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The Big Landlord 126.2

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Chapter 126.2 – Zhou Ling Long

“Speaking of which, that girl is really pitiful. Although she is deaf and mute, she is still a pure and innocent maiden. I have seen that girl. She is pure, beautiful, and very gentle. It is a pity that she is ruined by that Xu Wei Ye who is always courting death.”

“What are you afraid of? He can’t even protect himself right now. He has been throwing his weight around Ali Xiang for so long, but now people from the Imperial Fu Palace have finally come, do you think there’s still a place for him…” The peasant woman spoke boldly and even deliberately raised her voice as if she was afraid that others would not hear her. But then she lowered her voice and said, “Let me tell you secretly, sooner or later, the people from the Imperial Fu Palace will take care of Xu Wei Ye.”

The other woman was startled: “How do you know?”

The peasant woman smiled triumphantly, “This is what my son told me.”

The other woman showed a ‘no wonder’ expression, and said sourly, “I wish my son was as smart as yours.”

Whenever the peasant woman’s son, Li He, was brought up in conversation, all of the neighbors in the area would praise him. But Li He was actually just a thirteen-year-old boy. Ever since Li He was young, he realized the importance of knowledge, so he would always do everything possible to learn and gain new knowledge. In the end, he really became a self-made genius.

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The boy was still young, but he had an active mind, and the way he spoke and did things was as reliable as an adult. There were many times when his mother and father would ask him for advice if they couldn’t make up their minds, just like with the matter concerning the Imperial Fu Palace’s recruitment of workers. Once he heard the news, Li He immediately told them to quit working for Landlord Zhou.

His parents have long since been accustomed to listening to their son’s advice, so they agreed without hesitation.

As for the matter of the Imperial Fu Palace planning to take care of Xu Wei Ye, it was Li He who had accidentally let slip that bit of conjecture in front of his parents the day before yesterday. At the time, he had also warned them to not spread this news around.

But Li He would never have expected that his mother would forget his warning in the blink of an eye.

“Excuse me…”

A clear voice sounded from behind the two women.

The peasant woman was so frightened that she let out a startled sound. When she turned around, she saw two men with outstanding appearances. They exuded an uncommon noble aura, and their every movement glowed with spirit and vigor. The peasant woman’s heart drummed heavily in her chest, and she finally remembered her son’s warning not to tell others. It couldn’t be that these two men have heard her, right?

“Who are you two?”

The other woman’s eyes became wary.

An Zi Ran nodded at them and said politely: “Just now, I heard you talking about Landlord Zhou. I want to ask, what is this business about selling his sister for glory, can the two of you tell me?”

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The peasant woman breathed out a sigh of relief. As long as it wasn’t about Xu Wei Ye, then it was fine. Everyone in Bailian Xiang already knew about Landlord Zhou selling his younger sister for glory.

The other woman tugged at the peasant woman’s clothes, hinting at her not to talk too much.

The peasant woman gave her a look that said ‘it’s okay.’ Then she turned her head to face An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian, and said with a smile: “These two sirs must be outsiders, so it’s natural for you not to know about this. Landlord Zhou’s family was originally very poor, and then I don’t know what turn of fortune it was, but it caused him to cross paths with Mayor Xu, and in the blink of an eye he contracted hundreds of acres of land at once. In the following year, the Zhou family built a house, and in the year after that, Landlord Zhou suddenly ignored the opposition of the two elders in the Zhou family and married his sister, Ling Long, off to Mayor Xu. Ling Long was born deaf and mute, but she has always been a pure and pretty girl who was very likable and sensible since she was a child. Alas, she was ruined just like that.”

“So that’s what happened. Thank you.” An Zi Ran thanked her.

“You’re welcome.” The peasant woman waved her hand. Then she revealed a hesitant expression of wanting to say something but being unable to say it.

An Zi Ran asked: “Auntie, do you have anything else to say?”

The peasant woman smiled awkwardly, “That is, can you please not spread around what you have just heard? My son told me not to tell others, but I temporarily forgot.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t say anything.”

“Then, thank you.”

After bidding the two women farewell, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian diverted back to the Xu Manor, and did not go to Landlord Zhou’s house. This trip was more fruitful than they had expected. They had unexpectedly gained new information, and if they used it properly, they could remove Xu Wei Ye even quicker.

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At the entrance of the Xu Manor, they met Guan Su and Shao Fei, who were just about to go out. Compared with their good news, the results that the other two men got were not as good, because Zhou Ling Long rarely left her room, and there was always an accompanying maid by her side, so they couldn’t find a good opportunity to make a move.

It was inconvenient to speak at the door, so An Zi Ran had them go back to the room before telling the two men what they had heard. If Zhou Ling Long was a good one, then they could start making a move with her.

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