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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 30

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Chapter 30 – Dark Red is Also Red*

[*T/N: “dark red is also red” – a Chinese saying that means, “infamous is also famous,” because you still get talked about in both cases.]

Shan Quan County’s population wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either.

It seemed that overnight The Spring and Autumn Hall’s new product blew up.

These days, Zhai Jun walked around as if he was floating on air, and he was full of energy.

Ever since Manager You agreed to the loan application, he and the company’s executives have worked tirelessly around the clock to prepare for the launch of the new product.

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Leisure and comfort makes people lose their fighting spirit, and busy work arouses people’s potential.

Zhai Jun deeply agreed.

He was extremely confident in The Spring and Autumn Hall’s new product, not only because of Manager You’s decisive consent, but also because of the results on Zhou Ling’s face.

Zhou Ling’s face was well known in the company. Even he, as the general manager, has heard about it.

And right now, the change in her face was precisely a stimulant [for the company].

The value of the new product could be seen from how the dinosaur girl, who had acne and freckles, transformed into a pretty little butterfly.

He has already questioned Duan Shu Tong carefully about the details of the new product. This new face cream has a comprehensive effect (such as diminishing fine lines and acne), but its main effect was to diminish discoloration on the skin. Therefore, when it came to promoting the product, the main focus was on reducing discoloration.

As for the other functions, it would be an unexpected surprise for the consumers.

Seeing the “miracles” on Zhou Ling’s face, Zhai Jun firmly believed in Duan Shu Tong’s words. He was very motivated and tried to use this opportunity to increase The Spring the Autumn Hall’s reputation.

The staff members from all the various departments of the company were all naturally united. They all wanted to get rid of the “no-good” label on The Spring and Autumn Hall.

All except for an individual in Lab No. 1.

Yuan Peng was just here to idle away his time. He had no big ambitions. He just wanted to loaf around, eat, and wait for death in a small county. Every day he would go to work, talk with his colleagues, ridicule and degrade others, and after work he would play cards and have drinks with his friends. To him, these were the days of a god.

But ever since Duan Shu Tong heard him talking crap in the restroom that day, he has been on pins and needles, in fear of being fired.

To be honest, he didn’t want to lose this job.

He had a few days of panic, but when he found that everything was still calm and peaceful, he gradually forgot about it. But in only one month, Duan Shu Tong had actually researched and developed a new product.

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The phrase “every new superior would make bold changes to assert their power” came to mind and he thought that that must be it. After all, a new product was just another new product. The Spring and Autumn Hall always released lots of new products every year. But none of those products were able to make any big splashes [on the market].

But he never expected that this new product would really be different.

This new Deputy Director Duan had some real skills!

If that was all it was, then whatever, but he heard that Duan Shu Tong intended to rectify the R&D department after the new product was launched.

How would he be rectifying the department? Obviously, there would be layoffs!

Yuan Peng secretly compared himself with his colleagues and found that if Duan Shu Tong were going to lay off employee, then he would definitely be fired!

Yuan Peng was not willing to leave this comfort zone. He wanted to keep living these careless days.

The new product was about to go on the market. Maanger Zhai bought a lot of advertising spaces in the mall, and discussed with the management staff in the mall, asking the salespeople to recommend the new product of The Spring and Autumn Hall.

He wasn’t layoff when the company was still in dire straits, so how could he not even get a sip of success when the company was rising.

Rumor has it that Zhou Ling got a big bonus this time, because she followed Duan Shu Tong.

Yuan Peng kept mulling over the situation, but he couldn’t come up with any good plans.

He thought he could still live these leisurely days for a while longer, but he never expected that when the general meeting was held on Monday, He Run notified them about the company’s layoffs. Thus, the R&D department was in a panic. Everyone was in danger of being fired, except for Zhou Ling.

Employees who had a bad relationship with Zhou Ling in the past began to get chummy with her. Zhou Ling just ignored all of them, lowered her head, said nothing, and followed closely in Duan Shu Tong’s footsteps.

She had to research and develop new products with Director Duan. She didn’t have time for these people!

The company said that it would lay off employees, but of course, it was impossible to choose a few people right away. It had to be decided based on the employees’ usual work performance, along with other aspects.

Those who had skills were not afraid, and those who had connections were also not afraid. Only Yuan Peng, who had neither skills nor connections, was trembling in fear.

In the end, the company pampered him, and didn’t make him panic for too long.

[T/N: The sentence above is sarcastic. Not sure if it translates well in English.]

The following day, Yuan Peng received a notice of dismissal and compensation.

The moment he received the notification, Yuan Peng was stunned from head to toe. Along with him, there were a couple of people who had connections but no skills who were also stunned.

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These people looked at each other a few times, and had no choice but to suppress their resentment, pack their things, and leave The Spring and Autumn Hall.

Walking out of The Spring and Autumn Hall, Yuan Peng’s face was flushed with anger. The heat outside twisted his face into an ugly expression.

“F*ck! How dare they dismiss this laozi*!” He was furious and took his anger on the slowly closing door with a kick.

[*T/N: laozi = arrogant first person pronoun]

The guard glared at him through the window. The guard pointed a finger at Yuan Peng and said something that could not be heard through the glass. But it was clear that it was not something nice.

Yuan Peng was even more furious, and turned to his fellow fallen compatriots to vent: “Now even the f*cking guard can bully me!”

The others were naturally unhappy about the situation, but they did not take it to heart. They knew very well that there were times when people with connections got fired too.

Anyways, their families had connections, so they could just find a new job again.

They could not empathize with Yuan Peng’s anger and helplessness. Although Yuan Peng knew this, he was still not resigned.

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