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The Big Landlord 127.1

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Chapter 127.1 – Finally?

The two elders of the Zhou family have two children, one son and one daughter, Zhou Shan and Zhou Ling Long.

The age difference between Zhou Shan and Zhou Ling Long was quite large. The two Zhou elders had Zhou Ling Long when Zhou Shan was eighteen years old. Thus, the two elders of the Zhou family have always regarded Zhou Ling Long as a treasure, even though they later found out that she was deaf and mute. But apart from these defects, she was just like a normal person in all other aspects.

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Zhou Ling Long was only twelve years old when she was forced to marry Xu Wei Ye. It has been six years now. She was only eighteen years old at present. She was in her prime, her life was just starting, but she was already thrown behind bars.

Because of what happened with Zhou Ling Long, the two elders of the Zhou family almost broke off relations with Zhou Shan, and refused to recognize him as their son. Furthermore, they stopped accepting support from him since six years ago.

The two elders moved out of the Zhou family and found a shabby place near the Xu Manor. For years now, they’ve looked towards the Xu Manor’s direction every day, missing the daughter who was kept inside the Xu Manor’s walls.

Xu Wei Ye would not let them see Zhou Ling Long, so this was all that they could do.

In the past six years, the two elders went to the Xu Manor again and again, but they were turned away at the door every time. However, the two elders never gave up. Every so often, they would go to the Xu Manor. This was one of the reasons why they moved to the vicinity of the Xu Manor.

However, because the two elders no longer accepted their son’s support, they had to earn their living expenses themselves. Learning of An Zi Ran’s intent to hire workers, the two elders rushed to sign up.

The two of them were quite old, but their bodies were still tough.

Towards this kind of elderly people, An Zi Ran had the people working under him assign some lighter tasks for them.

On this day, the two elders of the Zhou family received two unexpected guests. The two guests stayed for a while and then left. The next day, the two elders of the Zhou family went straightaway to the Xu Manor.

Xu Wei Ye was not surprised when he heard that they had come again. He had long gotten used to it. The two elder’s perseverance made him a little annoyed, but because they were Zhou Shan’s parents, he couldn’t do anything to them.

“Don’t let them in. Drive them away.”

The people from the Imperial Fu Palace were still living in his manor. If they saw the two elders they would definitely ask about the matter, so he had his servants drive the two elders away before the people from the Imperial Fu Palace could find out.

However, what he did not expect was that An Zi Ran had planned this incident, so when the servants ran out to drive them away, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian ‘coincidentally’ came back.

“What’s the matter?” An Zi Ran walked up to them and asked the doorman, who was sweating profusely.

The two elders sat on the steps of the Xu Manor without a care for their image, and adamantly refused to leave. The doorman knew that they were the father-in-law and mother-in-law of his master, so he did not dare to really hurt them.

When he heard An Zi Ran’s question, the doorman did not dare to tell him about the relationship between these two elders and his master, so he could only vainly explain that these two people were here to cause trouble.

“He’s speaking nonsense. We came to look for our daughter Ling Long. Six eyars ago, Xu Wei Ye snatched our poor daughter away to become his concubine. And he refused to let us meet for so many years. He deserves to be hacked a thousand times by swords!” Old woman Zhou cried loudly.

Hearing her words, the doorman became anxious.

An Zi Ran’s eyes narrowed, “Is what she said true?”

The doorman wiped his sweat, “This…”

At this time, Xu Wei Ye finally came out in a hurry, and when he saw An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian, his expression turned a bit ugly. For the love of Buddha, the thing that he feared had really happened!

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