Long, in fact, I don’t want to hurt you either. As long as you are obedient, I can guarantee not to touch your father and mother. Furthermore, I’ll provide them with food and clothing, and not treat them shabbily.” Xu Wei Ye suddenly softened his voice.

If it was before, Zhou Ling Long might still believe him.

But ever since talking to her parents, she knew that Xu Wei Ye’s words were just meant to coax her into obedience. She would no longer believe his words anymore.

Zhou Ling Long was silent for a while. Then she made a few hand gestures.

Xu Wei Ye looked at Ling Zhi.

Ling Zhi interpreted: “Master, she said that as long as you keep your promise, she won’t tell them.”

Xu Wei Ye nodded in satisfaction, “Don’t worry, I will abide by my promise.” His avaricious gaze lingered on Zhou Ling Long’s pretty face, but then his brows immediately furrowed as he thought of something. She was beautiful indeed, but it was unfortunate that she was a dead-eyed fish in bed, thus, any interest he had disappeared.

After Xu Wei Ye left, Ling Zhi and the other servants also excused themselves, leaving Zhou Ling Long alone in her room.

Zhou Ling Long stood up all of a sudden. There was determination in her clear eyes. She lied to Xu Wei Ye. In fact, she had already told her parents everything, especially about the account book. The reason that Xu Wei Ye came to her courtyard every month was precisely because of the account book.

At first, Zhou Ling Long didn’t know anything, because Xu Wei Ye would have Ling Zhi and them feed her a kind of water that made her lose her consciousness every time he came. One day, she suspected that there might be something wrong with the water, so she secretly poured out the water when Ling Zhi’s back was turned.

Only then did she find out that Xu Wei Ye was using her place to do the accounts, while making others mistakenly believe that he was staying with her for the night. Xu Wei Ye found out later, but she knew that the account book was hidden somewhere in her courtyard.

At night, while everyone was asleep, Zhou Ling Long got out of bed to look for the account book.

The first night was not fruitful. Due to her lack of sleep, her complexion was not good, but her servants did not pay it much mind. They only thought that she was too excited to sleep because she had just met her parents yesterday.

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The next several nights were the same, and her complexion got worse and finally dark circles ringed her eyes, drawing the servants’ attention. Fearing that they would find out what she was doing, Zhou Ling Long did not dare to leave the room that night. She knew that Ling Zhi and the others must be watching her in secret.

She might be born with certain defects, but she was not stupid.

However, despite not leaving the room, Zhou Ling Long still could not sleep. She lied on the bed tossing and turning. She couldn’t figure it out. She had already searched every place where a person could hide things, but she still couldn’t find the account book.

She has lived in this courtyard for six years. She had never stepped out of this courtyard, but precisely because she was alone in here, she would sometimes walk around the courtyard in boredom. She did not dare to say that she was familiar with every brick and tile in this courtyard, but she was definitely more familiar with this place than Ling Zhi and the other servants.

Where is it?

She had searched inside and out… her thoughts suddenly screeched to a halt.

Zhou Ling Long sat up abruptly in bed. Her eyes widened.

She thought of a place that she had never searched through, not because she didn’t want to, but she had subconsciously thought that it was impossible, so she never thought about it.

And that place was…

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