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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 97

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Chapter 97

Esmond still remembered the illusion he saw when he was caught in the magic spell circle. It was a vision of the paladin blowing up his crystal core.

Since he entered the arena, Esmond had not taken the initiative to fight back, so he still had plenty of power stored up in his body.

The self-detonation of the crystal core will increase a person’s strength hundreds of times, boosting their power to the apex.

No matter how strong the pope was the illusion he applied would definitely collapse in the final explosion.

He did not fear death, but he couldn’t have the paladin stuck in the mud* because of him.

[*T/N: Figurative of speech for being in a sticky predicament. Could also mean the defamation of one’s reputation.]

With determination in his eyes, the cardinal stepped forward, but his body suddenly shook. He raised his head in disbelief.

The pope smiled faintly. His face still had a compassionate and gentle look, but his eyes were glossed over with a sinister cold light.

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Esmond didn’t know when it had happened, but an insipid layer of dark energy have surrounded his luminous golden crystal core.

Red flashed through Esmond’s eyes. He repeatedly tried to maneuver his power, only to find that he had completely lost control of his crystal core.

The demonic energy had penetrated into his crystal core. Even if it was not by his own will, sooner or later he would be dragged into the darkness, forced to deviate from his beliefs, and degrade into a genuine Fallen.

There was a deep anxiety in his heart. It was like he was completely trapped in death. His breathing increased rapidly. Suddenly a fierce cough broke through his lips, and more dark blood scattered on the ground.

A hand settled on his shoulder.

The strength of that hand was very stable, and the temperature from the palm of that hand passed through his clothes, silently seeping into his already cold chest.

Su Shi looked at him quietly, with a clear and gentle light in his eyes: “Don’t worry, there is a way.”


He didn’t know if the other person was comforting him or if he was confident because he had a well-thought-out plan. Esmond instinctively lifted his head and met the paladin’s gaze, but his heart suddenly became inexplicably cold: “No, Ivan–”

“You have to promise me that after the illusion is dispelled, you must beat him up. This guy is really annoying,” the paladin said in a deadly earnest tone.

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The young paladin’s eyes expressed a bright and warm smile, as if they had never been stained with any haze.

Then he withdrew his hand, turned around, and took out an ink-black crystal stone.

The pope’s pupils immediately contracted and he shot forward, but dark flames abruptly erupted around him, encircling him firmly within.

The cardinal stood there in silence, his gaze sank inch by inch. He finally stopped trying to avoid the disgrace and defamation that the illusion brought, and he did not hesitate to use his powers to the max.

The situation revered in an instant.

Unprepared, the pope quickly retreated, but his white robe was already scorched.

There was no distinction between the high and the low when it came to the power of guardianship.

Esmond did not pay attention to the results of his attack at all. He just turned around when the pope lost his momentum, and squeezed the young man’s wrist forcefully.

“Ivan, leave it to me. It doesn’t matter even if my name is blackened. You don’t have to worry. Leave it to me–”

“This kind of flame is ugly.”

With a faint smile, he gave the reason that the other party had said before. Su Shi’s eyes were warm. He reversed their hands to grip Esmond’s hand. Then he broke the black crystal with all his strength.

A tendril of faint black mist drifted into his body silently, turning his complexion wan in an instant. A faint black miasma spread through his eyes.

As if there was an invisble chain linking him to the pope, his figure suddenly trembled, and his originally clear and bright aura became dark and cold.


Seeing the changes overtaking the paladin’s body, an intense pain struck at Esmond’s chest. He called to the paladin in a sharp voice as chill spread all over his body.

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Su Shi tugged up the corners of his lips. He could feel the conflict between the two forces in his body. Even using all the painkillers at his disposal, he still could not help but frown.

[T/N: The author doesn’t specify, but the painkillers are from the system.]

Light and dark could not coexist. He used his body as a container to force them to blend, and sooner or later he would be completely torn apart by these two forces.

He could still make it in time.

Su Shi suddenly knelt down on one knee towards the pope. Although his posture was respectful and solemn, his eyes held a cold and mocking laughter.

“I voluntarily surrender to you, my lord god. I am willing to believe in the boundless darkness. I am willing to throw my soul into the abyss of evil, entangled by desire…”

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