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How to Get My Husband on My Side – Characters

Izek – ML, strong knight, son of a duke

Rudbeckia “Ruby” – MC, Princess of Romagna

Ellenia “Ellen” – ML’s younger sister

Cesare – MC’s obsessive psycho oldest brother

Endymion – apprentice knight in training, puppy-like

Freya Furiana – Ellen’s childhood friend, acts friendly but doesn’t like MC, daughter of marquis

7 thoughts on “How to Get My Husband on My Side – Characters

  1. OMG! Are you posting the whole novel? Sooo excited. I love the manhwa and I would love to read the novel as well

    1. Oh no, I’m not. This is under the “recap section” on my website, which is a completely self-indulgent thing I’m doing here. I consume a lot of ongoing media at the same time, so I sometimes forget the plot of a story while I’m waiting for updates. Hence, I started writing brief recaps for myself and posted it on my website because it’s easier to organize and also to share the recaps with anyone who might like to read them.

  2. This is a theory but Freya just straight up looks like she transmigrated too, but only her external attitude, as her way to go against the mc I can’t tell since the real one could have been like this from the start (sameness with her external attitude actually since none of the siblings are calling her out on it)

    1. I just don’t like her attitude in the comic, not really “gracefully and noble” at all but meh, I guess this is where they where going in the old shojo mangas with the “authentic”, “honest” and “genuinely in love” mc who meet the “prince” of their life
      er 😒

      1. Same, I don’t like her either. She’s too two-faced. I prefer antagonists who aren’t afraid to show their bad side, while still being a badass. It makes for a more refreshing reading experience in my opinion.

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